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Not reliable

For me social experiment is not reliable, some are fake and not to be trusted. Why I say so, because many have fake accounts, fake photos, pretentious opinions and ideas. So social experiments should be believe at once. We should be careful in social media.


big no no

It is not just that I mind photos of kids on dating sites, I also hate to see Facebook profile pictures of babies. I mean, come on! I would always try to protect my kid, no matter if it's a baby or a teenager from online predators.


Through A Phone

You can text a friend that lives in India through a phone. Network provided has makes it easier for us to chat, text, and speak to our friends that lives in a far distance country. With you photo you can reach any one around the world with just a click or a call. Therefore for you to reach a friend that stay or lives in India just use your photo an


Photo on Dating Website

The question is why should elderly women put the photo of their kids on a dating website? The answer to this question is wrong, because it is absolutely impersonation. When you look good physically, you will also look good on photo. So stop deceiving yourself by putting your daughters photo on dating site. Allow them to do it by them self.


Biyahe ni Drew: Drew Arellano goes to Aklan (full episode)

I have never been personally in Aklan, but when I watched this video about the province, it incurred interest in me to visit and experience the beauty of the Minuro it Akean. Based on what I know, the province of Aklan is considered as one of the oldest provinces in the Western Visayas. It is considered as one of the oldest because almost all ethni


Pay phones in Paraguay?

With the convenience of cell phones and four carriers in Paraguay, I'm not sure many people have an interest in using a pay phone. However, I grabbed this photo a few years ago...


Catman and Glen is one person?

Of course it's joke, but this video, when I first time saw it, caused dejavu for me. First, the channel name contents "Catman". Second, the author of this channel looks like Glen, and he also lives in warm country. Third, as I know from different photos, Glen loves animals, like this guy, who is able to train them professionally and with love. So,


Be brief and to the point!

I like a brief and to the point website instead of fancy site with lots of photos and videos that make the loading slower and cost lots of bandwidth. My take is, as long as the admin convey the message that is intended for their audience, that's good enough for me rather than crazy colorful fancy one but there is no content.


Tinder's New Algorithm Helps Users Get More Matches - Fortune

So, the more relaxing and smiley users' photo can get better ranking and match in Tinder. I look at the explanation of the "//l[2]" algorithm here. The problem is that what happen people use other people photo that they obtain from other social media like Facebook. Tinder is pretty much inclusive and do not search image posted on other platform lik


This is Gary V

Hi this is my cat Gary V and this is the type of cat who likes to talk. He'll talk to you about anything and no specific topic as long as you know his language. He likes sardines, Fishes half cook and he never like raw. He also likes to eat roasted chicken and that's why he looks so fat all the time. Right now, he just made his first photo shot I h

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