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RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Panel | Acoustic Board

RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Panel | Acoustic Board RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board is developed to meet the needs of the insulation of Ultra-low frequency noises in the Bar/KTV, etc. Other sound insulation materials in the market are weak or even disable to the Ultra-low/Low frequency noise


RYMAX Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Board | Acoustic Panel

RYMAX Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Board | Acoustic Panel RYMAX Sound Insulation Boards include: Paper Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Aluminum Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Ceramic Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Styrofoam Core Sandwich Board. RYMAX Sound Insulation Board series are mainly used for soun


Tracking Greenland’s ice melt with seismic waves

Researchers from MIT, Princeton University, and elsewhere have developed a new technique to monitor the seasonal changes in Greenland’s ice sheet, using seismic vibrations generated by crashing ocean waves. The results, published today in the journal Science Advances , may help scientists pinpoint regions of the ice sheet that are most vulne


Is your pet psychic?

Animals are considered empaths due to their ability to perceive different emotions around them. According to research, the reason for this was the presence of each vibrating waves of energy that connects or interplay with each other to create communication frequencies. This connection is due to the so-called Zero-point field or Zero-point energy. D


Police accidentally confuse penis rings for bomb

This is the lousiest but funniest false flag that I ever heard! of course in lieu of recent events in France and Belgium, everyone in EU is beefing up their security. Even in public places such as this one. Of course the only thing they found are just the pen*s ring who vibrate erratically. I wonder who brought and left it there as it supposedly fo


Fu-Fme G-Drive

Now everyone busy eagerly trying to get a hand on Oculus VR gadget, the real hard disk drive created 15 years ago can provide an absolute realistic sensual experience for you and your partner. It installed in your PC 5.25 inch slot and you can experience the vibration while playing games with each other. The interface runs on Microsoft Windows and


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Dear Sir/ Madam, We are a reputed Recruitment Company from Viet Nam - VIETNAM LABOUR SERVICES We supply all kinds of workers with the best quality from Vietnam to UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain.... with the following categories: * Construction Industries: Asphalts, Carpenters, Electrician, Form worker, Fitter, Masons, Painters, Steel Fixers, Shee


MIT chemists characterize a chemical state thought to be unobservable

For the first time, MIT chemists have measured the energy of the transition state of a chemical reaction - a fleeting, unstable state that is a reaction's point of no return. Chemists have long believed it impossible to experimentally characterize transition states, but the MIT team achieved it by analyzing changes in the patterns of vibrational en


This Gadget Can Tell What's Wrong with Your Air Conditioner by Listening to It

Augury's gadget and iPhone app pay attention to ultrasonic sounds and vibrations to figure out what's wrong with air conditioners and other big machines. If you've ever tried to diagnose a car problem just by listening to it run, you've got a sense of what a startup called Augury is doing.

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