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Libraries promise to destroy user data to avoid threat of government surveillance

This is very stupid. In fact that some library clean up their user data long time ago still wouldn't prevent the government to snoop around. Maybe the Trump administration wants to know whether you check out Karl Marx "Communism" or Hitler "Mein Kampf", so they can put you under constant surveillance for the rest of your life.


For Bashar al-Assad, Winning the Syrian War May Lead to New Troubles

Does people in this planet ever realize that "troubles" always brewing and come out from the middle east region for the past century? Moreover, there is always a western involvement on it? So, even if Assad won this war against IS, he and his administration will have to depend on the west or the Russian to supply him with more and more weapon to pr


Depends on the sort of celibate

I'm a man. The straight sort. So if the celibate only prevents me from doing men, no problem. I take the geezer's goods and happily abstain from homo sex till I die. If it's the merciless all-around sort of celibate, it depends on my age. Past forty, I take the wealth and give up just that part of all that's good. No problem.


Thoughts about psychology, part 1

Well, here I want to share with some observation. Recently I've seen a person with some psychological issue, but for common view, it's not easy to notice it. Because in western society there is no tradition and no cultural feature for observing own personality. But personality is well looked from the side, especially if you have some interest to ps


World Bank warns populism risks global economic outlook

Populism for what? For xenophobic and trade protectionism? Of course if those two factors present it will risks global economic outlook. But each state do not want to be trapped in poverty for a long time. Even if the EU says that, they can't prevent populism to take over the current failed capitalism where it only works for a select few.


FAQ: Abusive Users

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

I don't even think that there is anything like a "safe level of mercury". Personally, I think it's better to just prevent getting in contact with it or ingesting it than asking for a "safe level". After all, it's far better to be safe than sorry and as you might already be aware of, mercury poisoning is very fatal and deadly.


Hack away

Nowadays, it is easy to act as poser due to social media accounts especially on Facebook. So it's just as easy piece for hackers. People should be aware of these by securing their accounts and keeping confidential matters away from social media. It is a cliche to say that prevention is better than cure, but really it is for the best.


Flooding IN Kano And Nigeria in General

It is no news that Nigeria has experienced some devastating effects of heavily and torrential downpour of rain that results in flooding or when the rivers overflow their banks and destroy the towns and villages around it. Have you ever experienced flooding before or has any flooding occurred in your town town, city or state?. What is your opinions


Crash Test Dummies Show The Difference Between Cars In Mexico And U.S.

Unlike the American Nissan, the Mexican model has no air bags, no antilock brakes or stability control to adjust tire speed and prevent skidding. In other words, Mexican made Nissan is following the rules of their country and seems to be made less safer than the one in the US. This is really stupid. What the difference does it make other than the a

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