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OneCoin Responds to FCA Warning and Police Investigation

You know, let's make it easy for the police to do their job. Just called the Isle of Mann business registration services and check whether this company is legit or not to operate there. After all, Isle of Mann is part of UK too. Secondly, warning is just a warning since there are always dumb people out there that can be sucked in into this mess lat


Euroclear Taps Paxos For Bullion Market Distributed Ledger Initiative

I don't get it. If //l[2] taps Paxos, why don't they incorporate bitcoin as a medium for payment for bullion settlement, or at least subscription for their services. Paxos was itBit, and they are similar to Coinbase without much of the trading part. Changing the name doesn't guarantee philosophy changes.


Soramitsu Introduces Iroha, an Interoperable Smart Contract Network

The blockchain network of Iroha, which is based on a new Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm called Sumeragi, ... We already have a Byzantine Fault Tolerance system is called Bitcoin protocol. In fact, the SpaceX and the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is using the similar algorithm by passing all or part of the input to the recipient of the mes


Saleh Saeed's invitation is awaiting your response

From: Saleh Saeed via LinkedIn (, To: (, Cc: ! //l[1] Saleh Saeed would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond? //l[2] //l[3] Chairman at Studio 52 Arts Production LLC //l[4] You received an invitation to connect. LinkedIn will use your email address to make suggestions to our members i


DNB, Norway's Largest Bank Shuns Bitcoin, Boots Bitcoin Association

The bank noted in an email that bitcoin has characteristics that indicate it can be used for money laundering and terrorist financing. What about NOK, Euro or USD? There are more of that being swindled and running afoul inside the banking system as part of giant money laundering and terrorist activity. I think this is just a xenophobic attitude sho


SatoshiLabs Shows Off Trezor 2 Prototype

I don't care about the UI/UX, but if the U2F or Universal Second Factor can be connected to Google or even Dropbox account, that might pose some risks at later part. We all know that those cloud service is being monitored and dropbox has been hacked many times. Thus making it connect directly is not a safe option for me.


Dash Partners With Coinfirm for AML/KYC Adoption Methods

If DASH gives this option to their players or people who use the coin, then what the meaning behind their anonymous network. Isn't DASH used to be called Darkcoin where the I/O were mixers that even bitcoin couldn't do? So, why they want to strip the anon part of it if they plan to enter the KYC compliance?


FBI: Hackers target at least 2 states' voter registration databases

Yeah, so. Those meatballs in the government works by reading the textbook. If the last note release in 2013 shows that the election system is not part of strategic or critical infrastructure, then they wouldn't worry to look on it until now after the breach occurred.



Before I sneak out of the game, I plan to pen down my whole life, an event after event, memory after memory. Part of the mission will be to admit all the evil I had done. I will tiptoe around nothing, literally. Hope I will be in a situation favourable enough to do this. Since the book will run for thousands of pages, by no means will it go in the


It's Q4 2016, So Where Is Bitcoin's Consumer Demand?

Men, the first three quarters of this article were good until the last part of it. The author seems to be preaching about DASH and suggesting that it's an alternative to Bitcoin due to its anonymous nature. What more is that Joel Valenzuela, the regular writer at CoinDesk even give his opinion on it. My takes is that DASH, even it's becoming more a

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