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eMarketer ( sent you 0 files

DotLoop eMarketer ( sent you 0 files in an email. [Part 2 of 4] What you need to know about US social network users peoplework, not paperwork dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professionals come together to get work done. 700 Pete Rose Way, 4th floor, Cincinnati OH. Call us at 1 (513) 257-0551 M


Not really

Not really. If you know what to expect in a place, for example, that there is a widespread epidemic in the area, of course, you will make sure that you're safe when you go there. Now, we know for a fact that the Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an Aedes mosquitoes such as A. aegypti. This kind of mosquitoes could easily be avoided if y


Do you agree: Bitcoin distracts from the real value of blockchain?

The term "bitcoin" though usually used to refer to the virtual, cryptocurrency, really encompass a much broader system: The "Currency" The "Blockchain" The P2P network that manages it all The miners who ensure the integrity of not only the Bitcoin transactions, but also the Blockchain itself. Some feel that various parts of the whole, ie: the B


Chinese diplomat tells Singapore to stay out of South China Sea disputes

Here goes China again with their "do not interfere with our territorial dispute" remarks. What do they even care if the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong expresses his opinions regarding the Hague-based ruling on the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea? Singapore is a part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), so t


South African Central Bank 'Open' to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Well, they should be. In fact, there are lots of smaller bank that works together with fintech in South Africa. I noticed that bit-x from Singapore invested a large amount of money in South Africa. If the South African banks could be independent from their western counterparts, they could make a difference since most central bank in the other part


Russia banned from Paralympic Games after appeal failure - CNN

The Olympic is no longer "Faster, Higher, and Stronger" anymore, but who has the best dope on the planet that can give them a superhuman quality in order to win. Does the future life of an athletes depends on the dope? What's next, a cyborg Olympics? I always wonder if these paralympic athletes are part of government experiment.



I've done LSD and mushrooms, and I definitely would consider taking peyote, datura and Ayahuasca. Ever since I read The Yage Letters by W. S. Burroughs, I knew one day I would have to try. If you're into contemplation, discovering all the hidden valleys of your mind and -- uh -- tripping your brains out, stuff like this is a way to go. I don't even


Would you wear clothes made from bark?

I run into BBC news site today and this article caught my attention. For thousands of years, before the Chinese figure out the way to make thread out of silkworm caterpillar, most part of the world are still wearing clothes made of tree bark. So, if you think your love for nature would go all the way, would you wear clothes made from tree's bark?


What if the other way around?

There is no justification for any lazy human beings. The issue is what happen if this the other way around. Penalize Saudi Arabian citizen who are lazy to work so the privateer must hire expats worker to do the labor? On the other hand, this could also indirectly tighten up immigration law on illegals and human trafficking as part of massive labor


NASA considers handing over ISS to a private company

WTF! NASA is technically a private company. It just sucks the taxpayer money under the cover of government civilian agency where it actually a military undercover agents. NASA should not be funded by government in the first place. The creation of NASA was originally to make the military stay away from the civilian research, but in turn, it's still

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