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Hottest Action Movie Pie of the 70's, 80's, and 90's - Results show

Hottest Action Movie Pie of the 70's, 80's, and 90's - Results showLooking back at our previous Pie charts, which requested our members select "Hottest Action Movie Pie", We came to the consensus that Milla Jovovavich was the hottest Pie. That having to be the case, we're going to decide which of Milla's movies was the hottest one. This will be "Th


Why the Winklevoss Brothers Are Still Waiting for a Bitcoin ETF

If the SEC staff are unable to reach a decision by the end of the 180-day period, there's another 60-day extension during which the request may still be approved by the commissioners themselves. Typical government bull cookies. Days after days waiting and no result. Even if they argue that they will render the decision soon, that word "soon" could


You've changed your Plenti email preferences

!! We've received your request to change your email preferences from Plenti If you cannot view this email, click here to view the online version Hi, JODI Hello JODI, We've received your request to change your email preferences from Plenti. Your new preferences have been updated, but may take a few days to go into effect. Also, please note that you



He already agreed to be questioned by the Swede couple years ago. The reason he request asylum is not because his rape allegations with underage women in Sweden, but the ridiculous intention from the US to arrest him and charge him with treason. Now, step back for a while. How in the world a non US citizen can be charged with treason?


Showing Message for 3800 Lindermann Ave, Racine

We have received a request for a showing on your property on Aug 17 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Please either reply back to this e-mail or contact us at the number below to confirm or deny this request. Thank you, First Weber Customer Services (608) 443-2300 (800) 276-7260


The best psychedelic album of the 60s

The best psychedelic album of the 60sWallow in colors! The 60s offered a plethora of trippy music that may serve as a soundtrack to your butterfly chasing days. Whether you prefer unicorns, or 7 miles long snakes, the rainbow menagerie had them all. Get ready for a ride! Which of the psychedelic albums would you take on a trip? The Doors: 39.4% Pip



> > Dear AT&T Customer: On 08/09/2016 the AT&T Global Billing Resolution Team assisted you with a billing request for your company, tracking #080416BCW55633SY. AT&T continually evaluates the quality of service provided to our customers and is interested in your opinion of the service provided by Carole R Kirkland, the AT&T Global Billing Resolution


MI5 staff repeatedly overrode data surveillance rules

Of course, do you think "James Bond" will have time to type a formal letter requesting surveillance for a specific person or groups of people? This is similar to NSA. Just collect everyone metadata and extract it whenever you need. Of course there is no need for approval from different agency since it's all come from the same source anyway.


Where in the world is my data and how secure is it?

Nobody knows where's your data. In fact, no one in this world knows where your personal file are kept. Once it goes into the cloud system, there is no way that you will know. That's the reason why it takes sometimes for the litigation to go through. And once it goes through, there is no way that they could delete everything (should you requested) s


Malta Gaming Authority Refuses Member Requests to Accept Bitcoin

This is really stupid. While Vegas, Macau and Caribbean country based gambling establishment already proceed to take bitcoin as their medium of payment, the MGA is refusing it. It won't be long before they are think otherwise. Besides, who doesn't want to open their market to anyone in the world without worrying of not getting the money in advance?

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