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India: Maharashtra Passes Legislation Against Social Boycott

(Apr. 28, 2016) On April 13, 2016, the state legislature of Maharashtra passed the Maharashtra Prohibition of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016.


Sunlight Exposure

There's a totally widespread theory in our culture that says that "marihuana is the gateway to stronger drugs", this asseveration implies a great headline for anyone that already has the idea of drugs being bad (they dont complain about alcohol or tobacco... ). This headline would be very adecuate if it was checked, or had some sort of scientific r


Secret Surveillance Court Leading US Towards Authoritarian State

Even famous and leading political figures in the United States served as little more than public front-men and front-women for the security services and other institutions, Of course, is this something new? US already become a totalitarian state after 9/11. Fearmongering that overwhelmed US resident make them authorize anything that can prevent an


Cambodia: Plan to Reform Torture Prevention Committee

(Apr. 19, 2016) Although plans have not been made concrete, Cambodia's Interior Minister, Sar Kheng, has announced that the government's Committee Against Torture will be reformed.


How to get published in IEEE journals

Attention, would-be IEEE authors! Ruth Wolfish, IEEE client services manager, will present "How to get published in IEEE journals." This overview of how to become an IEEE author and best practices for searching IEEE Xplore will cover: Tips on how to select an appropriate IEEE periodical or conference, organize your manuscript, and work through


Foreign Ownership Landed Houses & Apartments in Indonesia

The new update is basically a clausal extension on the lease. Previously, you could lease a land but can transfer it to other. In other words you can lease it again to another person. In the new clause, you can't lease it again. So if you lease it, then you are have the right to use the house until the lease expire. Of course this will prevent inte


How to Prevent a Plague of Dumb Chatbots

The best (and least annoying) chatbots will be those that recognize their limitations, and occasionally turn to humans for help...


Five Big Banks' Living Wills Are Rejected by U.S. Regulators - Bloomberg

“No firm yet shows itself capable of being resolved in an orderly fashion through bankruptcy,” FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas Hoenig, ... “Thus, the goal to end too big to fail and protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts remains just that: only a goal.” Yup! Only a goal! Despite the BS Dodd-Frank Act that was created


Dark Souls 3 crash issue preventing PC players from going past first Bonfire

There are some nasty crash bugs a few Dark Souls 3 players are facing. Dark Souls 3 crash issue preventing PC players from going past first Bonfire The PC version of Dark Souls 3 appears to suffer from stability issues that affect a not insignificant chunk of the player-base.


Method for earlier detection of leukemia wins $300,000 grant

A unique pitch competition hosted by the MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research on Friday awarded a team of researchers $300,000 to further develop — and potentially commercialize — a diagnostic platform that promises to catch leukemic cells in blood tests at very early stages of the disease. The “Shark Tank”

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