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One guide to every Hong Kong shopping mall

As an American who grew up in the sprawl of the Great American West, I am accustomed to scanning the horizon and easily spotting stores, restaurants, post offices, banks, etc. You never need a map or app to find a gas station or a grocery store: just drive a couple of blocks and keep your eyes open.


Rodrigo Duterte, 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines

And so it ends. After almost a year, the search for the next Philippine president is over. The lucky candidate who bagged the title is non other than Davao Mayor Rodrigo 'Digong' Duterte. And like a popular celebrity winning a major box office, Duterte won the election by landslide. A popular and a very controversial politician, President Duterte b


How to get your Marriage Contract/Certificate from PSA

The Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO) is the place you want to go if you want to get your authenticated birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage record) and the death certificate of a loved one. In my case, I needed to get my marriage certificate, that's is why I contacted them. THE PROCESS FOR NEWLY


The Path Less Traveled, Or so I Thought

I'm back in the Philippines. It's been three years since I've walked the streets of Manila. I'm on a journey to renew my passport, and what a journey it was, it is. Because I cannot renew my passport in the main office of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila (I do not have an appointment, which is necessary. The earliest appointment schedule


Verizon CWA & IBEW Union Members Go on Strike: America's Communications Future is at Stake. - Huffington Post

Well, there it is! Typical workers union who think that they are in the customer side. The one that need to be examine is their superior officers. Verizon and AT&T doesn't want to fix customer line if they still use copper. They want customer to upgrade to fiber as soon as possible. But on the other hand, the regulations mention that both of compan


Secretary of State Kerry makes an unannounced visit to Afghanistan - Washington Post

The poverty rate has risen to 49 percent as foreign troops have withdrawn, leaving thousands of Afghans unemployed. In the meantime, the inspector general found out that the military and the special envoy has been enriching themselves by swindling the taxpayer money to purchase a bogus or does not exist product. Corruption is rampant, thus 1 out of


Indonesia: Proposal to Punish Abusive Police

(Apr. 4, 2016) Members of Indonesia's House of Representatives, citing a recent case of a terrorist suspect, have proposed that a provision be added to the draft legislation on terrorism that would impose punishment on police officers who abuse their authority when dealing with alleged terrorists. ( ‘ Punishment for Rights Abusers Should Be S


A Life To Be Told – Part One

Inspired by the post: History Repeating Itself? ============= Back then, 1981, October 4th Fryer Danch stuck his head into my office one day asking; "Do we look for new staff?" "Not in particular, unless you can find me a man who can wash those damn stairs in city", I quickly replied.


ISIS hackers threaten 55 New Jersey police officers by releasing home addresses, phone numbers ...

ISIS hackers threatening Police officers to release their working locations? Probably New Yersey at a police station. LOL! ISIS always has these super professional hackers, tv 5 monde by a password they accidentally posted on twitter and police officers by google..


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