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Bogotá’s Sick Transported on Horse-Drawn Vehicles Due to Ambulance Shortage

This if fuck*d up! In the big city such as Bogota, what I know is that the police patrol in town by using Segway. Then, how in the world they do not have enough ambulance to take care the sick people. And using horse drawn buggy will cause more problem since the horse might not be healthy either. And this is still in Bogota area and not in rural ar


Food fraud: How do we fight a problem we don’t yet understand?

What else is new! It all boils down to one thing. Money! The question is how they can't detect this until it's too late. Imagine that you shipped a food product from one country to another, don't they have a checkpoint or health inspector that check such shipment? Moreover, with this scale of labeling fraud, these people should have a giant warehou


Column: What we need to do to prevent food shortages on a global scale

War. Famine. Drought! It's all part of human history. Despite the efforts of using GMO for lots of species on food sources, the political imbalance in the world cause more problem than the food production ecosystem. Of course life will find a way, but like aquaculture and hydroponics urban based farming, seafood can't pick up the slack on what land


More than 2000 terror suspects in Britain - but just ONE under surveillance order

Another BS regulations from the new PM in fact caused more problems than the one they had before. Of course they say (sarcasm) "this new one will obey the human rights issue", after the EU human rights commission issuing a complaint about the procedure to detect and arrest suspected terrorist.


Vansky's Eyestrain-Mitigating Bias Lights Are Back On Sale For Under $20

For a few years now, Antec’s USB-powered HDTV bias light has been one of our most reliably popular deals whenever it went on sale. The problem: It only got a significant discount once every few months.


The Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC Ports Are A Disaster

The re-release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and PC debut of its sequel should be a happy occasion, but wonky controller mapping, horrible sound issues and other problems have folks calling it the worst PC port of the year. Read more... ..


Why I Don't Care Someone Stole My Article & Made $400 on Steemit

Well, that's the problem with plagiarism over the internet. Who knows who is no longer matter. The playing field or the ballpark is flat since people only goes by their userid. Of course the person that plagiarized already apologized. I wonder why the author do not open an account at steemit and upload his article himself, rather than complaining h


While Shrem, Ulbricht Enjoy Cults of Personality, Shavers Abandoned by Bitcoin Community

Well, Schrem and Ulbricht doesn't have any victims, but Shavers has plenty on records. The problem is that the sentencing did not reflect that. Of course the justice system sometimes overlook or even create a new problem in life. That seems to be the court specialty these days.


Hypno-parenting: a mum's new best friend

Do you have any spoiled little brats who cause you nothing but grief? Well, don't despair, there is help at hand. Hypno-parenting is a new method that can turn naughty little devils into charming little ... angels. Lisa Machenberg is the expert that shows us how it's done. Problem solved!


Assessing health impacts of policies and plans

When most people think about health inequality, they usually focus on lack of access to doctors or health insurance. They don’t often consider how the city is constructed or the availability of transportation, food, and housing — factors that can have just as much impact on someone’s well-being as affordable medical care.

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