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Kuwait steps up deportations of expat workers

The government made a string of traffic offences punishable by deportation, including skipping red lights and driving without a licence, a document difficult for many expats to obtain. This is really screw up. But if the intention of the government is to reduce the number of foreign workers and prefer locals, then they must step up the facility. On


Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight beta extended until Tuesday

Due to a bumpy start, 343 Industries has extended the beta period for Halo 5:Guardians' Warzone Firefight mode. Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight beta extended until Tuesday Many participants were having issues logging into the servers due to technical problems.


Poverty can both hinder and stimulate entrepreneurial creativity, says U of T prof

Yes and no! It's not poverty that sometimes hinder entrepreneurial creativity. But the ability to obtain loan or collateral to start their entrepreneurial journey is the problem. And the problems lies in the heart of government and financial institution who are not willing to give a collateral with trust to enrich the society. In Southeast Asia, in


Offshore trust admission deepens British PM's problems - Reuters

Things ain't lookin good for Cammy! More likely the Brits that support seceding from EU is going up after this revelation. It won't surprise me if the Brits will start campaigning for "vote of no confidence" on Cameron this Summer 2016. Whether the Brits secede from the EU or not, Cameron will go down soon or later because of the scandal.


Diabetes was once a problem of the rich. Now it belongs to the poor. - Washington Post

Of course. If you keep eating junk food, there are too much sugar, preservatives, etc. that goes into your body. One generation later, they are all suffer from diabetes, at least type-2. Diabetes is not genetic anymore. It's the way of living that might be passed by to the next. Stop eating junk food, reduce your calories from card and start eating


Restroom Unrest

I've seen lots of meatballs in my life, but if the government has to decide which bathroom that you can use just to accommodate your biological type, then we have a problem. Higher educational institution is a place where free thinkers are born, not some people who will grow up and become a totalitarian leader. But if government start forcing peopl


China to build rail link to Nepal; we struggle to reach Srinagar

Yup! Although the article doesn't mention the real problems, everyone who read it already know. China only take 6 years to built the railway services from Yiwu to Tibet, high in Himalayas with pressurized cabin and then to Nepal. While India, even after 60 years are barely have an unbroken railway from Jammu to Srinagar. The different between the s


Thanks, Bush and Obama: 1 in 7 Americans Were on Food Stamps in 2015

Well, this does not surprise me. About 50% of US residences are in some sort of welfare. 50 million of those, which is about one seventh are on food stamps. Does this can be categorized as food insecure? The problem with the food stamps program up till now is that they are not being checked. Only in this year, which will start in April 1, 2016 the


Black Desert Lays Out Horrible Pre-Launch Problems In Convenient 'Shitstorm Matrix'

Still in head start access until tomorrow, Black Desert Online ’s North American launch has already encountered enough serious issues to fill a chart. The devs are calling it the “Shitstorm Matrix.” Read more... ..


Link from 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine And Engine Cooling Problems | CarCompl

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