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Using engineering savvy to improve product designs

When Edward (Ned) Burnell sees a design problem, he is always ready to find a better solution. Even while chatting with a journalist outside his office, he points out ceilings and windows in different spaces and describes how he would improve them.



--> > Dear AT&T Customer: This is a reminder of a recent AT&T email inviting your participation in a brief survey regarding your billing experience. AT&T continually checks the quality of service provided by our billing representatives, and would appreciate your opinions regarding RDS#050316BCW52115SY, completed on 05/04/2016. Thank you for taking



> > Dear AT&T Customer: On 05/04/2016 the AT&T Global Billing Resolution Team assisted you with a billing request for your company, tracking #050316BCW52115SY. AT&T continually evaluates the quality of service provided to our customers and is interested in your opinion of the service provided by Gina Mcclurkin, the AT&T Global Billing Resolution Re


How To Renew Your Passport in DFA Lipa City

Renewing your passport in the Philippines can take a lot of time, especially if you plan to renew from the Department of Foreign Affairs's Metro Manila offices. You need to schedule an appointment from their website, either for renewal or for new applications. This process streamlines everything, unfortunately, appointment schedules are always full


Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Warns against Trojan Virus

the Trojan.Conbitclip virus targets a Windows machine’s clipboard That's the problem there. Not only the trojan virus or malware, but the Microsoft part. Despite it doesn't breach the sender wallet, but it send the purchase into other address owned by the creator of the malware. Maybe the MS user should stop copy paste address and type it wi


Quantum Break's PC version suffers from a variety of issues

It seems the PC version of Quantum Break has some issues. Quantum Break on PC has a variety of issues According to Digital Foundry, the Windows 10 version of Remedy's latest suffers framerate problems, lacks a "quit game" button, image quality, and Nvidia hardware crashes the game often.


Verisign Patent Addresses Double Spending in Digital Currency

Another comedian enters the public decentralized open ledger digital currency world. Everyone in the digital world know that you can't patent open source. It might be worked for private blockchain, but for bitcoin...sorry! It ain't gonna work. Despite the 'hu-ha' about the length of confirmation that might give a window for double spending attack b


Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy The policies here relate to all websites operated by Tropical Moon, LLC and/or GLR Sales, LLC. Our websites offer a number of social networking / publishing features which may include: user registration and profile hashtags direct messaging between users bulletin board / message forum photo gallery member profiles classified


Customer Support

We are a global technical service provider company which provides customer oriented technical services to consumers and small businesses in the United States for computers and software. We have a unique concept of "Serving services to people with Technology" so that our customer's valuable time doesn't get wasted in dealing with irritating computer


Are Police Eavesddropping?

The Ann Arbor News, Sept. 10, 1985, SHARON RUBINSTEIN Would it bother you to know that it is possible for people more than 300 feet away to hear your conversations as if they were at your shoulder? It bothers Glen Roberts. He is bothered because the Ann Arbor Police Department bought a listening device called the "Bionic Ear" which, when aimed, cap

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