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Speaking a foreign language after a coma

I remember writing a short film in high school with almost the exact same scenario. The script is about a young man who figured in a car accident, went into coma for a year, and woke up speaking gibberish, or so the people around him thought. It was actually a lost language from an early civilization. Well this whole foreign accent syndrome thing c


Friends and the society around me

I think friends and the people around me whether when I was in school or when I interact with them in the community have shaped me more than anyone else in this planet. Yes! I do not rely on family since I've been myself for most of the time. Those that I interact on daily basis has more influences toward me today compared to my own family.


University of The Philippines in Diliman Quezon City, Philippines

In the Philippines, Best schools for Music is at UP Diliman, or The University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Because most of the graduates their were all famous rock bands now here in our country. One that I know is Rico Blanco formerly a Rivermaya musician, vocals now I think his doing a solo act.


Because we don't know God and His Ways

The reason why we can not achieve lasting peace in our world today is because we do not Know God and His ways. The Bible say the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We have cast out God's policy in our government, community, offices, schools and homes. therefore we can not have peace, because God has teaches us the ways on how to live with our


Sleeping and bored

I am grateful I found BTCHarvest site, my hours used during my vacant time while waiting for my kids in school is not wasted at all. Instead of feeling bored and sleepy while in the Parent's area in school, I can make my time more productive than doing nothing else. Thanks for this website, I'm enjoying it and I am earning.


Good News Manila!

Another Manila Metro Rail Station is about to be build along the distance of Quezon City, Commonwealth to España boundaries- City of Manila. Its been years since we heard of this news I think I was in High school back then. Its a good thing that the government has finally finalized the plans for this Metro Rail. It wouldn't be difficult to go


Parent creates a stir on internet with petition for her son

This is typical in the Asian culture. More importantly in the traditional Asian culture. Their K-12 educational system are so tough to the point that it will take the fun from the children themselves. When I see this pledge, I wonder what goes through this woman's mind. I mean, giving her boys a "bad student" could make it even worse since now he w


Four factors that have driven poverty reduction in China

Well, the massive multiple sector that the Chinese did from the late 80's up till now involving many sectors. Unlike in the US where the human development is only concerning the upper echelon. In China, they are targeting the low income bracket and rural areas where education is being forced so the future generation must stay in school regardless.



I have tried making my own website during my high school days. It was part of the project in our computer class particularly on HTML codes. Bragging aside, my website was one of the best during that time. Back then I was really great in using HTML codes. But now I totally forgot what I have done. I no longer recall what happened to my website.


Long gone

I was so in love with that girl. And then I wasn't. Her name was Esadina, we went to school together. At first, we were friends since we spent a lot of time together in school as well as at the gym. I was playing handball and volleyball at the time and she was playing volleyball as well. So we started spending more and more time together, fell in l

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