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Mercedes recall cars to fix rear tail lamp problem

Mercedes is recalling more than 30,000 cars in the United States to fix faulty LED tail lamps. According to Mercedes, the lamps may not properly light on the sides, which can increase the incidence of car crashes if the lamps malfunction and other drivers fail to see the car in the dark. The repair will be done for free by dealers but Mercedes has


Trams swap

Hi I have a 98 gmc Sonoma. And about to pick up a 94 s-10. Both are 4x4 and v6. Sonoma is 4.3 vortex auto extended cab. The s-10 is 4.3 tbi man short cab short bed. My questions are... 1. Can I bypass the auto part of my wiring harness to allow for the manual trans? 2. Can the tail light harness be used off of the 94 on my 98? Or will there be plug


Lift Gate Open 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Linited

Recently, We had the Lift gate open message appear on the LCD Panel. The lift gate window was nonoperative from the remote control. All other functions were fine. The2008 Jeep would beep, and interior lights stayed on while driving, and had to time out with the key removed. A professional would probably tell you to pull the battery terminal off bef


Running & brake lights

OK #3's directions worked....almost. My orig problem was my right brake light wasn't working. I followed #3's directions and now the brake light works, but the tail (running) light doesn't. Any suggestions???


Company Services

Q: What makes your business different from others? A: Reducing clutter with an effort to go green, the service focuses on employing the earth's natural resources and organic materials to help create new decorations and customized products. The company further educates customers on how to Recession proof their home and special occasions by spending


Sarasota County DUI with Prior Conviction Reduced to Reckless Driving

Charge: DUI with a prior conviction.... The defendant was stopped for no tail lights and was subsequently investigated f...


Tail lights

Hi to all. I jave a 2007 JK and the tail lights are european type, red for brake and light, yallow for sirection an white for reverse. Can i conect the american type on my car or i need do any modification on electrical system? Thanks a lot


Newfound exoplanet may turn to dust

Researchers at MIT, NASA and elsewhere have detected a possible planet, some 1,500 light years away, that appears to be evaporating under the blistering heat of its parent star. The scientists infer that a long tail of debris - much like the tail of a comet - is following the planet, and that this tail may tell the story of the planet's disintegrat


A broken iguana leg and educating Goblin's veterinarian - Chapter 6

"Green Goblin" The story of a beloved green iguana Chapter 6 Yes, I did title this post "educating the veterinarian". If there was one thing I learned during my time with Goblin, it was that the professionals who are supposed to know more than we do about iguanas...probably don't. I am skipping ahead quite a bit in Goblin's story to when he was abo


Is a green iguana a good pet for a child? The story of Green Goblin

Unfortunately, since the perception of what a green iguana requires is muddied by the fact that pet stores don't really educate people about their new potential "pet", many poor iguanas never reach maturity. In answer to the question of whether an iguana is a good pet for a child, I say absolutely not. Now, that does not mean I think an iguana does

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