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I don't see any problem

First and foremost, you invested all your time with your children, which is a very good and powerful thing. Secondly, you have 401k which you can use to start a business, one located at your home or nearby. And as of now, you are still at your 40s, there are still a lot of time before you retire. Try to grow the money you have without degrading you



The development of technology is a good thing for all of the humanity. Every new discovery and development of anything leads to better future and soon enough to interplanetary growth. But the problem is not the development of technology, but the people behind it. Cause, usually when someone creates something new, the people with money, the military


49 hours

It was a road trip and i was the leading car. Me and some of my friends went on summer tour of Europe, but our starting point was almost 3 days drive away. So it began; the long journey to our starting point. I, as usual, don't have a problem with driving, no matter the distance or time spent. But others apparently did. So, in a line of 4 cars, eve



If you ask me, the governments are the real problem to start with. Different political and religious standings and views of the world are bringing whole world down to its knees. And as history can show, it has been like that since there was humans around. Every war, every disaster, every bombing is a result of tension between different sides, diffe


Coinbase Adds Ethereum; Plans to Support Any Cryptocurrency With Potential

If Coinbase interested in adding Monero to its portfolio, it could be a problem with many dark net users. After all, Coinbase is an extension of US government by monitoring their user activity. No.... Coinbase should not be used especially if they start screening people who use ethereum and maybe just maybe Monero in the near future.



Honestly, the only solution i can see at the moment, since you provided almost no info on how or when it started, did you do or say anything that isn't by the rules, is that you contact the support from twitter and ask for direct help in solving the problem. At least its what I do if I have a problem with anything. Ask the support, that's what its


OpenBazaar 2.0 Now Running on Tor Network

Now they're talking. The problem with OpenBazaar is that they run on UDP while Tor is on TCP. But if they migrate it to IPFS for the second version, I'm pretty sure that more and more people will use it. Of course if people start trading illicit products on their platform, the meatballs in the government will probably notice. Like they do not smell


IBM and Bank of Tokyo Start Blockchain Revolution in Banking, Aim for Complete Automation

You know, if IBM jump into this system, I'm pretty sure that they are able to do it. The question is just a matter of time. The problem is that it might not be blockchain. The reason is simple, there are not many, in fact, the last statement from BoJ said that there is no talent in Japan that would be willing to work for the banking industry. Simil


Gaining Knowledge About Blockchain Requires Seeing The Bigger Picture

I think the issue is not "blockchain". But people understanding about money is the primary problem. People trust their government to issue a "legal tender" as a medium to simplify transaction hence the term "money" were born. As time goes by, a hard rock like the Polynesian use thousands of years ago becomes gold and silver or any other precious me


Solar-powered tuk-tuk completes India to UK trip

Wow! It's an interesting story about an Indian engineer called Naveen Rabelli who journeyed 6000 miles with a solar driven tuk-tuk. He came from India to UK with his solar driven tuk-tuk. It's a great achievement. He said: we definitely have to start thinking about renewable energy, now it's high time and it's not a local problem it's a global prob

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