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Yes. First Love

I remember again, the first girl my heart went soft for. I was playful and rugged while in my primary school but was intelligent. I was able to date the most beautiful girl because i was helping her out with maths. As we did more lessons, we got closer and closer till she mas mine and me hers. I felt most of the weirdest feelings. My heart jumps wh


Memories and age

I know I am getting older but I am still not going senile. So yes, of course I remember the name of my first and any other after love I had in life. We dated for 2 years and 2 months, we had great time together and what I thought was a good stable relationship turned out to be a feeling just from my side of our relationship. But that's a story for



It was back in grade school that I was able to meet my best friend. At first, we don't get along so well as compared to my other colleagues. We even quarrel about small things like eraser, pencil, paper and that sort of things. Once upon a time, during a school camp, we got lost in the woods and we have no one else to rely on but ourselves. That tr



I prefer to watch movies rather than read the related books. I was never fond of reading novels or any other books. I think the last time I read a leisure book was during my first year high school when the professor required us to make a summary of a novel. As for movies, the last time I watched was "Train to Busan". Amazing story and a very touchi


John Fountain: Keep classrooms free of surveillance

...real-life "Enemy of The State." The classroom. No place seems sacred from surveillance anymore. Not even the university classroom. I agree completely. What the business of university administrator to monitor their faculty teaching. If the reason is to caught criminals, then do it outside the classroom environment. This would lead to more totalit


Glen, you mosquito-minded!

Glen, you mosquito-minded creature! Indeed the school overreacted in this case because they immediately contacted the parents and even resorted to police investigation, however, if they didn't do so, students will just keep on vandalism. It might not be a mature move, but it really helped in resolving the situation! Even if the school properly did



I think my lucky number is 7, since it has been in my life from the start. In every school I was, I was number 7. In sports i was wearing outfit with number 7. Even my birth day has a 7 in it. But if you ask me, that is not the only number that follows me around. If you pay attention, you will see that many numbers are always there, always repeatin


Start to end

Well, I have more then one best friend in my life. But I met them all in school. Some were there from the very start, others I met in high school or later on in life. But the two closest friends I got are both school friends. I know I would do anything for them as well as they would for me.


Can you insult and degrade me without using any 'bad' or 'profane' words?

A truly horrible event occurred thousands of miles away from me, yesterday. The news report began: ANN ARBOR, MI - Ann Arbor Police are investigating graffiti discovered the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21, at Skyline High School. The high school principal wrote a letter to parents about the incident. In part, he wrote: "These individuals entered to


3 Ways to Spend a Million Dollars

A million of dollars to be spent, what the dream I had last night? for me, spending millions of dollars like below: 1. Building a School for Poor Children In some countries, many poor children who cannot attend school. They are in school age are forced by circumstances to work to earn money for the family. 2. Investments Build or buy a company, thi

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