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Panama law firm safeguards murky offshore secrets

Attorney Client privilege is a core concept of the legal system in the United States. The issue here is not that a law firm "keeps secrets" about its clients. The issue is that excessive taxes, or more importantly in many cases, excessive and burdensome reporting requirements inspire some to "keep secrets". It used to be "Swiss Bank" accounts, now


Beverley Schubert (Erie Claim #010940103820)

Mike, This email confirms receipt of your voicemail yesterday afternoon regarding Beverley Schubert. I understand that you have talked to your client and have accepted my offer to resolve her claim in the amount of $8025.00. Attached, please find a general release for Ms. Schubert to read, sign and date the presence of a witness who is over the ag


France: New Law to Punish Prostitution Clients

(Apr. 28, 2016) On April 13, 2016, the French government promulgated a law that aims to end prostitution and fight human trafficking that is related to prostitution.


Heads up: servers for Street Fighter 5 are down tomorrow

If you had some big Street Fighter 5 related plans for tomorrow, you might want to wait until after the Guile update drops. In preparation for the Guile update we will be taking down the #SFV servers from 8AM PT to 6PM PT tomorrow.


How can libraries use augmented reality?

In a recent guest post on the MIT Libraries Program on Information Science blog, Diana Hellyar, a graduate research intern in the program, reflected on her investigations into augmented reality, virtual reality, and related technologies. Libraries Can Use New Visualization Technology to Engage Readers My research as a Research Intern for


Guest Post: Diana Hellyar on Library Use of New Visualization Technologies

Diana Hellyar   who is a Graduate Research Intern in the program, reflects on her investigations into augmented reality, virtual reality, and related technologies ..


U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets: Bosnia and Herzegovina

U.S. Relations With Bosnia and Herzegovina Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Fact Sheet April 26, 2016 More information about Bosnia and Herzegovina is available on the Bosnia and Herzegovina Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. U.S.-BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA RELATIONS The U


Public Schedule: Public Schedule: April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016 DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLIC SCHEDULE APRIL 26, 2016 SECRETARY JOHN KERRY 11:30 a.m. Secretary Kerry meets with Sir Richard Branson to discuss ocean-related policy, at the Department of State.


Sunlight Exposure

There's a totally widespread theory in our culture that says that "marihuana is the gateway to stronger drugs", this asseveration implies a great headline for anyone that already has the idea of drugs being bad (they dont complain about alcohol or tobacco... ). This headline would be very adecuate if it was checked, or had some sort of scientific r


Star Fox Guard: The Kotaku Review

It’s barely related to the Star Fox series and has mostly been ignored in the year of hype leading to the release of its big brother Star Fox Zero , but the new oddball Star Fox Guard tower defense game from Nintendo and Platinum is well worth your attention. Read more... ..

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