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2004 f250 4x4 diesel

I purchased this trk and brought to mechanic to install diesel computer board since not starting in cold, now 9 wks later my mechanic tells me that although I had lights and gauges and radio when I dropped off that now none of the gauges or radio are working and the back lights are dim as if not getting enough power. He says all fuses good and chec


94 Cherokee SE In-Line 6 (no 4x4) 2-door HELP PLEASE!!!!

Prior to yesterday my 94 Cherokee has been running great! I started it yesterday and the A/C, radio and turn signals are not working! We have examined every fuse and relay all are in working order. Does ANYONE know or have a clue what could be the reason for this malfunction? I don't have a lot of money but am very mechanically inclined and would p


radio out

Looking for fuse that operates radio. Changed battery and now radio not workng.


'01 chevy cavalier. lights not working

I am having an issue with my "01 cavalier. I have no lights. no head lights (high, low, or daytime running light). and no lights on the iterior of the car. (no dash light, no radio, and no dome light.) checked all fuses and relays. rplaced light switch.


Fuse scavenger hunt...'97 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Need help... Can't determine which fuse controls cig. lighter, clock & radio in '97 Dodge Grand Caravan. I use the lighter for XM radio power. Someone unplugged it, plugged some kind of "food warmer" into it (genius) and now it's non-functional along with the stock radio, lighter outlet and clock. The fuses in this van were labled by Helen Keller i


excursion diesel 7.3 electrical gremlins, gauges peg

I have a 2003 excursion 7.3 diesel, sometimes when i am driving the radio will cut off and the gauges all peg then go to zero, tonight the same thing happened and the headlights went out, also the pwerwindows would not work, the battery light was on also. When I got home i checked the batteries with a tester, looked fine, put a charger on both just


radio/clock/ no power ?

what is up no fuse labled radio, who wrote the car manual for this, who labled the fuse box wtf WTF


CD player won't load

I just bought a used 2005 GMC Yukon. The CD signal flashes always when radio is turned on but I can't get it to load or unload. Looking into the load slot it appears to have a steel block or rail blocking the entry. I did the 30 second fuse removal posted on another site, but it didn't work. Is there anything I can do other than going to repair sho



ACTROS 2646 LS Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA : 12 litre V6 turbocharged with intercooling. Four-stroke diesel with direct injection. Telligent® engine management. Maximum power 335 kW (456 hp) @ 1800 rpm. Maximum torque 2200 Nm (1625 lb.ft) @ 1080 rpm. Emission level : ADR 80/00, Euro 3. Bore : 130 mm. Stroke : 150 mm. Capacity :


Forum: 1999 Explorer manual

The conversation: 1999 Explorer manual, Ford-Explorer has some good comments. Here is a lead in. "I am trying to find an owners manual for a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. Just got it and no manual with it. Any clue on getting the fog lights to" there should be a button on the dash (just right of where the radio is). It is the button just ... 1

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