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Two guys on a scooter

This is just amazing thing, really! I noticed that in USA there is special relation to sketch shows. So these guys have some funny sketches that I watched with true pleasure. And this is one of them. I hope you also like it!


Fwd: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd

From: Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 8:32 PM Subject: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd To: mailto:frehs (frehs) **IMG** IMPORTANT - Confirmation of the set-up of your Direct Debit instruction, including future payment schedule Account name: JSO SJJ Primary Club: London Oval Sort code: 30-**-** Account No: 4876**** Reference: 00190013047801 Mem


International student graduate welfare workers - Northern Territory is calling YOU!

Nomination application from: 1.) international student graduates 2.) former international student graduates on bridging visas or 3.) holders of Graduate Skilled visas who have completed their eligible studies at a college or university that are not in the Northern Territory (NT) will not be approved until they have all of the following: • Must


Bitcoin is unstable without the block reward

I don't think so. If this related to the current condition, then I take this argument as a valid argument. But it still take many years for the bitcoin network to run. In fact, you do not need a mining rigs to run it, just one node with full copy of the blockchain and the network is still running. I don't see the simulation is feasible in the long


John McAfee set to keynote London tech conference to preach merits of blockchain and cybersecurity

I don't mind him to speak. But he's not the right person on blockchain technical related issue. For security and financial he's probably okay since he has a background as a security engineer. But John is John nonetheless. He's quite outspoken in the sector and able to draw lots of participant to the conference.


Duterte declares break from US in military, economics

Just like I thought. Duterte is siding with China against the US. At first, I thought he only wants to be neutral between the two nations for economic purposes. But when he stated that he wants to separate also with US economics my assertion has been vindicated; he actually intends to entirely break with the US because he wanted to strengthen relat


Swedish court to rule on Julian Assange extradition - CNET

Let me get this straight. This news on Friday, October 14, 2016 might get something to do with the internet cut off from Assange couple days after. And now lots of conspiracy theory are abound to the point that maybe the FBI got something to do with it. Or the US government pressure the UK to cut the line to Ecuadorian embassy or even this decision


US Police Target Poor, Black Neighborhoods With Secret Stingray Surveillance

Isn't that surprise you? Not only in Baltimore, but throughout major city in the US. The Baltimore PD is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, what targeting this people is not only about their tendency to commit crime, but the cops will find any reason that not related whatsoever to arrest any simple offense coming up from this neighborhood. Thin


Documents Show Chicago PD Secretly Using Forfeiture Funds To Buy Surveillance Equipment

This is how fuck*d up the law is in the US! The civil forfeiture act is created to seize any assets related to drugs, illicit activities, and so on. But not to go overboard with confiscating other people properties with something that they think it was part of the conspiracy. And to make it worse, it's not being reported in the actual revenue and e


Donald Trump's Campaign Loves WikiLeaks, But Russian Hackers Could Target Republicans Next ...

They already hit the GOP, Marco! Where the hell have you been all this time? Heck, they are waiting for the right moment to release the materials no question ask. In fact, if they don't people will probably thinks that Trump are paying the Russian for the DNC hack due to his relation with his investors.

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