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New memorial a labor of love

When MIT's new memorial to Sean Collier is unveiled on Wednesday, the Institute community will get its first close look at a remarkable new structure: 32 massive pieces of polished granite in the form of five radial walls and arches, converging at a keystone above an open space. In a shape akin to an open hand, the memorial represents the many conn


Caravan bad gas mileague

Iknow there are 3 common issues with 3.3l engine having high gas consumption.1) is low octane (bad gas - lower than 86) and E85 will lower efficiency. Solution = go for a better gasoline -Tier 1 or change to national brand -reliable brand name.Check the result with at least three different gas station . 2) If there is all the same result without an


Will not crank hot, idles rough, mis-fires

I have a 1996 Chevy Lumina LS, 3.1 V6. Over the last 18 months I have had problems with it getting hot (not engine coolant) and not starting after driving for a while or running a few errands of 10-20 miles round trip. Sometimes it will start up and idle rough and I can coax it into running. The "service engine soon" light comes on for a day or so


warning light

i have a 2007 volvo v70. the dealership determined that the alternator bearing was going to go out. we had someone at honda put in a new (rebuilt) alternator. everything works fine but the "message" says "power system service urgent". volvo told us that the new alternator was wired incorrectly and the battery would soon fail. we had another alterna


The Best and Worst of 2010: A Look Back on Video Games and the Industry Itself (Part Two)

Check out Part one to see the first half of this special 2010 year end special for video games. July saw the release of the much anticipated Starcraft II, the PC strategy game fans have been clamoring to be created and after twelve long years it finally did. In August, Microsoft then announce that it will be increasing its Xbox Live Subscription. I


Forum: Service engine soon

The forum discussion: Service engine soon, Nissan-Altima has some excellent information. Here is a "I have a 2000 Nissan Altima. It is now displaying a light that says service engine soon. Why is that? I get the oil and fluids changed" I HAVE SQEAKY WHEEL COVERS HOW DO I ELIMINATE THE ... For the service engine girl: My service engine s


Forum: Dodge Caravan Speedometer

The forum resource: Dodge Caravan Speedometer, Dodge-Caravan has some interesting conversations. Here is a sneak peek. "We have a 2001 Caravan with the speedometer needle on the wrong side of the peg. It just happened one Sunday morning and it is a pain to" 1998 dodge caravan- the service engine soon light keeps coming on, and then going of


AD-200 Auto Scanner

The AD-200 is a handheld OBD-II scan tool with large LCD display and solid design. It is extremely user friendly and designed for anyone to use, not just the automotive professional. It is an easy and economical investment for the do-it-yourselfer or beginning technician. Function 1. Displays Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and a short description.

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