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Popular Nigeria Preacher tells church members to kill Fulani herdsmen

I don't really blamed the pastors, because With the way the Fulani Herdsmen are killing the Christians and also burning down churches in all over the country is something else and the Federal Government refused to do any thing at all. Although it is against the Christian religion and ethics, but it seem that the Fulani are taking the Christian like


Church in Bulacan runs 27-year-old drug rehab program

This is a slap in the face to President Duterte's diatribes against the Church. This article only proves that the Catholic Church in the Philippines has for many years been doing its part of rehabilitating and helping drug dependents or users to return to their normal lives. To tell you the truth, I do not see why President Duterte keeps on attacki


Why Buhari Sought Treatment Abroad By Femi Adesina

The president's health is very important, there is no doubt about that, but my issue with all this is that if the president can't find it necessary to be using the state clinic there in Aso Villa in Abuja then why would they still be assigning 3 billion in the hospital? it is very ridiculous that the senate sign that particular bill though. As for


JIgawa Earmarks N21.2bn For Road Projects

One of the problems i have seen in Nigeria is lack of good road road networks, i am happy to hear that the Jigawa state government has assigned such amount of money for construction of roads across the state, if the money is properly used for what it was meant for, the people of Jigawa will not have problem of roads in the next two years. This why


Jiwon Park: Reaching out to the world

As a high school student, Jiwon Park traveled weekly across her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, to tutor Burmese refugees. They told her stories of escaping through the jungle and waiting in refugee camps. "Doing that in high school really opened my eyes to the problems of people in my city," says Park, an MIT senior. "Since then, I've been intere


Pope Francis warns against populism, citing Hitler

Looks like the holy father start playing politics from his end here. I don't blame him. Inasmuch that he's quite a liberal leader of the Roman Catholic church, he has the right to say about any world leaders. The problem is how far that his words have any weight especially against these greedy and maniac politician.


Indonesia will let you name an island after yourself (or whatever you want)

Aha ha ha! This is the problem when most of islands are just a rock in the middle of nowhere. The offers only valid for some that considers inhabited islands and primarily are a natural rain forest. Although the Japanese already agreed upon the Morotai, but that islands group is inhabited and the local tribes might not be happy with the decision. N


Why do we need to clean the body?

Our body is burdened not only digesting heavy and unhealthy food. He must also eliminate pesticides, pollution and toxic substances entering the body from our environment and food. Add the stress, too fast pace of life and lack of exercise. All this can overwhelm and weaken the organism and prevent proper operation. Irregular organism can cause min


I don't think so

For a lot of people, they still believe in love at first sight. There may have been love that eventually ended up together and has a successful marriage. However, it rarely happens. I think love requires patience. Without patience, relationship won't last long. It is a key to bear whatever problems a couple may face. Love requires more than what ca


This person must be ready to compromise

If you impose her/his own interests and not for your understanding, you are the person that will not be a lot of agreement in the future. If so, think about your relationship. You never know what life is saved for you in the future. Although there will be many ups and downs, it's good to plan for the future. Therefore, it is important to be with a

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