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Link from Instructions for Replacing a Saturn SL2 Manual Side View Mirror | eHow

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Burnt Valve

I have a 1997 Saturn SL2 1.9 engine, the engine developed a possible burnt valve in the no.4 cylunder, it idles very rough when stopped in drive, but idles ok in neutral, and runs pretty good, service engine light is on. How long can I run this car before it fails, looking to keep it going another 9 months. Or is there anything that I can do to kee


Saturn SL2 Fuel/Idle speed issue

Had this 2000 Saturn SL2 for about 18 months; first 6 months it was great, then every so often, maybe once every 2-4 weeks, it would turn over fine but not start. After letting it sit for a while it would finally start. (A secondary symptom that may be related is that after driving for a while, the idle speed is very high in park, between 2-3000rpm


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Questions: does any1 know how much my ?

Its for a 16 year old boy.. he completed drivers ed... 6 hours with driving instructors... baltimore maryland.... he would be the 5th driver on 3 cars... a 05 dodge caravan... a 99 malibu ls.. and a 97 saturn sl2... thx

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