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Sweden Conducts Trials of a Blockchain Smart Contracts Technology for Land Registry

The Swedish National Land Survey ( Lantmäteriet ) recently announced that it is conducting trials of a system that uses blockchain technology for land registration. The project, if successful, could have a major a impact on how land deals are conducted. The Lantmäteriet , in partnership with Swedish blockchain company ChromaWay , consult


Link from List of Top Free Classified Ads in China | CLICKEPAGE

Confirmed link from to World Forum: Location Listings for China: First click through viewed: 06/20/16 05:36


PlayStation Network sales top entire revenue of Nintendo

Sony's PlayStation Network made more money during the last fiscal year than the entirety of Nintendo. Sony's PlayStation Network sales hit 529,000m yen which means that PSN generated more revenue than the whole of Nintendo (504,000m yen). — ZhugeEX (@ZhugeEX) April 28, 2016 PlayStation Network sales top entire revenue of Nintendo Twitter user


Link from Top 50 Classified Ads Websites | FreeAdLists Blog - Free Classif

Confirmed link from to World Forum: First click through viewed: 04/26/16 15:10


Suikoden IIDid Pretty Damn Well Last Year

Last week the PlayStation Blog brought serendipitous news: the masterpiece Suikoden II took a top 10 slot not just on the best-selling list of PlayStation Classics for December, but for all of 2015 . Read more...


The Best (and Worst) Expat Countries Revealed

This is a great list if you are a clone! If you are an individual looking for what fits you best, this list is garbage. Ecuador and Mexico seem to be at the top of their list. I have nothing bad to say about those, except they might not be what you are looking for and this article will provide no insight that will help you. For me, the challenge wi


SharpVision Weekly Newsletter 07/14/2015

Top posts... The Associated Press explains, "Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'." The attack on homeopathy thus continues in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way. The Roya


Greece and Bitcoin: Can they both help each other?

It's all over the news. Greece's financial problems, it leaving the EU, dropping the euro, with rumors of it adapting bitcoin as its national currency. Bitcoin as its national currency is highly unlikely to happen, but Greece using bitcoin to workaround its problems? Quite possible. Already, some bitcoin startups are taking advantage of the situati


Total Uruguay Weekly Update 5/27/2015

Top posts... After our first visit, Uruguay remains on our short list (lots of reasons!) and will warrant another visit. Some other countries have fallen off the list for various reasons (weather, access to reliable utilities, including internet, etc). Some countries probably will never make it on the first-visit list because of the financial re


About Total Chaos Club

Glen Roberts is the founder of TotalChaos.Club. He is a real life The Man Without a Country," he is an author, activist and Internet pioneer who has built a successful network of websites focused mainly on the Americas and featuring self-empowerment, social networking and cultural reporting. He also runs a publishing website that can be found at //

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