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National Guard memo is 'reminiscent of what led up to World War II,' a top House Democrat says - Washington Post

Even McCarthy, Reagan and Bush wouldn't do something stupid like this. Imagine that you suddenly see an army march into your neighborhood with uniform and start rounding up people. The last time this type of behavior occurred was during the WW2 Japanese internment camp. I wonder what going through that Hitler's mind GROTUS? What's next, rounding up


FAQ: Ad Social

The advertising system here on the BitSoapBox community of websites has been expanded and enhanced with Ad Social Engagement (Ad Social). This is a system where all members can (and are encouraged) to engage socially with advertisers. The goal is to create a self-regulating system so that members can alert members of Ad Offers that are inappropriat


'Top Chef' alum gets political on receipts: Immigrants cooked your food

Well, he just want to exercise his freedom of speech. Lucky for him that one of the customer caught that bill and posted on their social media account. This ban, although temporary, caused more damage to the American's economy and society in general. But what it comes next from GROTUS could be worse.


FAQ Updates - 02/04/2017

A number of changes are going into affect over the next few days. The individuals FAQs and system operation will be updated as they go into effect. Some of the changes are to clarify the essence of the community goals. Some are changes to better focus the system toward those goals. The underlying goal of the BitSoapBox community of sites has been t


Do you know how much work was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

He was born on January 27, 1756 and died on 5 December 1791. For such a short life he wrote more than 670 top-quality work. A comprehensive and concise list of his works would cost over 1000 posts in this forum. Had it existed Guinness world record, Mozart would be unsurpassed by its composition. When a row listening to only his work every day with


WHO Gives Out Top Tips For Staying Healthy In The New Year

I seriously thank the world health organization for that this wonderful article on staying healthy. I like the part of total abstinence from smoking because smoking has been a serious problem in the society today as many individuals have been abusing it. They talked about sugar also which is just like a bad news for people who like sugar so much. T


Oxford Dictionaries announces 'post-truth' as 2016's Word of the Year

"Post-truth"? That's not a word. I don't think that could be considered a word when you just add a hyphen in the middle of it. The rest of the short list that was in the top ten are even better with the exception of "alt-right". What about "Crapski"! That is my English-Russian term for Trumpo!


The View

Here is one of the photos that I talked about in the post about the photography. That day on the mountain was amazing. And the view of my country from up top, above the fog and all the gases that we produce. The view was really something that day. Hope you like it.


Top 7 cars that once ruled our Nigerian Roads

I just have to post this article, this writer just took me way back memory lane when I was still growing up as a kid, wow that Bintu car popularly called Tortoise car way back in the 70s was every big man dream, then the Peugeot came out and every rich man rushed to have it, this cars listed have really ruled our roads. Open the link to see the res


Top police officer assassinated by unknown gunmen in ekiti

This is really sad, from the posts, he must have been an exemplary officer, and a honest man, the question now is who needed him dad? Murder cases that gets solved in this country is at minimal, i pray justice gets to his family, being an officer, it may speed it up. Rest in peace sir

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