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Link from Chevy 3500 Express does not blow air out the vents only defrost and f

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I have a 2000 chevy venture. Replaced water pump and engine belt. Thinking I purged the system properly. I turned the engine on and removed the radiator cap and looked for air bubbles. I changed the vent control switch on dashboard. I'm still getting cold air blowing. Wondering if it's the vent doors or dampers not opening and closing properly. Tem


a/c vent problem

i have a 2000 FORD E250 econoline and the a/c is blowing thru bottom vents only regardless of settings . however some days it will work properly. thanking you in advance for any assistance.


Blower Fan not working

Good Day all, I have a 1997 4x4 Expedition and yesterday bluish smoke came from the air vents while the fan motor was on. It smelled like electrical burning then the fan stopped blowing on all speeds. I was thinking the Blower motor resistor went out on it. I have not pulled all of the fuses to check them out, but the ones that my manual said were


Air conditioner not blowing correctly

What is wrong with my a/c if it does'nt blow through the dash vents? It blows cold but not where it is supposed to.


Thank you

Thanks for all the assistance on locating the vacum line on my 97 astro. I enedd up taking the inside engine cowling off, opening up the hood and then placing a shop light inside so that O could se the connection point on the intake manafold. Its a small elbow shaped rubber boot that comes off the intake manafold its hard to see from the front when


air vent/cruise control issue

THANK YOU! My daughter's 2004 Grand Cherokee was only blowing air through the defrost vents. My husband figured it was a vacuum leak of some kind, but did not have a break down to locate where the parts were on the car. I decided to search the internet and found this site. When he removed the passenger side headlight he found the 6" hose severely c


Forum: controls on heating and ac

The message: controls on heating and ac, Jeep-Wrangler has some useful posts. Here is a snippet. " Hi if anyone can help me with this problem, I give my thanks. On the motor (fan) speed is on high or off. The other is the control for the" I found that under hood very center is a small tube that can come off and that makes all the air ...


Forum: air conditioner stops on 2002 dodge ram truck

Discussion: air conditioner stops on 2002 dodge ram truck, Dodge-1500 Pickup has some excellent posts. Here is a lead in. "my 2002 dodge ram 1500 truck air conditioner recently will just stop then after awile it starts back.It has a 5.9 v-8 with 91000 miles on" My blower motor stopped working. I can control the temp. and the direction as to


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