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RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel | Soundproof Board

RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel | Soundproof Board RYMAX Woodfiber Acoustic Panel is a kind of multi-functional decorative sound absorption material made by pure wooden fabric, no cement, nor any harmful components and organic volatile gases, it's completely fit the requirements of environment friendly and energy saving. Elegant texture and unique t


The Most Historic Destinations in the US

The Most Historic Destinations in the USIf you love historic tours, the US is not exactly the place you want to go. Most people would go to Asia or Europe for that. In historical scale, the history of the modern United States is relatively young. But still, there are places worthy to be called historic destinations. We've listed some of them. BOSTO


Non-Traditional Ideas for High School Reunions

Non-Traditional Ideas for High School ReunionsHigh School is probably the most memorable part of my school years, and I am sure a lot of others feel the same. Grade School was too much play and college too serious. High School is just perfect. Reunion with HS friends is something I always look forward to. We've listed some ideas we already did and


Ken Oye and the art of sociotechnical problem-solving

As MIT works to advance solutions for global challenges in the realms of innovation, education, planetary environment, and human health, MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS) has tapped key scholars and researchers to provide insight into meeting these challenges from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. As part


Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Battleborn: The TAY Review • Light

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku ’s reader-run community: Battleborn : The TAY Review • Light Novel Reviews: Sword Art Online Vol. 7 , The Irregular at Magic High School Vol.


Two from MIT win Architectural League of New York honors

The Architectural League of New York has honored two members of the School of Architecture and Planning community with its annual prize for young architects and designers . Design Earth, a collaborative practice led by MIT Assistant Professor Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy, and The Open Workshop, the practice of Neeraj Bhatia SM '07, are two


The Art and Science of Problem Solving

Finding the answer in the library. Image ID: 1613750 It seems like practically every day we read in both the popular media and academic reports that thinking and problem solving abilities need to taught in our schools, rather than memorization and standardized testing.


Fusion outreach ignites in spring

Students and staff members at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) have completed their third outreach event in as many weeks. Middle School Outreach Day on May 5, which invites students and teachers from around Massachusetts to spend a day learning about plasma and fusion research at the PSFC, has been an annual event for over 20 y


Alexandra Chassanoff named software curation fellow

Alexandra Chassanoff will be joining the MIT Libraries as the software curation postdoctoral fellow, part of the Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Chassanoff is a doctoral candidate at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


The tenured engineers of 2016

The School of Engineering has announced that seven members of its faculty have been granted tenure by MIT. “These newly tenured colleagues have demonstrated a commitment to outstanding research and teaching,” said Ian A. Waitz, dean of the School of Engineering. “They have made a significant impact on MIT and their fields, and

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