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How the Latest COIN ETF Amendment Could Hurt Its Investors (and Perhaps Harm Bitcoin Too)

See, whaddayaknow! Twinkie and Cammie are crazy. They think that they can drive people to get into their ETF, but bitcoiners already know that this amendment is actually destroying their prolonged proposal of ETF instead helping them. As much as their ETF could help to boost bitcoin price in general since it might pour another half a billion dollar


Sorry Dude, Just Trying To Show Off These Rick & Morty Games, Bro

Because Rick & Morty's third season won't be here until the sun explodes, Cryptozoic are releasing a couple of games based on the series to tide people over. One is a board game set in Anatomy Park, the other a deck-building card game about Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind .


Ghost Recon: Wildlands GDC teaser shows off its incredible landscapes and hints at how they were built

Ghost Recon: Wildlands boasts dramatic and expansive scenery. Ghost Recon: Wildlands isn't out yet, so we don't know how well it works as a game - but we do know the tech behind it is impressive, and it certainly looks very pretty as a result.


Latest video for The Surge shows 14 minutes of uncut gameplay

A new video from Deck13 showing off 14 minutes of its action-RPG The Surge has been released. Along with a look at uncut gameplay, game designer Adam Hetenyi discusses various aspects of The Surge, and the dystopian environments in CREO's industrial and RND complex, the Abandoned Laboratories.


Guy Gets Switch Two Weeks Early, Shows Off UI

The Switch won't be out for another two weeks, but one guy somehow got it early. And since Nintendo inexplicably hasn't yet shown off their new system's user interface, here it is.


This is What Happens to Inflation when a Currency Gets Unpegged from the Dollar

The issue is not about being off-pegged from the USD, but the debt is already mounted. And the second sentence on this article shows that Egypt must do that to get that $12 billion bailout from IMF. That sounds like the IMF is extorting Egypt to devaluate their currency ASAP so the economy can be saved. But, IMF-SDR consists of 5 different currency


Senator Joel renews barista license, shows off skills

As a former TESDA graduate myself, I can say that Senator Joel Villanueva performed his job efficiently as its chief in 2010. For there have a number of improvements added to the training and skill development program when he occupied the chair of head secretary. In addition, he also helped open new accredited centers that provide free training for


Jakarta election pits Christian against rising tide of Muslim extremism

He's not gonna loose the election. Even if he's on stupid trial, it's his opponent doing to bring him down. The fact that majority of the people are going to vote for him in this election shows that he has over 50% support of the citizen of the city. Of course, even if its must go through the run-off, he still above the wind to win it this year. Bu


The Unholy (1988)

In a church in New Orleans priests suffer like on the treadmill and all of them in a monstrous way: I'm staying uprooted throat. After a pause, during which the church is not doing ecclesiastical bigwigs decide to hire a new priest, Father Michael, precisely because it is concerned showed some inexplicable signs that this situation could be benefi


Top 10 most bizarre creatures in the world

Its appearance or behavior of people or animals attract the attention of the public in various ways. Some can not stand the strongest blow to the groin, some of which have the most tattoos, some have incredibly long hair out of his ears.

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