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Caravan bad gas mileague

Iknow there are 3 common issues with 3.3l engine having high gas consumption.1) is low octane (bad gas - lower than 86) and E85 will lower efficiency. Solution = go for a better gasoline -Tier 1 or change to national brand -reliable brand name.Check the result with at least three different gas station . 2) If there is all the same result without an


Yahoo! Answers: i have a 2000 chrysler concorde it wont go in to gear so i turne

but about a week ago i went to start the car and the rpm needle was going up and i wasnt even out off park yet... im guessing my trannys going out but i dont know...i have cancer and need my car to go to my doctors visits in indiana and i live in ohio so im screwed well i tryed the steering wheel twisting an it turns and my tires are straight it wo


Associate of Auto and Diesel Technology: Degree Overview

It's time to ditch that apron; sign up and starting working toward earning your associate of auto and diesel technology degree for auto mechanic training. It's a lot easier than trying to balance tray of dishes. What Is An Associate of Auto and Diesel Technology Degree? The Associate of Auto and Diesel Technology degree is a two year program that t

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