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Five Big Banks' Living Wills Are Rejected by U.S. Regulators - Bloomberg

“No firm yet shows itself capable of being resolved in an orderly fashion through bankruptcy,” FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas Hoenig, ... “Thus, the goal to end too big to fail and protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts remains just that: only a goal.” Yup! Only a goal! Despite the BS Dodd-Frank Act that was created


Using U.S.-Panama TIEA to Investigate Panama Papers

At the same time, the international outrage generated by the scandal would make it difficult for Panama to refuse U.S. requests to investigate the facts. The United States: The Big Bully. Creating a world-wide mass surveillance network by whatever means possible.


US Senator challenges Oculus Rift on data sharing policies and users' privacy

Senator Al Franken writes public letter to Oculus Rift and requests a response within the month. United States Senator, Al Franken, has issued a public letter to Oculus rift in regard to their data policies and users' privacy.


FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA to review heart failure risk with diabetes drug saxagliptin (marketed as Onglyza and Kombigly

02-11-2014 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested clinical trial data from the manufacturer of saxagliptin to investigate a possible association between use of the type 2 diabetes drug and heart failure...


Letter to Congress outlines role of MIT endowment

Below is the text of a letter sent Friday by MIT President L. Rafael Reif to the chairmen of three congressional committees in response to a request of the 56 U.S. colleges and universities with endowments of more than $1 billion. (Read the full explanation of MIT's endowment here .)


Meet the Man Who Will Hack Your Long-Lost Bitcoin Wallet for Money

So password recovery is a hacking now! Despite his reputations, how does he know that the account's password that he try to recover does not belong to the person who requested it. I can see the joke flying here when he recover the password and it come out "password" or "1234567890", etc. Some user are really dumb when picking up password even the e


Here you can come back and claim every minutes to win free bitcoins each time!

Enter BTC Wallet Adress. After that just click "Take Your Chance"! Voila you just earn free Bitcoins. You can come back and claim every minutes to win free bitcoins each time! The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 10000000 Satoshi. After you initiate a withdrawal request, the Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet within 1 week and you will be


Rainbow Six: Siege update 2.3 focuses on improving ranked play

Rainbow Six: Siege gets a hefty patch this week. A new Rainbow Six: Siege has been detailed, with loads of inetresting and much-requested fixes and balance changes.


Exceptions and Alternative Procedures Approved Under 21 CFR 640.120

Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations 640.120(a) - The Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, may approve an exception or alternative procedures to any requirement in subchapter F (Biologics) of Chapter I (Parts 600 - 680) of title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations regarding blood, blood components or blood products. Both licens


Russian Firm Fails in Attempt to Patent ‘Bitcoin'

I think what this firm requested is not a 'patent' but a 'trademark'. Sometimes it's confusing to distinguish patent, trademark, copyright, etc., Despite it's similarity, the serves a different purposes under legal term. Interestingly, the Russian patent office use the word 'Bitcoin' in connection with financial world. It means that they acknowledg

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