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Project Diva Future Tone Is Pure Hatsune Miku Rhythm Game Overload

With 224 songs spread out across to separate game releases and a demo, the biggest problem Project Diva Future Tone for the PlayStation 4 presents to fans of Japanese virtual idol Hatsune Miku is where to start. Read more... ..


Lights come on again in Venezuela but the country's economic problems remain

"I asked a mother when I left, if her child had eaten something and she told me: what I got was soap and I’ll see if I can change it for something else," school cook Carmen García explained. This is bad. Exchanging soap for food? Nothing worse in this world that you can't even get food for you and your family. Talking about exchanging t


SatoshiTango: Discrimination Against Stateless People

Today, I happened by SatoshiTango's website and registered. That part was pretty smooth. Attempting to verify my account got a bit rougher. I was blocked by a pull down menu that failed to provide an option for stateless people. I fired off an email through their contact system: I created an account today and started to complete the verification se


Fasting for Ramadan - Opportunity to start an informal diet program

The holy month of Ramadan, celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, has begun. And non-Muslims only has one thing in their mind when they hear the word Ramadan - fasting. All Muslims are required to follow the rules of Ramadan, but not all are required to fast. There are exceptions of course. Children below the age of 10 and


Censorship-Free Social Network AKASHA Aims to Tackle Internet Censorship With Blockchain Technology

A few weeks ago Bitcoin Magazine published a report on the launch of AKASHA , a blockchain-based social network built on top of Ethereum and IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System). As a followup to the previous report, AKASHA CEO Mihai Alisie spoke to Bitcoin Magazine and said that the idea behind creating a blockchain-based social network came


Link from Átirányítás

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JetAirways Want Their Passengers to Melt Away

I recently booked a flight to Dubai from Hong Kong. And the cheapest flight I could find was that of JetAirways'. It cost about half the price of Emirates Airline's direct flight. The catch for the cheaper airfare is of course you have to fly first to the base airport of the airline, which is in Delhi, India. Lay overs are no problem for me. I enjo


Bullying is a 'serious public health problem,' report says - WJXT Jacksonville

It's all start with the parents. Family is the closest and the last defense on how parents teach their children to respect others. I think you do not want to raise the next generation as a bigot, hater, or any other mentally classified persons. Picking up the right environment will also make a difference. But of course it entirely depends on the pa


Your friend wants to Bang you.

You live believing that things were always the same, until you recall your mother's face when she told you the family was getting a phone... A line phone, that thing that goes in the wall; that thing that rings whenever someone wants to run a survey on you or when your aunt wants to talk to you and, basically, nothingelse.


Kuwait steps up deportations of expat workers

The government made a string of traffic offences punishable by deportation, including skipping red lights and driving without a licence, a document difficult for many expats to obtain. This is really screw up. But if the intention of the government is to reduce the number of foreign workers and prefer locals, then they must step up the facility. On

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