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Working to provide alternative part sources for Boston Electric Pencil Sharpeners Castaway's blog: Boston Model 18 Pencil Sharpener Gearrepro gears for Boston pencil sharpeners


Boston pencil sharper model 18 parts

I need a plastic drive gear for a Boston pencil sharpener model 18. Is it possible to order this part and if it is available how much is it?


Boston Pencil Sharpener #41 Heavy Duty

Searching for replacement parts manual. Please advise. Thanks!


Jennifer (137711,33637) Profile

Hi, I am looking for a part that I am missing for my Boston Electric Pencil Sharpener Model #19. It is black on top and grey on the bottom. I am missing the removable shaving receptacle. Could you please let me know where I can find one for it? Thanks, Jennifer

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