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1988 chevy s10 fuel problems

Fuel does not pump when key is in on position but only pumps when the motor is cranked. Does anybody know where the problem lies? I thought it was my fuel pump but im having second thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated


1996 chevy s10 problems

I have a 1996 chevy s10 pickup, 4.3 litre. I have been having problems wiyh the truck quitting while going down the road and wont start back, will start if you spray ether on the throttle body. I changed the fuel pump and fuel filter and it ran good for 3 days, now it quit again the same way. any suggestions????



i tried to turn on my s10 and there was no power at all, not even the gauge lights or anything would light up. after about a minute passing, i finally got the truck started. I was pulling up to an intersection, and i lost all my electrical power and the engine shut down. after 15 mins., i got the truck started again, and drove home. the next day, i


1997 S10 Pickup 4.3 vortec v-6 HELP!!!! Turns over but does not start

I need some help!! I have a 97 S 10 pickup extended cab with a v6 vortec engine. Truck will spin over like it wants to crank but it will go back dead and wont bust off and start. It acts like it is not getting enough fuel to it. First thing I tried was replacing the map sensor which was the code it was throwing at first, ended up replacing that twi


evap system problems

I have a 2001 s10 pickup quad cab 4x4 and I am plagued with these codes p1441, and P0410 over the last 2 years I replaced most of the system except for the air smog pump and maybe a few other parts it also looks like I have 2 evap canisters coming from my gas tank one is rotted and the other looks good i replaced the fuels sensor the evap canister


2003 chevy s10 problems

2003 chevy s10 ~~I have a 2003 S10 with the 2.2L 4-cylinder and 160, 000 miles. It has the original fuel pump. It... pump issue or an exhaust issue like a clogged catalytic converter? I have checked the fuel pressure it was 25psi


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Having some problems that are a little complicated to figure out with my 1999 Chevy S10 Xtreme.



To whom it may concern I own a 1992 S10 pickup that I had problems with bleeding the clutch master and slave cylinders I bled the system according to directions and what other info from mechanics told me to try all failed to work ! I was getting very frustrated because it seemed that everything i tried just would not work then finally i had spoken


Forum: Trouble starting

Post: Trouble starting, Chevrolet-Blazer has some good posts. Here is a preview. "After driving for approx 1 hr and a half and I stop my SUV, (turn off the engine), It takes me about half an hour before it will start" I have a 1998 chevy silverado with a 350 in it. Its a 2wd truck. When I try starting it in the ... Where is the thermosta

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