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WHY IT MATTERS: Abortion - Washington Post

Because it the most controversial item under the far right wing people! Duh! This is never end. Abortion, gun control, etc., are the never ending story that always shows up in every damn election. Everyone who wants to vote for candidate always ask one dang particular question like "is this person support or against abortion?" This is a stupid and


Gary Johnson has 'Aleppo moment' when asked to name favorite foreign leader - Washington Post

This is really a stupid question ... but valid for a POTUS candidate. Of course Johnson could reply with I don't have a favorite leader only what kind of libertarian policy that he would create once he gets into the office. I think this is the worst election year that I ever seen in the US. All the candidates are senile and suffers from alzheimer a


Collected Department Releases: U.S.-Norwegian Demining Initiative Brings Together Non-Governmental Organizations With the Privat

U.S.-Norwegian Demining Initiative Brings Together Non-Governmental Organizations With the Private Sector Media Note Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC July 20, 2016 Today in Washington, the United States and Norway joined representatives of non-governmental organizations and the private sector to promote collaboration and innovation in comb


Undelivered post

Well, we have all heard about postmen been chased away or even bitten by dogs, while trying to do their jobs. But the post officer delivering mail in a coastal town in Cumbria, UK, had to abort mission because of ... seagulls. The postwoman was unable to deliver letters to postboxes, due to swooping attacks of seagulls. Reminds me of Hitchcock real


Fittish U.S.

Fittish U.S. Olympic Committee Tells Oiselle To Delete Social Media Posts, Ignores Others | Jezebel The Officer Who Shot Philando Castile Has Been Identified | Gizmodo Report: Police, Not "Technical Glitch" to Blame for Removal of Philando Castile Video from Facebook | Gawker Police Say Dallas Shooting Was Carried Out by at Least Four Snipers Strat


Collected Department Releases: U.S.-Norwegian Demining Initiative

U.S.-Norwegian Demining Initiative Media Note Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC June 15, 2016 Today in Oslo, the United States and Norway announced the U.S.-Norwegian Demining Initiative. This effort reflects a new chapter in our longstanding partnership to address the humanitarian impact of landmines and unexploded ordnance that is saving


Human Spirit vs Citizenship: World Citizen? Global Citizen?

I recently ran across a post on Facebook that showed a "passport" indicating the holder was a "global citizen". That is a phrase people often use when they discover I am stateless. "Oh, you're a world citizen". I responded to a post with a copy of the cover of my "travel document", captioned, "my flag-less (no allegiance to a country) passport". A


One guide to every Hong Kong shopping mall

As an American who grew up in the sprawl of the Great American West, I am accustomed to scanning the horizon and easily spotting stores, restaurants, post offices, banks, etc. You never need a map or app to find a gas station or a grocery store: just drive a couple of blocks and keep your eyes open.


Rodrigo Duterte, 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines

And so it ends. After almost a year, the search for the next Philippine president is over. The lucky candidate who bagged the title is non other than Davao Mayor Rodrigo 'Digong' Duterte. And like a popular celebrity winning a major box office, Duterte won the election by landslide. A popular and a very controversial politician, President Duterte b


How to get your Marriage Contract/Certificate from PSA

The Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO) is the place you want to go if you want to get your authenticated birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage record) and the death certificate of a loved one. In my case, I needed to get my marriage certificate, that's is why I contacted them. THE PROCESS FOR NEWLY

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