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US economy won't grow fast until we unleash entrepreneurs

Because entrepreneurship is the key to creating jobs, increasing the pay of working people, resurrecting struggling communities and spurring growth and innovation. Really! That theory only applies for traditional business model. In the digital domain, you could be an entrepreneur by running a business from the basement of your house. Technically, t


Microsoft's New Partnerships With Adobe And Renault-Nissan Look To Bolster Its Azure Cloud Platform - Forbes

That's it. I won't drive Renault or Nissan anymore. How in the world that you fit a buggy and virus laden software system that runs in the most buggy OS on the planet into a car. First time enter the car, you know that you sign your own death warrant!


US Congress Has No Plans To Oppose Rule 41 Amedments

Of course they won't. They do not respect privacy or do not want anyone in the world has a right to privacy. This was spawned from the way the FBI keep operating the darknet child pornography website called PlayPen. After nailing the owner of the site, the FBI keep continuously running the site to trap the other user without warrant. In other words


The First and Last Word in Money: How Bitcoin is more like Ancient Sumer than the Federal Reserve

Thus blockchain won't necessarily replace money as we know it. Woot! Seems that the author doesn't know anything about bitcoin or its underlying technology, the blockchain. How in the world that blockchain replace money? It's just a boring database that filled with encrypted address. Without the protocol, which is bitcoin that runs it, they are not


Economic scientist: Los Lunas Facebook offer extremely risky

I agree with this assessment. Making a data center doesn't generate a revenue. It's just a bunch of stack-able hard drive for their cloud system with minimal interruptions. Moreover, they will give 30 years tax holiday for these people. There won't be any jobs once the center is up and running due to the fact that everything will be automated.


$400,000 In Bitcoin Seized in the Arrest of German Deepweb Vendors

These men were investigated for selling on a German deepweb forum, rather than the conventional markets used in deepweb drug deals. That statement alone open up another argument. Hey, you do not need to run your operation in the dark net, even in Facebook you can as long as you are careful and diligent. If they can trade any illicit product on the


Italy Seeks to Relaunch EU Ideal With Symbolic Summit - New York Times

What is EU ideal? Make one single nation with common goal? Heck, that was the ultimate intention. But it won't happen if the government is run and dictated by central banks, isn't it? Even the founders of EU knows that central bank has a bigger role. Italy, as one of the founders of EU even has debt larger than Greece. So, how in the world the real


Iran 'Ransom': Feds Claim $1.7 Billion Paid in Full - But Won't Explain How

Well, if the operation runs smoothly, how in the world they transfer of money can be caught on the spot? There are so many questions involving the ransom payment, but with the way politician thinking, trust no one and nothing come out from Washington are real. Of course, it doesn't matter since O-bummer will step down anyway.


Bitcoin Impact Debated Ahead of Possible Bank of Japan Stimulus

Good analysis, but it was expected by the general public nonetheless. Japan economy has been running with almost 200% debt to GDP ratio for the last decades. Even the 'Abenomics' is just another BS similar to what US did in 2009 with their quantitative easing. Yes, it will help the upper 1% and the politics, but it won't solve the problem. Japan is



Yes it's true, Nellu has been talking about chicha since we were still in New York. I think he was first introduced to it while watching one of the adventure eating/drinking shows and thought, "Wow, that's weird. I definitely want to try that." He will try anything at least once - the weirder the better. I think Santiago sticks in my mind as the pl

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