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Verizon Files for Passcode Blockchain Patent

According to the patent, the purpose for this application of Blockchain technology is the tracking and management of customer passcodes WTF! This is 100% bull cookies! The idea is to prevent government to assign similar patent to another industry so they can sue them in the court! Maybe people should realize that open source can't be patented. Besi


Facebook is testing videos that autoplay with sound turned on - The Verge

Another crapola from Facebook! I put a special adds-on to block flash from my Firefox/chrome browser for the time being to prevent auto-play. And now, Facebook intentionally want to make it as a default? Having lots of annoying static adverts already pain in the ass, moreover sounds and videos' garbage.


If you live in the US, you pay too much for prescription drugs

They found that FDA regulations and patents protect drug companies from competition, and federal law prevents Medicare from negotiating drug prices. All of which work together to allow drug companies to set their own prices, ... "found"? My sweet end! It's been going on since medicare was created. The FDA law protect big pharmaceutical company for


Drones seized carrying drugs near London prison

Isn't this kinda stupid? Any government building is no drop zone or off limits to anything that flies especially penitentiary. One more stupidity is that the guard should shut this drone down before making it pass the wall or even has a frequency de-scrambler to prevent any communication to go in or out. The joke is not on the drone's pilot, but on


Yuan Declines to Two-Week Low as Dollar Climbs on Fed Rate Bets - Bloomberg

It has been predicted that the Yuan is going weaker to boost the exports and to prevent PBOC to print more helicopter money. As a result, the US borrowing interest is getting higher since the rate of Yuan will make the USD stronger (temporarily). On the other hand, I think the federal reserve most likely will raise interest this September or they c


Simple but neglected!

The prevention against mosquito in your home is very simple. Do not let calm water near your house. If you live by the lake or river, make sure that the water is flowing continuously and there is no calm spot. If you own a plant in a pot, make sure that you do not water it too much as the water could be the next incubator for mosquito eggs. That's


Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte threatens to leave UN

Good for him. At least we know someone is giving the worthless organization some heat. Similar to their predecessor, the league of nation that created after WW1, and failed to prevent WW2, the UN is practically a western ideology driven organization who has proven themselves as a bunch of comedian who know nothing other than failure in progressing


'Gangster grannies' and China's shadow banking world

Shadow banking history has been in existence as long as human existed. It even longer than the real banking system where people put their trust on the third party govern by an authority called the government. Just take a look at 'hawala' system. There are more people in this world that trust such system rather than traditional bank. If the Chinese


Scallops from Philippines cause of hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii, FDA says - Fox News

Now what, are they going to ban scallops from Philippines too. The problem with the Hawaii is that the federal government regulations doesn't permit the state to receive any shipment of food directly from other country. They should be sent to mainland and then be inspected before it's being shipped back to Hawaii. This tedious process makes the cos



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