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Are Police Eavesddropping?

The Ann Arbor News, Sept. 10, 1985, SHARON RUBINSTEIN Would it bother you to know that it is possible for people more than 300 feet away to hear your conversations as if they were at your shoulder? It bothers Glen Roberts. He is bothered because the Ann Arbor Police Department bought a listening device called the "Bionic Ear" which, when aimed, cap


Who is Glen Roberts and What's He Got Against Cops?

Ann Arbor News, September 10, 1985, Sharon Rubinstein Who is Glen Roberts and why is he trying to make life miserable for the Ann Arbor Police Department? Roberts, a 23 year-old Ann Arbor native, makes his living as a computer consultant, but spends half of his time waging war against civil liberties invasions. He says he doesn't like to pigeonhole


5 Million Sales for the Sonata

Since its first debut in 1985, the Hyundai Sonata has been a best seller for Korean automaker Hyundai. Its initial success resulted in Hyundai introducing it to different markets worldwide, with its biggest volume in old in its homeland South Korea. The Hyundai Sonata have long been used as the rich man's vehicle in Korea. Hyundai Sonata is now on


Farheen Naz Profile

2 Curriculum Vitae Flat #. 5, 67-C, 3RD Floor, 11th Comm Street, DHA:Phase-2, Karachi, Pakistan Cell: + 92 312 2389596 + 92 301 2389596 MRS. FARHEEN NAZ Summary I am willing to be a part of an upcoming and competitive environment. I am having ability to work in challenging environment & keen interest to work in any country of the world. Objective

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