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I have tried making my own website during my highschool days. It was part of the project in our computer class particularly on HTML codes. Bragging aside, my website was one of the best during that time. Back then I was really great in using HTML codes. But now I totally forgot what I have done. I no longer recall what happened to my website.



If I was a superhero -- which I'm not by any means -- I would still be a very, very pathetic and scrawny superhero. Thus my gift to the world would still be not doing much, because as a pathetic superhero, trying to save the world, I would probably cause something terrible. Therefore, my archrival would be myself. The part of me that would insist o


DNC hackers worked with at least six zero-day exploits

Whether it was zero day exploit that affect windows, java and flash or not, it was all penetrated by hacker through social engineering. Of course the government and their employees especially should know that clicking an advert or answering an unclear email or visiting a web page must use "due diligence" on their part. Something that you can't find


'Brexit,' Migration, Trade: E.U.'s List of Crises Keeps Growing

Yup! And within 10 years, the entire EU could collapse nonetheless. The primary reason is that every country in the EU thinking that they are superior compared to the other. Especially the founding members who start this entire union half a century ago. The EU is in the process to go down in history as part of human greed and stupidity. Nothing wil



My favorite way to watch a movie used to be the old Drive In Theater. - Craaapy sound box you either hang on your car-door, or you had to attach the cable to your car antennae. Also Craaapy picture they would play 2 movies with the New movie sandwiched in between an older one so you could actually arrive late.... but what was the best part about it


Uruguay and China Want to Expand Business Relationships

Xinhua tells us that China, Uruguay will expand trade, investment cooperation. In fact, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has traveled all the way to China to meet with Premier Li Keqiang on various trade and investment issues. While some in Uruguay believe that little will come of the ambitious trip, Vazquez has attracted positive business attent


No, I can't rate my intelligence

I'm off the charts, apparently. LOL. The truth is, I just can't assess myself and neither can you (rate your own aptitude). That requires the aptitude so when rating yourself, the part of your intelligence used to assess yourself just can't be assessed, because it's in use by the mere assessment. A part of you will always leave you for dead.


AOG VIP Reception

From: Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders (, To: joe, Cc: Don't forget! **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, VIP Reception Thursday, October 20th 5-7 pm 8508 Stoneshire Drive, Ft Smith, AR Everyone is Welcome to attend! Door Prizes needed, no item too large or small. For more



I remember it like yesterday. I was on a road trip with my high school, we were in a bus and just pulling up to this hotel we booked. At first it looked normal and nice, just like the ad said. But then came the reality check. We went inside, the rooms were OK, nothing special. So we dropped our stuff to our rooms and went for a city tour. It took u


Documents Show Chicago PD Secretly Using Forfeiture Funds To Buy Surveillance Equipment

This is how fuck*d up the law is in the US! The civil forfeiture act is created to seize any assets related to drugs, illicit activities, and so on. But not to go overboard with confiscating other people properties with something that they think it was part of the conspiracy. And to make it worse, it's not being reported in the actual revenue and e

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