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Facebook the Key to Being Alone Online

This story is inspired by #thestokedlife. Some people that probably have a decent business and some great stories. But they chose to spam me on Facebook. They are by far not the only ones. They go by the name of "The Stoked Life". After going in circles with them on Facebook, ie: sharing my views on their posts on my Facebook wall, views which were


The Mobile Phone App You Can't Live Without

The Mobile Phone App You Can't Live WithoutAdmit it. It's hard to move around these days without our mobile phones. Our most precious files, accounts and whatnot are there, not to mention hundreds of photos of videos we keep. Virtually almost everyone has access to one or more, as if mobile phone will run out of supply the next day. With the except


They do

Well, yeah they actually do. Same thing is like adorn your pictures in Photoshop or any other program and then posting it on social network. I mean, what is the point? Same goes with sunglasses, I just don't get it. However, I don't see that much photo on social networks with sunglasses, I mean I do but not that much, mostly it is picture from girl


Photos of your kids on dating websites?

I notice a lot of dating websites allow users to rate other users photos. The highest rated photos appear first. I also notice that some women, maybe in their 40s, include a photo or two of their teenage daughter in with their profile photos. Regardless of hot a 40ish year old woman is, the teenage daughter will always get rated better and show as


Sunglasses on Dating Website Photos?

Do women (or men) really think that if all the photos they use on a dating web page has their face covered with sunglasses will really endear them to any members of the opposite (or same) sex? I mean, if I want to date a pair of sunglasses I'll go to the mall and buy a pair or two. If your face is ugly, well, covering it with sunglasses isn't going


15 Powerful Photos From The Protests In Charlotte

Well this pictures can be very disturbing for someone. No one likes protest. As they said only one was injured: One person was shot and critically wounded during a protest in Charlotte on Tuesday night. People might be over reacting because they did suffer a lot, and that is why they get so upset even because of some tiny thing.


Kim Booker - trial/PD photos

From: Erica Watkins Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 1:33 PM Subject: Kim Booker - trial/PD photos To: Cc: cblumenstein Dear Bill: Here are a couple clear color copies of the property damage photos taken by New Jersey Transit following the accident. There was two substantial impacts, the second one with the telephone pole obviously bro


Best UFO Photo in the World Taken at Arenal, Costa Rica 45 Yrs Ago

Now if that was a common occurrence I'd be moving to Costa Rica before you could blink. However, that was 45 years ago, and I imagine it may well be another 45 before we see another one. Harrumph!


19 Photos That Prove Ikea Furniture Is Actually The Goddamn Devil

Lol, that is not true at all. It is all up to you, if you are normal enough to make proper calculation, on how to manage to put it all together on easy way. There are 19 photos of nothing, literally. I love IKEA! <3


Can You Detect The Photo That's Been Extra Photoshopped?

Uh, I actually can't. This just proves that Photoshop can be used in all pictures and people won't get that is Photoshopped. Also proves my point from my previous post when I said that everything looks good on picture while there is completely different in reality. Can you detect? Check it out!

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