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Get an eye exam!

You may need an eye exam. When the last time you get an eye exam? You might suffer from astigmatism and seeing things as double, and it's not related to your psychological well being whatsoever. If your friend is a psychologist, then his/her theory of chemical imbalance is absurd since there is no clear definition of such words other than being def


Baidu Stops All Bitcoin-Related Advertising

I think since Baidu sponsored Circle, a bitcoin payment system in China, they are trying to eliminate the competition. On the other hand, the Chinese government issue a strict new guidelines about peer to peer lending especially the one that involves crypto currency. If Baidu wants to play safe, which is what I think right now, they are also follow


Expat Rents Plunge As Oil Price Tumbles

I think this is frivolous. If the property cost related to the oil and gas market, then this is all bogus money. I can understand that sometimes the demand was so high for mining industry workers, but the idea to increase rent due to high demand is now backfired to them as the number of property now empty and they couldn't even cover the cost of ma


Why EBA Proposals Would Set an Absurd Precedent for Bitcoin Startups

...the EBA's remarks notably mention that VC exchanges and wallets operating in multiple countries in the EU "may [-] be required to be registered or licensed in each Member State in which they intend to provide VC-related services". This is typical draconian government thinks. On the surface, they just said that they want their taxes, but on the b


It sure as hell isn't sex

Nature, peace, silence. As I age, I can relate to autumn much better than I used to. I love Indian summer, October and November now. I love just sitting on my ass amidst the forest, half-seeing, half-listening to everything that goes on around. It's mainly birds singing and leafs rustling in a breeze. Last fall, I caught this beautiful sunny aftern


Opinion: Philippines stumbling towards dangerous isolation

It's not surprise that this op-ed come from Australian perspective. Duterte doesn't care about other foreign leader opinion at this moment. He wants to clean up Philippines first then worry about deep international relations. As many of ASEAN residents are on his side regardless what nationality are they. Of course the west stronghold is on the Phi


Bitcoin Wallet In Apple App Store Is Not Related To Original Project

The question is how in the world that this app can be listed in the Apple store? The reason is that all the apps in the Apple store must be verified and so far only breadwallet that available to the general population. Of course this doesn't mean that someone can't fake the breadwallet code then make another fake bitcoin app in the iOS.


Facebook continues its war on clickbait - Ars Technica

Duh! Facebook link those article into another news site. And if such news site or the content of such site using a click and bait title, it doesn't mean that the content is related to the title. I don't get it, how in the world you can measure the trustworthiness of the content just based on the title alone. Considering the amount of crap that Face


Bitcoin Impact Debated Ahead of Possible Bank of Japan Stimulus

Good analysis, but it was expected by the general public nonetheless. Japan economy has been running with almost 200% debt to GDP ratio for the last decades. Even the 'Abenomics' is just another BS similar to what US did in 2009 with their quantitative easing. Yes, it will help the upper 1% and the politics, but it won't solve the problem. Japan is


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