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Why Should Employers Love Vocational Education?

There remains a paradox in the world labor market in many years. While millions of jobs couldn't be filled, youth unemployment is always high year to year. Unfortunately, a huge number of unemployed people have academic degrees. This is a conundrum resulted from the skills shortages of workforce all over the globe. Governments, policy makers, educa


That's One Lucky Arcade Crane Catch

Two Japanese high school girls recorded a rare moment, proving not just that winning at an arcade crawl game is possible, but that sometimes it's a place where miracles happen. Read more...


Saudi Arabia: Proposed Change to Give Widows, Divorced Women More Independence

(Dec. 7, 2015) According to a December 2, 2015, report in Al Riyadh, a state-aligned newspaper, women in Saudi Arabia who are divorced or widowed will soon be able to transact some business without prior approval of a male relative or a court order.  The report stated that the Interior Ministry will issue family identity cards to widows and di


A school as a classroom

In August 1952 at Black Mountain College in Asheville, North Carolina, the composer John Cage staged a historic performance entitled "Theater Piece No. 1 (Black Mountain Piece)." Unlike conventional theater, in which action takes place in the center or on a stage, Cage's event distributed movement, music, and other activities throughout a space and


Native English speakers wanted in China,8krmb/month at least with other perks,no degree require

Our school located in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Zhejiang,Sanya,Najing,Changsha,Hefei,Shenyang,Anshan,Nanchang,Dtong,Suzhou,Linyi,Zhengzhou, have English teaching job vacancies opens for native English speakers. Information 1,2-12 years old students 2,30~35hours/week,including teaching hours and office hours,two days off 3,less than 15 stu


Reimagining high school

Pedestrians walking by the MIT Media Lab earlier this week might have noticed an interactive public installation challenging visitors to rethink high school in America. Developed by XQ: The Super School Project - an initiative aimed at bringing people together to design the next-generation American high school - the installation offered viewers a c


Five professors join the School of Science this fall

The School of Science welcomes five new professors in the departments of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences; Mathematics; and Physics. Their research ranges from exploring problems in pure math to the evolution of animal life on Earth to the evolution of galaxies. Kristin Bergmann , assistant professor in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric


A 14-year-old Muslim boy was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school ... - Quartz

So, this is it huh folks! We live in fortress America! The place where people spy on each other. The place that even a grown up adult fear of a kids might killed them. What kind of maniac arrest a 14 yrs old simply because he's building a homemade clock for his science project. Cops think it's a bomb then they handcuffed him and took him away from


VMST Employment Services: Why Choose VMST?

There doesn’t lack headhunter companies in Vietnam that are qualified to meet your human resource demands? So why recommend choosing Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST)? What make this company shine out? 1. VMST is truly experienced and trustworthy in the employment supplier business. Founded since 2000, it has claimed its indispensib


Who is Glen Roberts and What's He Got Against Cops?

Ann Arbor News, September 10, 1985, Sharon Rubinstein Who is Glen Roberts and why is he trying to make life miserable for the Ann Arbor Police Department? Roberts, a 23 year-old Ann Arbor native, makes his living as a computer consultant, but spends half of his time waging war against civil liberties invasions. He says he doesn’t like to pigeonhole

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