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Blockchain Could Have Prevented The Wells Fargo Scam

Not necessarily. The issue is more toward legal rather than technology. Even a distributed network database could not stop the fraud moreover a private blockchain. Of course if the government will not put those 3500 people in jail for fraud, then it ain't matter what kind of technology do they use. The will to cheat because of greed is still exist


The Fintech Race Sees the U.S. Playing Catch up to the U.K.

a House bill in the US has been introduced aiming to prevent financial businesses from moving to the UK. Woot! If the company want to relocate to UK or any other place on the planet, it's their choices and not the government. Talent are abundance outside the US due to globalization. This is a proof that sovereignty is not created to protect people


Litecoin To Be Added To Jaxx

See, Apple want to control everything, even what kind of crypto that Apple can accepts on their apps. Interestingly, people just listen to whatever they said in order to get more customers. On the other hand, Apple couldn't even prevent bogus apps from being loaded into their iStore until someone download it and report back to Apple.


I don't think so

Hey say it can prevent cybercrime. But I don't think so because the security itself is not reliable. It is so easy to make blockchain account. Some even have multiplies account. For me, the safety of this site is not reliable.


Why the Financial System Should Be Based on Bitcoin

Considered that most of the comment that being posted are come from traditional financial background, of course none of them understand how bitcoin works! The number of money that circulates need to be limited to prevent inflation. For the last century alone, all the money in the world has lost 97% of their value. To quote Antonopoulus, "50% of the


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots

I'm sorry, but I got to put this under Psychology section. Duh! I was browsing the internet and stumble upon this site. I think this bunch of lunatic people or suffers from mental illness. What makes me interesting is that their organization has been in existence since 1999 in Seattle, WA. (FYI: Microsoft and Boeing HQ is in Seattle). So, they alre


UBITQUITY Real Estate Platform Nearing Alpha

I want to see this platform in action. The reason is that I have so much expectations on Factom, but I haven't seen them full version of it. Besides, all the buzz on the media shows that there are lots of delay and hindrance that prevent Factom to be deployed for real estate and land title registration.


Non-Bitcoin Blockchains 'Disrespectful to Satoshi,' Says Sztorc

Well, the original concept was to prevent a get rich quick scheme and also being transparent to the entire population. And not to fool around with the global economic system that being run by a bunch of hoodlum that called themselves bankers. Long gone the idea of swindling people. Bitcoin and its blockchain technology is made because the world nee


Blockchain Changes Business Model in European Energy Sector, Decentralized Power In View

Lots of these centralized energy company are using the DLT to prevent hacker to get into their system. Even with DLT or blockchain technology, it only useful for their back office and also to fulfill their bottom line. There is no way they will pass such savings to their customers.


How can you prevent your kids from giving personal information to hackers?

It's simple! Stop giving your kids access to the internet, dummy! The most important question is why parents are so stupid these days by giving their kids a smartphone or any other gadget without knowing what they are going to handle it. Worse, they do not even know how to teach their kid since they are also barely know how to deal with the rapid a

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