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2012 John Deere 1026R 4x4 Trac Ldr Mwr 16 hrs

2012 John Deere 1026R 4x4 Tractor with quick attach JD 120 loader - joystick control, 60 inch JD hydraulic lift belly mower - quick attach drive over deck. 3 cyl 25 hp diesel engine, Power steering, Hydrostatic drive transmission with hi and low range, Rear and mid pto's, Rear 3 point lift, Diff lock, 2 post rops, Electric pto clutch, Quick attach


Boston Roundup: EMC, MyEnergy, Nuance, Balter, 'Midas' VCs

Downsizing, buyouts, deals, and investors galore dot this run... &#'212; EMC is laying off about 1,''' people. The restructuring had been previou... &#'212; MyEnergy , a small Boston startup that provides online software for trac... &#'212; Nuance Communications , the Burlington, MA, voice... &#'212;The ever-busy Dave Balter ( speaking a


Mouth-controlled stylus makes touch devices accessible to disabled users

Much the way the Splash line of games uses special controllers to increase acces... The Griffin MouthStick is a capacitive touchscreen stylus that is designed to be... Compatible with touchscreen interfaces, laptop keyboards, and Apple's Magic Trac... Website: Contact: www.griffintechnology.


Location-Based Photo Album App Swemos Enhances Usability with New Update

Swemos - Create photo albums and travel journals ... Indie developer Develosophy is pleased to announce today's release of Swemos ver... The proliferation of smartphones has made it incredibly easy for mobile users t... "Swemos originated as a timesaving, attractive and independent way to keep trac... Photo albums in Swemos are comple


Google Play gift cards officially land in the UK, Tesco and Morrisons on-board

There';ve been plenty of hints at Google Play gift cards landing in the UK si... The cards work just the same as they do in the U... The news of the launch follows reports of Google Play gift card sightings at Tes... It';ll take some time for Google';s offering to catch up to Apple';s wi... Update: Google';s put together


Finding his voice

Eric Trac's senior year at MIT has been a busy one. He's finishing his coursework in chemical engineering, applying to medical school, and researching a gel that can help heal scarred vocal cords.


jonn priestino Profile

We are located in SC and NC.We have trac hoes -skid steers and dump truck.We also have a ditch witch.We have done al types of underground utilities and are needing work bad.Fell free to call me at 803-238-3153


Let's try this again

Hello. Here I am again. It's about time, huh? ... I've been hibernating for several months, avoiding the news as much as possible... After a failed blog restart earlier this year... Does anyone care? Do I have anything interesting to say? Can I get back on trac... I can't catch you up-to-date (since I was a dropout from the news) bu


Toyota Expanded the Prius Family with the Prius v

The Prius is the world's best selling hybrid vehicle, but ever since it was released, Toyota has only made one version of it, the one plainly called Prius. But times are changing, and Toyota decided it's about time to take advantage of its lead and release a number of variants for the Prius. One that is strikingly new in the Prius family is called


California Default Notices Surge

It appears, at least to me, that mortgage lenders in California have almost worked their way through the mountain of foreclosures. That may sound like good news, and in some instances, it is. On the other hand, if you still find it hard to make mortgage payments and your lender has not come up with a viable solution, you can expect a delinquency no

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