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Frustration leading to accidents

Yesterday a friend came over to visit and we went out and about for a few hours. When we returned to my apartment we noticed that the glass next to the entrance was broken. At ground level. Neither of us had noticed it when we left. Sundays are very quiet in my part of town so it seemed off that the window would have been broken in the afternoon. T


Link from Search | Hermetix

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 09/30/16 11:21


SatoshiLabs Shows Off Trezor 2 Prototype

I don't care about the UI/UX, but if the U2F or Universal Second Factor can be connected to Google or even Dropbox account, that might pose some risks at later part. We all know that those cloud service is being monitored and dropbox has been hacked many times. Thus making it connect directly is not a safe option for me.


Facebook the Key to Being Alone Online

This story is inspired by #thestokedlife. Some people that probably have a decent business and some great stories. But they chose to spam me on Facebook. They are by far not the only ones. They go by the name of "The Stoked Life". After going in circles with them on Facebook, ie: sharing my views on their posts on my Facebook wall, views which were



I prefer the sea because I'm a lazy person. Hiking to the mountain is just not my specialty. I like summer because of the long vacation and I want to spend it at the sea. Showing off my body? Yes, of course! I really like doing it especially when I have a lady with me.


Bitcoin Uncensored: The Libertarian Nonsense Machine

Aha ha ha! This is actually a quite funny shows. They are the Howard Stern, no holes barred radio show where you can listen how they peel each case that up in the bitcoin world. I just want to hear when they can rip off Ver on his idiosyncrasy of block size debate.


Quiz: How Good Are You At Naming Dogs?

New quiz is in the house! I'm not so good at it, I mean I'm not that creative even though that I got two dogs, their names are not creative, it is simple, nothing special. I wish I could remember of some cool name for my puppies but blah. Solve quiz and show off your talent.


Malware Targeting US Government Computers Available On Darknet Marketplaces

What makes this malware interesting is that they specifically listed the US government target. Of course if you get the entire source code for 6000 bucks, you could modified the target, but to make US government site as a primary target shows that how pissed off the creator of this malware with the US government.


I did find a repair to try before buying another one.

So being all pissed off that these stupid cheap pieces of crap cost TEN bucks at the gas station, and six in the markets.... and the hell with going all the way to the electronics store for one that costs 2 bucks; I searched google for some MacGuyver options (MacGuyver was a TV show about this guy who could get out of trouble by using relatively no


What to Make of North Korea's Latest Nuclear Test?

North Korea tested their nuclear warhead in 9th September. Is they showing off their power or they did this nuclear test for some other reason. They tested this one in the same network of tunnels as the last three tests, just buried deeper into the mountain. It was measured in Richter scale and it was 5.2 to 5.3.

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