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Create Pie Chart Survey

It is now quick and easy to create a forum post in the format of a PIE Chart Survey. The option is available to users with a user status of Active or better. It is not available to new or standard users. Ont the User Control Panel there is a link for "Create PIE Survey" for those users with the option available. The survey can have 3 to 25 options,


OA research in the news: MIT scientists ain't afraid of no ghost

caption id="attachment_22627" align="alignright" width="300" Photo: Sony Pictures /caption Several MIT researchers had a hand in boosting the “geek cred” of characters in this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot. Physics faculty members Janet Conrad and Lindley Winslow, along with former postdoc James Maxwell, lent expertise and props


Subscribe to gerardo chavez’s “Periban cabaña”?

=20 !! =20 =20 =20 =20 Subscribe to gerardo chavez=E2=80=99s =E2=80=9C= Periban cabaña=E2=80=9D? =20 =20 =20 =20 You are invited to view these shared photos an= d post your own photos, videos, and comments. Other subscribers will see= your email address when you join. =20 href=3D" oin?invitation_id=3Dv3;


Zippie -47321162

I am manufacturer of handmade goods here in Nepal since 12 years. Related with the following products: 1, Handmade papers and paper products (lamp shades, photo frames, greeting cards, Photo albums, stationary sets, notebooks wrapping papers with flowers and various textures ). 2, Wood carvings (photo frames, traditional windows, wall hangings. All


AP PHOTOS: Bolivians drink donkey milk for respiratory ills - San Francisco Chronicle

Hey! This might be the answer to cure common illness all along! If the indigenous people of the Andes trust the donkey, how come we, the modern man still talking over the counter drugs to cure common cold. Remember, those people live in the highest plateau on the earth! I wonder, what about Llama milk?



Girls Who Build Cameras workshop sparks future engineers

Traditional photography classes highlight lessons about lighting and framing a photo, but instead of learning these techniques, 40 high school girls learned how to build a camera and how to write code for Instagram-like filters in a recent workshop. On Saturday, June 4, these girls participated in the Girls Who Build Cameras workshop organized by M


A Reading List for America

Protest in response to the Philando Castile shooting in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 7, 2016. Photo by Fibonacci Blue, via Flickr Last night while reading about the horrific events in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas, I also read " Death in Black and White ," an Op-Ed essay by acclaimed public intellectual and best-selling author Michael Eric Dyson


How I Know Dr. Roscoe C. Brown

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin This is a guest post by Dr. Sam Gellens, interviewer for Remembering Riverdale: Our Neighborhood Oral History Project at Riverdale Library. Sam conducted his first interview for the project with Dr. Roscoe C. Brown on May 12, 2016.


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