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Purple Orchids

I love taking pictures of anything. I do it often post it in an earning site back then. Now I am sharing my pictures and took this purple orchids. It is beautiful for the eyes so I captured a photo. The flower was being sold by the family of our deaf student. Take a moment to view and see how beautiful the flower is. It's another beautiful creation


What's Scrapbook

Scrapbook is the kind of album with photographs, but he is much more than that, instead of the classic transparent pages that device photos, scrapbook contains colorful, usually cardboard pages that are in addition to photographs pasted 3D stickers, ribbons, flowers and other ornaments of fabric or paper . Photos are placed between genuine small wo


jar as photo frame

The jar can be a great sign of appreciation. On the inner side glue joint photo with your loved one. Jar to the top fill decorative stones or small marbles and close. Tie ribbons around the lid and give a unique frame for the photo!


Long-term volunteer positions at PermaTree in Ecuador

2017 Long-term Permaculture volunteering positions available at the PermaTree Project in southern Ecuador. Spend 3 or 6 months to a year at the PermaTree Project, in Ecuador. Current open volunteer positions are: All-round volunteer Talented Paint/Artist volunteer Talented Author/Blogger volunteer Experienced Compost volunteer Talented Carpent



This photo was taken during my brother and sister in law's celebration. It tastes better than any lasagna I had tried back then. It's better because it is home baked and no preservatives were added too. Actually, the procedure was just copied from YouTube and this is the result.


The mysterious power of children's play

A new book features photos showing games played in war zones, refugee camps and inner cities. Fiona Macdonald finds out what it tells us about a universal impulse. Children are like free spirit, they live in their own world, and each of their activities like playing, thinking, laughing, crying or getting angry are different for each of them, and th


Cacak South-Western Serbia Arrested a man aged about 45 years for pedophilia

Police arrested the male person of age about 45 years from Novi Pazar on suspicion of using a Facebook profile with a minor from School tried to arrange a meeting, and exchanged pornographic content, announced today the Police Department in the city. Police in searches of apartments and other rooms in the apartment of the defendant found and seized



This photo was taken from a deaf's house after teaching her. The flower in in their garden and it is actually for sale. I saw how beautiful it is that's why I had taken a photo of it. It reminds me of a Bible verse regarding the creations of God. Anyway, the picture is a pink hibiscus. I rarely see this in our place, but our neighbor used to have l



If I will put caption on this photo, it would be "rebellious." Because as I see in the photo, the police officers are arrested the man, but it seems the man is accept the fact that he is arrested. It is fighting against the police officers. This scenario is not new today, many people are disrespectful to the officials.


Musical of the Month: The Scottsboro Boys

The Off-Broadway Production of The Scottsboro Boys at the Vineyard Theatre. Photo © Carol Rosegg There have been few musical theatre songwriting teams as prolific as John Kander and Fred Ebb. From 1965 until 2004, the pair worked on around a dozen Broadway musicals (depending on how one counts concerts and speciality shows), and had at least f

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