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Did you, expats, know of this regulation on marriage certificates when marrying Vietnamese?

So if you are going to tie the knot with a local, do not forget to request such a ceremony be held when you receive your marriage certificate. Too bad the article is all focused on some supermodel and not giving out useful, detailed information for expats!


Police Request For 3D-Printed Fingers To Unlock A Murder Victim's Smartphone - Tech Times

Well, this is really stupid! But, hey, innovation come with cost anyway. I wonder how long before people who own a 3D printer will try to make other people finger and their fingerprint to access a stolen devices? This could be a new challenge and as always, if police do this, then the regular people can do it also.


Your July account summary

!! Add href="" style="color:#000000"> to your address book or safe list to be sure you receive your Hertz® news and offers. If you have trouble viewing this email, click here. Thomas Nowland Get exclusive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® offers delivered directly to your inb


BitSoapBox - Chat Room Updates

During the course of the day some changes will be made to the chat rooms. Above the userlist there will be a link to show all available chatrooms. A chat room will be marked as either "open" or "closed". The "open" chat rooms can be joined by any logged in user. A moderator of the room can exclude a specific user from that room. Keep in mind the la


Even after background music support is released, Spotify won't be coming to Xbox One

You should probably rule out an official Spotify version on Xbox One, at least for the foreseeable future. When Microsoft releases the big summer update for Xbox One, the console will be getting a number of much-requested features.


Pokémon Go: requesting Pokéstops, changing usernames, and the fine print

Want your house turned into a pokéstop? Ask Niantic.


Stateless in Panama?

Did you get your travel document? How would I go about it in Panama? I have permanent residency here. As I explained previously, I have renounced my US citizenship and never received my naturalization certificate from the DR. Since my DR experience, Panama began allowing foreigners to apply for citizenship. However, lawyers have told me that becaus


You Can Now Request New Pokestops and Gyms In Pokémon Go

Live in a place with crappy Pokémon Go landmarks? Don’t have enough Pokestops near you?


Pokémon Go Update Fixes Crashes, Google Security Concerns

An iOS update that went live for Pokémon Go this afternoon fixes some bugs and will stop the popular app from requesting access to your entire Google account. Now the game will only ask for basic information like your name and email—and now it’ll give you a warning first.


Pokemon Go players being asked to show restraint at Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Pokemon Go players are being asked to refrain from trying to catch Pokemon at one particular location. The request was made by the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. which apparently has PokeStops in three areas of the museum.

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