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Paul Smith - Typewriter Artist With Cerebral Palsy

I've always wondered why the most talented, the most intelligent people on earth either suffers from physical or mental abilities. Paul Smith was born in the 1920. He suffers from cerebral palsy. He was already 16 years old when he learned to speak and he was able to walk only at 32. He has some extraordinary talent and his tool of the trade is a m


Bitcoin and the Internet

It was in 1993 when I was first saw a computer and a cellular phone. I was a 7 year old boy at the time, living in a tiny village. Most of the kids in our place haven't even seen a calculator. I was lucky to have an uncle who works for a telecommunication company. At the time, virtually no one has ever heard of the word internet, at least from the


Manikantan N Profile

I am Manikantan. N, 44 years old, 21 years of experience in VSSC, ISRO, Triandrum as Clerical staff. I am hightly qualitied M.Se(Zoology) and B.Ed (Natural Science). For better job satisfaction I resigned from VSSC. The previous job was not match with my high qualification. I likes teaching very much and I likes to continue the rest of my life peri


Are Tats Right for the Office?

Over the past 20 years, a lot has changed around the office. Cubicles replaced private offices, computers replaced typewriters and somehow casual Fridays became casual everyday. Dress codes, while still prevalent in some offices, have all but disappeared. As office clothing becomes more revealing, body art suddenly becomes more obvious. Body art wa


With Advances in Technology, Downsizing on Devices Easier

When consumer electronics where first introduced, curiosity sparked in everyone and started buying them. Over time though, disadvantages of technology started presenting themselves - it's addictive, you always want a new version and you start accumulating devices like you're going to open a surplus shop. Ancient TV sets, more than 3 refrigerators,


The timeless typewriter

You're a self-confessed computer whiz. The computer and its different software are your absolute best friends and you simply can't live without them. You type all your documents, projects, letters, memos, reports using your favorite Windows software and you've got the latest version to boot. But of course, life is so much easier and more convenie


Reinventing Old Tools

Your family probably owns some of those old typewriters that were very popular in the 80s. And even if you still have some of those today, they are most likely placed in your basement, waiting for the rust to feed into its very core until it is deem unusable. Would you believe that those typewriters can be used as real computer keyboards? Jack Zylk


Forum: Old typewriter

The forum conversation: Old typewriter, office- has some good discussions. Here is a snippet. "I found a really old metal typewriter in the basement of a house I bought. How would I go about finding out if it is worth anything? It has" Why does everyone think that because something is old it has value? Try a local antique dealer. Try ...


Post: Overnight Ghost Hunt ...Lots Of Activity ...Lots Of Fun!

Ghost hunts. You all helped to make it a huge success! I personally had a blast! We were treated to a ...ghost hunt took place on January 30, 2010. I would have to say that the old 1920s typewriter stole the show! ...ghost hunt took place on February 13, 2010. I am still in shock over what transpired during this investigation! One of ...investigati


Answers: Do I have a psychic ability?

Well, I sort of already know I do m Mom says Im schizophrenic or however you spell it. Anyways, I've had things happen to me in the past so I'll just tell you all the IMPORTANT ones. It all started about three years and I guess I was going through my "growing up" phase and I was just really cranky and one day my Mom was yelling at me and when she t

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