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I Have Shut Critics Up, Says Ibrahimovic

The Swedish man has been fighting to pick up his usual form after a transfer that saw him off from the french league to the English premier league this season. He has been scoring in every matches the club has been playing lately.


Despite Negative Publicity Bitcoin Bounces Back

And then it might shut off the Wall Street cronies that thinks this is just a pump and dump created by a bunch of crazy mathematician! Despite all of those negativity, bitcoin is still going strong and there is no way to stop it at this moment. Unless the seller dump a big load, but it still able to bounce back since the market psychology shows tha



A few years back I was driving from my place to my parents house. The drive from my city to theirs takes about 2 hours. But this time it was different. It was summer, hot day, and I was on a part of road where there is literally nothing around for kilometers. And all of a sudden, while I am driving, my car shuts off. I try to ignite again and it is


Happy the Hobbit of Hampshire

"Those Barstads en Hampshire cahn keep their cursed wealth" mumbled the old fat guy in the corner. "He's always here", offered the Bartender "don't mind him, poor guys gone nuts since the fire". Raising an eyebrow, the young lad observing asked, "fire?". The Bartender looked the kid up n down a couple times seemingly confused by the question, then


Billy Bongo

Billy Bongo was bonging all over town. Billy bongo was a complete idiot. Willy Wonka was Billy Bongos little brother. The problem is Willy ate too much chocolate and got fat and dumb. We'll try a new paragraph and see if Billy Bongo can survive the heat in the kitchen. Really now, feed me some rotten bits of Chocolate. The elephants are stomping in



There are a lot of things in this world that piss me off. But since I can't change a lot of those things, I don't bother losing my nerves over it. But the one thing that gets me over the edge is for sure the injustice. Many times during my life on this planet so far I came across injustice. And I usually tell the people to stop what they are doing


Shut Down the Internet, and the Economy Goes With It

Government leaders who turn off the Internet as a means of censorship are shooting their economies in the foot...


Smart meter hackers could turn off lights

Rather than worrying about each household meter that is installed on every home, they should be worried about their own energy servers. Hacker won't bother to hack one darn meter. They want to blackout the entire country by shutting down the power plant. Besides, these meters are connected to the energy company billing services.



I was born in Ostrava, the so-called steel heart of the Czech Republic. Even in such a dirty hole as ours, you can find many places pleasing your average need for romantic view. Yet if you really wanna knock your chick (or boy) off their feet, you take them to Vitkovice, the industrial part of the city. Should their jaw drop, you can wire it shut!


Drones seized carrying drugs near London prison

Isn't this kinda stupid? Any government building is no drop zone or off limits to anything that flies especially penitentiary. One more stupidity is that the guard should shut this drone down before making it pass the wall or even has a frequency de-scrambler to prevent any communication to go in or out. The joke is not on the drone's pilot, but on

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