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Argentina's Macri Faces an Ugly Economic Dilemma

Of course, this is similar in many third world countries. When the previous administration start fabricating number, the reality it hurts to know. In fact, he's facing a bigger problem in term of inflation and poverty in the country due to massive mismanagement left by his predecessor. But at least, he's not hiding it compare to CFK.


Facebook is leaking valuable younger users - Computerworld

Well, it's simple. Younger generations are tech savvy and evolving. Of course they do not want to use social media similar to what their grandmother use. But, as long as Instagram were up, Facebook will still get the profit. The problem is when people start going to Snapchat. And today, it seems that Facebook is copying Snapchat features. Who knows


The requirements to be an expert

The primary requirement to become an expert in a given area is to have true interest in that field. It may help to have some formal education, but that also may diminish your inspiration. You take that true interest, develop it into a grand inspiration and then start "working" things in your field. "working" means not work as in a job, but doing th


System Updates

In the upcoming hours or days there will be a significant system update. In general the changes won't have any effect on user interactions (except for grubs, bugs, aliens and/or weasels lost in the code). So, please bear with us during the first few days. Of particular note for users include the following: Chat nickname All nicknames in the chat w


After May's Brexit pledge, Europeans close ranks - Reuters

That's doesn't surprise me at all! Juncker, Merkel and Hollande will tighten their lips until May sign the Article 50. When she does that, then they can start negotiating with the UK. The EU is a failed experiment. The reason is simple. There are too many countries that want to push their own ideals. If they want to, when they make the EU, there sh


Charleroi Policeman Arrested for Buying Explosives from Dark Net

See, this is the problem. When law enforcement official enter the dark net, they psycho is not ready to tackle the urge to get illicit materials that can further their intention. Heck, who doesn't want to get instant rich by trading illicit products. Similar to the Silk Road government agents. They are easily tempted by the money that they can get


What sort of Message should modern day authors spread through their writings to the modern society?

I intend to write a piece of literal work and I want to aim on the modern day society exposing all the wrongdoings, problems and solutions. Where should you think I would start looking at?


Here is the Bank of England Document on the Central Bank Issuing Digital Currency

Theoretically! What's the purpose of central bank issue a digital currency that is pegged to their own fiat with 1:1 ratio. The Bank of Japan already started the process. In fact, the bank of Ecuador even without blockchain already use it for their people (their ratio is 1:1.5). Moreover, this //l[2] is too much theory that doesn't address the curr


Data recorder in Hoboken train crash didn't work, NTSB says - CNN

Ah, so now the blame shifted into maintenance too? What about hackers? Oops! The system has been in place since the 80's without any upgrade. Maybe that the reason why the NTSB think that "switches" and "yard" operations are the problem. Heck! It's been a problem since the beginning... until accident happen and then start to blame anyone in front o


Free social security cards?

From: GovSimplified (, To: hhhh, Cc: ! **IMG** Hi Dd, have you heard about this government study regarding social security offices wait time? Hey Dd, Let's get right to it... Here's the truth about "free" social security cards: Sure, if you go the Social Security Administration building, you won't have to trade your money

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