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Please Help

I left the states for a while on a mission in Africa and i forgot the combination to my safe i really could use some help. Model: MS0100 Number: AW956617


can't open it

I have key and combination but I forgot how to open the safe


machel kho Profile

i own an old diplomat safe and i forgot my combination. can u help me?


Nathaniel Profile

Have a sentry safe with lost combination given to me by mother whom forgot the codes. How can I find the combination?


Mel Felix Profile

have the 4 number combination for my diplomat safe and have the key but i forgot the proper turns. can any one help me. diplomat safe 1104 model. serial no E 9936371


Diplomat Safe (Forgot the combination)

I own an old diplomat safe (MMC-440). I forgot my combination. The number at the back is E9224240.


Need to reset the combo

I have a Brinks safe model 5050. Can anyone show me how to reset the combination. I forgot how and lost the manual. Thanks


Forgot Combination

We have a Mosler safe. (Serial #6562) It has a digital type combination. It works, batteries have been changed. What we thought was the combination is not? How can we get the combination to the safe.



I have forgot the combination to the Brink's Home Security Safe 200100237 Any help would be appreciated


Diane (4) Profile

I forgot the combination to my Brink's Home Security Safe. #200100237 any help is appreciated

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