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Turnbull Steps Up Attack on Renewables After Australian Blackout - Bloomberg

That's odd! If the power plant drawn their power from wind, then storm shouldn't have any effect at all. In fact, strong winds should help the turbine running faster. Of course the course of renewable energy is still early to tell, but without a backup plan, blaming the energy company is a sissy move to cover up his support for fossil fuel and coal


The Most Promising Renewable Energy Source

The Most Promising Renewable Energy SourceEnergy source is a big issue these days. A lot of people are moving away from conventional sources of energy like oil gas and coal. And with advances in technology, renewable energy is fast becoming the preferred energy medium of many. Which of the existing energy sources do you think offers the most promis


Solar-powered tuk-tuk completes India to UK trip

Wow! It's an interesting story about an Indian engineer called Naveen Rabelli who journeyed 6000 miles with a solar driven tuk-tuk. He came from India to UK with his solar driven tuk-tuk. It's a great achievement. He said: we definitely have to start thinking about renewable energy, now it's high time and it's not a local problem it's a global prob


Collected Department Releases: U.S. Engagement in the Pacific

US Engagement in the Pacific Fact Sheet Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC September 10, 2016 The United States deeply values our relationship with the countries of the Pacific region, with which we share common history, values, and goals. The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are close partners of the United States on many global issues, and


As Mining Expands, Will Electricity Consumption Constrain Bitcoin?

Well, despite the contribution from a reliable source who are an expert on energy, electrical is actually one reason on why there is a need to build a greener and cleaner renewable energy source. Consider this as a plus side since now, humanity will not only race toward a better financial services, but also competing to find a stable and reliable e


24M's Batteries Could Better Harness Wind and Solar Power

The startup's cheaper way to make lithium-ion batteries could make it cost-effective to store energy from renewable sources...


Energy storage for renewables can be a good investment today, study finds

Utility companies or others planning to install renewable energy systems such as solar and wind farms have to decide whether to include large-scale energy storage systems that can capture power when it's available and release it on demand. This decision may be critical to the future growth of renewable energy.


Finally in Sight, $1-a-Watt Solar Milestone Shows Long Road Ahead

A new report predicts that cheaper solar installations still leave big challenges for renewable energy...


US-CERT warns that hackers are exploiting six-year-old SAP software flaw

However, SAP acknowledged that these changes were known to break, or disable,... Okay! First thing first, why they wait until 6 years to fix these bugs if they already known it? Secondly, why the US government using a foreign made software for a system that supposedly "for your eyes" only, especially when dealing with energy! Third, why they use a


Uruguay Generates 100% of Energy from Renewable Sources to Start Week

While most of the media hype talking about how the western world are pushing renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint and reduce dependency on fossil fuel, people should not forget that smaller country like Uruguay already successful implementing a full 100% renewable energy in their country. This is the second country in the world, other being

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