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For Trump, China is at the heart of U.S. economic problems

DONALD TRUMP: We are going to enforce all trade violations against any country that cheats. How in the world you are going to enforce trade violations if the root of violations start in Washington? No government in this world can stop globalization due to the availability of raw materials. Not even the United States government where they are expect


Litecoin Price Spikes 10% as Coinbase Exchange Turns on Trading

Isn't it kinda oxymoron that Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and former Google engineers are the VP for technical development at Coinbase? And just now, Coinbase open their door to Litecoin trading after 3 years in existence? The Chinese did that back in 2013 even before the Mt. Gox collapse. I don't know this is a signal or not, but it looks


Questions - Answers - In the Works

A new Questions and Answers feature is in the works. Everyone is encouraged to start playing with it now. A new icon has appeared in two places. On the main menu, and on the Home page index of posts. On the home page index of posts it will list Questions that have been submitted and haven't been answered. On the menu, it will open the screen to su


In Rio, poor families are pushed out of their neighborhoods to make way for the Olympics

Not only in Brazil, but also in other city whenever a major or grand event take place. The problem is not the eviction, but how the government resolve such problem from start till the end. Giving them a place to live in a public housing is still will not solve it unless they are also be given a social support such as community activity, education f


Bitcoin Impact Debated Ahead of Possible Bank of Japan Stimulus

Good analysis, but it was expected by the general public nonetheless. Japan economy has been running with almost 200% debt to GDP ratio for the last decades. Even the 'Abenomics' is just another BS similar to what US did in 2009 with their quantitative easing. Yes, it will help the upper 1% and the politics, but it won't solve the problem. Japan is


Moody's: Blockchain Technology is 'Creating Competitive Pressure'

The problem with Moody's is they are western oriented. Although they rate foreign bond, but it's only evolve around sovereignty bond and do not concern about anything else other than US and EU market. Bitcoin who operates outside the government jurisdiction might or may not be rated by Moody's. But if they want to rate it, I believe they will start


Project Diva Future Tone Is Pure Hatsune Miku Rhythm Game Overload

With 224 songs spread out across to separate game releases and a demo, the biggest problem Project Diva Future Tone for the PlayStation 4 presents to fans of Japanese virtual idol Hatsune Miku is where to start. Read more... ..


Lights come on again in Venezuela but the country's economic problems remain

"I asked a mother when I left, if her child had eaten something and she told me: what I got was soap and I'll see if I can change it for something else," school cook Carmen García explained. This is bad. Exchanging soap for food? Nothing worse in this world that you can't even get food for you and your family. Talking about exchanging the bar


SatoshiTango: Discrimination Against Stateless People

Today, I happened by SatoshiTango's website and registered. That part was pretty smooth. Attempting to verify my account got a bit rougher. I was blocked by a pull down menu that failed to provide an option for stateless people. I fired off an email through their contact system: I created an account today and started to complete the verification se


Fasting for Ramadan - Opportunity to start an informal diet program

The holy month of Ramadan, celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, has begun. And non-Muslims only has one thing in their mind when they hear the word Ramadan - fasting. All Muslims are required to follow the rules of Ramadan, but not all are required to fast. There are exceptions of course. Children below the age of 10 and

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