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EPC light turns on, and it won't start- gas leak

I just had the same problem, and i know everyone is looking for the right answer. I recently bought my car at a dealership in el paso, ITS A PASSAT 2002, it ran good when i was test driving, i loved the car, everything looked fine, i bought it the same day, and took it to the agency because the engine light was on, they charge me $90 to check for a


Forum: locked radio

The forum conversation: locked radio, Chevrolet-Malibu has some interesting comments. Here is a snippet. "my car stereo displays "locked" and the numerical pad numbers are connected like 1 2 34 5 6 nooned knows how to unlock it, i need help *and" Your message was posted on July 21st and you may have solved the problem by now, but if not her


Forum: radio code

This forum post: radio code, Volvo-S70 has some interesting information. Here is a preview. "trying to find anti theft radio code for volvo" Can you give me a radio code for volvo s70 ... Can you tell me the radio code for a 98 volvo ... As far as i know, each stock radio has a specific 4 number combination that you should be able to


Forum: Need stereo code

This forum message: Need stereo code, Mitsubishi-Montero Sport has some useful resources. Here is a sneak peek. "I have the serial number 96D17089 but need the code for the stereo reset. 1999" i need radio code for 99 montero sport its saying off i guess i guessed tomany times incorrect the ... I need the code number for my radio, I boug


Cartagena- LUXURY vacation rental

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