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Tesla Motors Autopilot Hits Turbulence As Hong Kong Officials Order Driver Assistance Software Removed From Model S

"Tesla Model S owners in Hong Kong discovered this week features letting their luxury electric cars steer and change lanes automatically had been disabled wirelessly." "Wirelessly?" Looks like Tesla installed spyware on all of their car so it can be disabled wirelessly. Imagine if that get hacked and hacker can drive your car remotely with PS/2 con


Dimensional limitations of thought and perception

I recently had new windows installed in my living room. The windows are 4 large plates of glass each one about 6 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide. Two of them are fixed and two of them roll sideways to open and close. For this story I'll just talk about one set of them. When the window is closed, there is about 2 inches of glass that overlaps between


Lock Cylinder replacement

I have a 4 X 4 Chevy Tahoe 1996. I am trying to replace the lock cylinder, some sites say it is very easy while other sites state that the steering wheel must be pulled off. Just wondering which one is correct. I have removed the lower casing on the column but am not able to access the lock cylinder.


1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser

Power steering and factory AC.Roll bar, Stock straight 6 engine (F2) 81, 000 on odometer (not sure of mileage). Oil & lube every 3500 mi. All service records available. Reliable. REPLACED OR REPAIRED: new toyo windshield and gasket, center arm rebuilt with OEM parts (steers straight and tight - no wandering) / motor for windshield wipers, brakes p


Post: Gorilla Automotive 71681N Acorn Wheel Locks (1/2" Thread Size) - Pack of 4

Automotive carries a complete line of wheel locks with unfailing quality and finish controlled through every step of manufacturing to deliver ...locks that outperform. Gorilla features unique locks with an external security pattern that makes it impossible to remove without the matching ...locks are designed for unsurpassed security made from case


For Sale - 1983 Cadillac Sedan Deville - $2300 obo

1983 Cadillac Sedan Deville - $2, 300 or best offer //l[1] Engine: V8 HT 4100 Battery: New Mileage: 120K original miles, second owner Condition: Good, some plastic inserts by fenders missing Exterior: Navy blue, repainted, minimal rust spots Interior: Blue fabric, ceiling cloth needs reattaching Radio: Clarion 9770RT Magi-Tune removable AM/FM Tape


2010 Toyota Prius At the 2009 Detroit Auto Show

##pic=class/Holy_Wheels/2010_Toyota_Prius##pic In 1997, Toyota made history when it unveiled the first mass-produced hybrid car in the world, the Toyota Prius. For many year, the Prius has been a household name when it comes to car fuel efficiency. As a matter of fact, when you say the word "hybrid", most people would initially say"it's a Prius

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