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That's is a part of being a mother.

I always got trouble when it's time to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being a mother and wife I must think what's good for their health. The same problem, when I ask them what they want to eat for lunch or dinner they always say that "whatever I want to cook for them".


Big parts of our lives our smart phones

Smart phones became very, very big part of our lives. They 'took jobs' of so many things and they became necessary to us. We are carrying them everywhere and we are constantly with them.


Overseas Officials See Advancements in Uruguay

Executives of European companies said Uruguay had positives that included industrial strength and a significant placement between Brazil and Argentina. Officials said this during the "Investment Opportunities in Uruguay" panel, which was partially sponsored by Uruguayan Economy Minister Danilo Astori. It was part of the European Investment Forum in


The June Business of Talent

From: Bersin by Deloitte (, To: william.malatestinic, Cc: ! To view this email as a web page, href= "" >click here **IMG** Business of Talent Newsletter William, Welcome to the June edition of the Business of Talent newsletter . This email includes links to #research (new research),


RE Booking Enquiry

From: dunn stephen (, To: "" ("" (,,,,, david.lowry, "" ( "" (, evo1958@g


How do you clean your bum? Toilet paper or bidet/butt spray?

In the Middle East and Asia, bidet hose (sometimes called bum hose, butt spray, bum gun et al) are quite common. You will see it in almost every home and hotels. In the US, and parts of Europe, bidets are still quite rare but is gaining popularity. It's a bit of a personal question, but which one would you prefer and why?


UK quality of life has stagnated in the past four years, report shows

Well, the problem with this report or survey is that the media compared it with the rest of lifestyle in the European country. Try to do it with other country in other part of the world then you will see the differences. The problem is not the quality of life based on the survey of health care, education and housing, but whether the people are cont


I am good with my hands, can create many nice things

Let's say I have many talents that are necessary for everyday life. Besides, I know with my hands and I know a lot of things to do with my hands. I did a lot of handmade work and created many nice things. Lately I use my hands only to work on a PC. Now I'm getting better in this area because nobody needs manual work that has become part of the past


The Bitcoin Blockchain vs Blockchain Technology

I believe there is a lot of confusion with respect to the term "blockchain". In some cases, I believe some use the term with the intention of miss-leading, and in many cases it the lack of understanding leads to confusion. Up to a certain point in time, "bitcoin" and "blockchain" where fairly synonymous. Although bitcoin and the bitcoin blockchain


Internet Fallacy: Can words kill people?

Yes it can. We have seen this many times based on the study of abnormal psychology and also mind and brain. Similar to criminality where it triggers a certain parts of the brain to commit a crime. The issue here is not an abnormal psychology, but the implication here where a simple private conversation in the social media that led into a suicide of

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