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Your search for radio removal resulted in 16 matches. Soliciting Illegal Campaign Contributions

These people are incessantly sending me emails (which since they come via the Washington Times and the Washington Times refers to them as an "advisement", I doubt is a freebie). The email address they arrive at is one that is highly unlikely that I ever used (with the Washington Times or anyone else). And, if so, certainly not as any indication tha


Polish Government Fines Parents of Unvaccinated Children

TheNews tells us, "Polish parents face fines for failure to vaccinate kids." So now the anti-vaccine movement has come to Poland. In fact, it's probably spread around the world. The Internet is democratic that way, and make no mistake, the Internet is driving such cultural changes. Circumcisions are down. Soda companies are struggling with consumer


Pre-Internet Nasty Gram, Triggerfish, and Stingray

Many of you have heard of the so-called Stingray. Not the fish, but rather a device used by police agencies, intelligence agencies and possibly others to intercept, monitor, and record cell phone conversations. You can pop the word into Google News search to find out more than you want to know about it. Because the Stingray is nothing more than glo


Special Report: Reduction of UFO Sightings Exposed!

Although you may not have noticed, there has been a significant reduction in UFO sightings. The reason is simply that more and more extraterrestrial lifeforms are being distracted and interfered with. This article will explain the two main causes. You are then encouraged to seek assistance from your government to resolve both issues. It is of utmos


Copywriter Melbourne

Q: What's the hardest thing about being a copywriter? A: Putting the reigns on!" As a writer, I love writing..funny that :) and the most joy as a creative copywriter is in having freedom in writing. But, of course constraint is part of the art - in style and voice as well as word count. Really good thing is I enjoy that too, especially making the c


3000gt Infinity Radio

Have an operating Infinity Radio with amp. Removed at 67, 000miles from '98 model. Installed gps unit with Bluetooth.


98 Nissan Frontier

The battery on my Frontier keeps losing its juice...don't know how many new batteries I have put in it! Replaced the alternator last year. I remove the key when parking it and make sure the radio is turned off...think something is drawing the battery down but can't find lights left on etc. Anyone else having this issue and been able to corr


CD player won't load

I just bought a used 2005 GMC Yukon. The CD signal flashes always when radio is turned on but I can't get it to load or unload. Looking into the load slot it appears to have a steel block or rail blocking the entry. I did the 30 second fuse removal posted on another site, but it didn't work. Is there anything I can do other than going to repair sho


Any Job

Name: Kandiah Sritharan Nationality: Sri Lankan Age: 42 Relevant Experience „Z Survey officer, Halo Trust Sri Lanka March 2010- March 2011 Supports IMSMA and EOD Teams Killinochi, Mullaitivu District for data collections to help out the daily statistics and mark or move items on the ground as according to the Halo SOP. Visit resettling village


Forum: Sonata Radio Troubleshooting

This discussion: Sonata Radio Troubleshooting, Hyundai-Sonata has some useful conversations. Here is a preview. "My 2003 Hyundai Sonata's radio comes on every time I hit a bump in the road. I could trouble shoot it, but have no clue as to how to get" I have the same problem with my 03 and plan to replace the radio entirely. Did you ever get

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