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Caravan bad gas mileague

Iknow there are 3 common issues with 3.3l engine having high gas consumption.1) is low octane (bad gas - lower than 86) and E85 will lower efficiency. Solution = go for a better gasoline -Tier 1 or change to national brand -reliable brand name.Check the result with at least three different gas station . 2) If there is all the same result without an


Dimensional limitations of thought and perception

I recently had new windows installed in my living room. The windows are 4 large plates of glass each one about 6 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide. Two of them are fixed and two of them roll sideways to open and close. For this story I'll just talk about one set of them. When the window is closed, there is about 2 inches of glass that overlaps between


Forum: stuck in 4 wheel low

This forum conversation: stuck in 4 wheel low , Ford-F150 has some useful posts. Here is a sneak peek. "I have a 2000 Ford F150 4 wheel drive. I put it in four low and now it will not come out. The fuses are all good. There are no fault codes." Hi, my 88 bronco is stuck in low 4x4 and switch makes no noise (clicking)?? ... I know this is

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