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What Obama Has Meant for Food

I don't want to comment on his political stand on GMO or pesticide along with the drugs regulations, but I got to admit, that he was a street boy who used to love to eat in the food stalls especially in Asia. Seriously, I've seen him eat vermicelli like this in Vietnam or his favorite barbecue Tilapia with chili pepper and sweet soy sauce in Indone


Bitcoin Price Watch; FOMC Rate Decision Stalls Price

I agree. The delay to raise the interest by federal reserve make people in limbo and the market seems to follow the news by dumping some of the bitcoin in a short and medium term. But investor is still believe in it. As for me, I play long term where I keep continually hold it for the future.


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/08/2016 - Stalling at Area of Interest

Men, why is she so negative and reserved from time to time! I think the last US session was providing support for today Asian market rally. So far as of noon (GMT +8), the price has been rallied to go over 610. If it closes at 615, then we could move the resistance line into 620 next. Otherwise, support is still at 600 throughout the session.


Amazon and Starbucks pay less tax than sausage stall, says Austria

Of course they pay less tax, or even no taxes at all. Do you think that if they do not have based office in the country, they can't suck your economy? Lots of country, especially the third world country request any big hi-tech company to maintain office with minimum investment in the country. One thing is to create job since they should hire locals


Link from sebring auto shutoff relay

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 08/10/16 12:27


Can you really eat a Michelin-starred meal for under $2?

Michelin stars have been the holy grail of haute cuisine for many years, and of course the awarded restaurants have been some of the best (and most expensive) ones in the world. One would probably think then impossible to dine in such a restaurant for less than $2. Right? Wrong! An open air food stall in Singapore has recently been awarded a Michel


Food that's hard to stomach

That's the risk when you go eat at the food stalls on the streets. But from time to time, even the first class restaurant can make a mistake. But one thing is right here like the executive said: Ratna Devi points out that another aspect that needs to be checked is the unsafe level of chemicals found in food, which is unseen by the naked eye. That's


Italy 'facing 20 years of economic woe'

Always done the same thing over and over again will always bring the state into oblivion. Things are never change! Instead of stimulating the economy by giving it more to retain talent with the people and keep the labor and manufacturing moving, these meatballs instead inviting banks and more banks to invest in Italy. Banks can't save the economy,


China's Massive Effort to Purify Seawater Is Drying Up

Stalled projects and underperforming plants have hampered China's desalination plans...


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 07/05/2016 - Stalling Halfway!

Aha. As you can see that in this indicator or technical analysis graph here, they are showing that the price most likely to be consolidated in the 650 range due to the RSI quite high since is relatively overbought. On the other hand, the scheduled halving this week could make the price boost up into the 700 ranges. Resistance is still at 680 and st

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