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Russian ISPs Start Restricting Access To LocalBitcoins

That's stupid! Of course there are other exchange that can accept bitcoin that can be accessed from Russia. Targeting a specific bitcoin exchange seems to be more political rather than banning the entire bitcoin exchange, especially if the order was released last July. I think the Russian should get their head straight. One agency said to block bit



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Mujica Envy informs us about "Fears over our waning economy." Apparently, Malaysia's economy is "gloomy." The ringgit has plunged to 4.2 to the US dollar. It is now the worst performing currency in the region after losing more than 16% against the greenback since May. It has tumbled past RM3 to the Singapore dollar, a new all-time low. As describ


K Tape

K-Tape for support and activation of multifunctional body performance. multi user rehabilitation support sports performance improvement function spain reduction improves muscle function eliminates circulatory restrictions supports joint function application muscle techniqu eligament technique mechanical correction functional fascialy mphatic techni


Not Enough Truth? US Military Faces a Recruitment Bottleneck

Reuters tells us, "US defense chief sees military recruitment challenges ahead." Apparently the US military industrial complex is realizing the current crop of wars is going to need more soldiers than may be available. The US military faces a challenge recruiting people with the high-tech skills it needs for the future as those who joined after the


Plixo: company goals

Q: What inspired you to launch your own website? A: We were originally doing business mostly for government agencies and wanted to diversify our customer base to leverage on our equipment and experience. After reviewing various marketing options, and since I'm at the basis a software engineer, I decided to go for a web only approach. Q: Tell us abo


Forsaken World Game Review

FORSAKEN WORLD DEVELOPER Perfect World Entertainment PLATFORM Windows Overview Forsaken World is the newest and the sixth MMORPG made by Perfect World Entertainment for the North American market. The game officially launched into open beta on March 09, 2011. The game features a good character development (races & classes), Plenty of crafting option


One Special Place to Live In

People would always think of this old quotation that says "there is no place like home", especially when they move out from home to follow a new direction to another endeavor in life. Things are always different from what one possesses at home. This could be true. Just try to look at this some points to consider. When you are at home, you are never


Behind Religious Freedom

The right to willfully establish and exercise religion is among the fundamental civil rights upheld in all states that recognizes the power of democracy. Under this principle, anyone has the right to lay down his own sets of standards and rules on how to glorify his own god. If successful, anyone can even build his own church and be a sect leader t


torn ACL

Hi everyone. Well, our 5 year old black lab just started limping slightly yesterday on her right leg. We decided no walk, let her rest. Today I took her her for a good walk with some open space for running. Once home, about 1/2 later, she cannot bear weight on her leg. Off to the vet, and is told she likely has a torn ACL - and sugery is most often

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