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Propaganda, conspiracy theories harmful to country

Of course it's harmful. The only problem is that people still believe in it and worse, they are choosing, voting and electing a complete idiot as their representative in the state or federal level. I remember that after 9/11, the line to the gas station in my neighborhood was 2 miles long. They said that by the end of the week, gas could be $5/gall


Yours Introduce World's First Micropayments Wallet, Inspired by Bitcoin Core's Lightning

Good for them. The problem is just I can hardly wait to test this platform rather than reading about it. And I agree with the author assessment on steemit. The idea is noble and grandeur, but the system behind it, is still having more questions than answers.


U.S. Academic Condemns Bitcoin and Blockchain as Promoting Right-Wing Extremism

This is how far down the Trump colon that the way of American professor think is. How in the world freedom from central banks could be consider a far right wing extremism? What about centric movement? He might call it a Lenninism or Fascism perhaps! Golumbia is a professor in one of Virginia university but he doesn't understand the concept of autho


Crowdfunding vs. ICO: Experts Question Legitimacy and Guarantees of Initial Coin Offerings

Too many ICO might overflow the market with scammers. The problem is that lots of people doesn't realize that and just willing to take the risk without reading any of their whitepaper or offering. With crowdfunding especially the traditional one, you could choose which one that you like and it used a third party platform to describe and review thei


Social payments app Circle adds two more European markets

Circle is still not disclosing user metrics, more than a year after the US beta launch of its payments app. That's the problem with Circle. They are not a bitcoin based company but only using bitcoin as a money transmitter from one bank to another. Of course since they are backed by Visa and JP Morgan, the two giants in the financial business.


Chinese hackers 'targeted US aircraft carrier patrolling in South China Sea'

This is really stupid! Most of the network in the South East Asian Countries are not even match the US military network. Why do people or more importantly, a stupid American believes that this is the Chinese doing the hack? Only a fool that believe that the entire US system is foolproof. In fact, the problem is at their own home and not in the hand


Nasdaq Sees Low Hanging Fruit in Blockchain Post-Trade

"The collateral management system on the blockchain will include the member, clearinghouse, bank and CSD as part of the asset ledger and cash ledger," he said. Yeah and how many of these different type of system and entities would like to tell each other secret by sharing their data on the decentralized ledger? I think NASDAQ is trying to push thei


Walmart Blockchain Pilot Aims to Make China's Pork Market Safer

Men, in China, even porky pig will be registered in their own private blockchain or does it? I think the system should work. The problem is on the food processing plant whether the pork is being maltreated during process or being added additive is yet unknown. Compliance is much better rather than some bozos who want to make lots of money by foolin


How do you add an Adsense on your Existing Blog?

Hey, I need some effective explanation and details regarding to Ad-sense and how am I exactly going to do that. For all you know I just created my business tool which is the Blog so I also wanted to earn from it and I am being referred by my sister that I should register my Blog to Ad-sense but am quite confuse with the instructions I'm getting fro


India could become China's 'economic slave' if the current rate of trade continues: Baba Ramdev

The problem is not in China, but in the Indian society itself. These casts system is millenniums old tradition that never goes away anytime soon. Even if they said that they are boycotting "Made in China" product, as a businessman, they keep importing such product because the purchasing power of Indian especially in the bottom 50% of the population

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