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2001 expedition gear linkage help

my 01 expedition wouldn't shift into park and 31st and 2nd gear i fixed the problem by tightening the bolts under the steering wheel column 0but the bolt backed out again. i tried to re-tighten the bottom bolt and the aluminum housing snapped and now the bolt wont screw in. is this an easy fix fir a do it your selfer or do i have to take it to the


Transmission WOES AGAIN!

I had my transmission rebuilt two years ago on my Dodge 1500 Quad Cab 5.9L (Automatic) and a month after I had to take it back because the torque converter went bad and the truck wouldn't move when in drive, second or first. They pulled it back out and replaced the torque converter and since then I've had no problems until today. On my way home fro


Video - Generator powered by sugar and yeast Stale Beer Anyone?

Got a better use for that stale beer? "The rotor moves slowly most of the times but does pick up at certain intervals. This process continues for many hours. Since the rotor is quite heavy (and hence more inertia) a small geared DC motor can be connected to the rotor to generate power for cell phones, $100 laptops, and other things in Africa. Peo Interview

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Vehicle [link below] There are many different vehicle clutch designs. Most are based on one or more friction discs, pressed tightly together or against a flywheel using springs. The friction material is like the material used in brake shoes and pads and contained asbestos in the past Clutches found in heavy duty applications such as trucks and

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