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What makes a good electrician?

Electrician is a high-risk job which requires certain qualities and personal traits to handle the job well. When you seek electricians for your business, take into account these following things that a good electrician must possess to ensure quality of hire.


Link from Gordon Ajen Fombo, Cameroon |

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Reasons for Moving to Uruguay

Reasons for Moving to UruguayPlease share your reasons for considering a move to Uruguay (or why you already moved). It will also help everyone considering a move to if you include your a short story or your thoughts about the process.What are the most important factors for selecting Uruguay to be your new home: Liberty: 4.0 Crime and Safety: 3.9 C


Job and Employment Links for the Week of February 21

SAGEWorks Boot Camp -  Enrollment  Now Open.  SAGEWorks assists people 40 years  and older in learning relevant, cutting-edge job search skills in a LGBT-friendly environment.  This 2 week training takes place from Monday - Friday, 3/21/16- 4/1/16 - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm at The SAGE Center, 305 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10


About National Career Centre

National Career Centre is a forum for everything jobs related. If you are seeking for new employment, or seeking a new employee, this is the perfect place for you. This page brings in people from around the world looking for job vacancies and new job postings from other members. You can post your qualifications, your curriculum vitae (CV) and the k


A Guide for Those Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

In sickness and in health, library resources are there for you. We all use the library for different reasons, some of which may include information, inspiration, education, entertainment, job seeking and for help with trying to accomplish many other tasks that are often required in daily life.


How the government tries to recruit hackers on their own turf

"I challenge you all to make my phone ring during my remarks," he said, brandishing a flip phone the size of a soda bottle. "Take a shot," he said, urging the crowd to hack his phone. Then he sweetened the deal: There would be a government job for anyone who succeeded. Is a "government job" a "sweet deal" for a true hacker? Elsewhere at the confere


Five Approaches to InterSpirituality

Maybe you get a job with the foreign service to work in Japan as an official representative of the United States; or — this would be the ultimate — you seek citizenship in Japan, without relinquishing your American citizenship, resulting in “dual citizenship.” At this point you fully belong to both countries (United Stat


Legalization Is Not the Problem, Legislation Is

The Government has issued a firm response to a parliamentary petition calling for the legalisation of cannabis, that reached over 200,000 signatures and will be considered for debate in parliament. The petition that urges the Government to "make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal" has 203,466 signatures at the time of writing. The text


Total Uruguay Weekly Update 07/29/2015

Top posts... Looks like it's from 15 years ago, no way to change personal details (email), no way to contact administrators except by posting like... Current Montevideo Expat Meeting times and locations: Complete calendar and map for each location: Sunday Lunch -- Every Sunday, Noon @Fellini's, Address: Jose Marti esq Benito Blanco, Pocitos,

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