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Illegal gold rush hits Indonesia's forest

This is not surprising. Not only in Sulawesi, but the biggest one is in Borneo or Kalimantan. Deforestation has been halt by the government this year after last year smoke burning infected many in the area including Singapore and Malaysia. Of course gold is secondary, but in the rocky mountain such as this national protected forest, people are more


William Are you free today at 2pm?

dotloop | Webinar | Admin | May 3rd Don't miss it. Not rendering correctly? View this email as a web page here. Hi William, I'm reaching out on behalf of your Success Manager to invite you and your admins to this week's dotloop webinar. These sessions will cover the following: Filters Creating custom document folders Task templates Reviewing agent


Sexy Facebook Friend or Donglewash Spam Bot?

Betty - Hello ! How are you! Old Futz - 1:25pm - Very good and you? Betty - 1:25pm - good thanks. I do not think you have crossed a few steps, The friend request is just to know if this does not bother you Old Futz - 1:27pm - It all depends if it is for friendship to to tag my name on spam. Betty - 1:27pm - Thank you my name is Betty, I live Bellev


Add This Versatile ThinkPad Yoga To Your Bag For $250, Today Only

It’s not often that Amazon features a laptop as one of its deals of the day, so anyone who uses a desktop at home or work should definitely check out this $250 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga for their portable computing needs. Read more... ..


Microsoft to reveal new Xbox One hardware and controller at E3 2016 – report

Microsoft will reportedly have a few different bits of new hardware to show off at E3 2016. Microsoft to reveal new Xbox One hardware and controller at E3 2016 – report It seems not a week goes by without there being reports and rumours of platform holders working on new hardware.


Sunlight Exposure

There's a totally widespread theory in our culture that says that "marihuana is the gateway to stronger drugs", this asseveration implies a great headline for anyone that already has the idea of drugs being bad (they dont complain about alcohol or tobacco... ). This headline would be very adecuate if it was checked, or had some sort of scientific r


35% of US citizens overseas likely to misreport on tax return or file late

“FATCA is fatally flawed on many levels and has unjustifiably turned many hard-working, law-abiding Americans who happen to live overseas into financial pariahs." Hasn't many Americans has been warned about this already? It's not only the taxes that they after, but the spying on what you do overseas is much more important to Uncle Sam more t


Panama Papers leak will have negative impact on expat banking options

This kind of news is great for bitcoin. As people get increasingly frustrated with bank they will look for alternatives. Bitcoin will start to stand far above the banks. Why spend hours or days shuffling paper work to open an account when you can do it in minutes if not seconds with bitcoin? Why pay huge fees and hassle with paperwork to transfer m


The truth comes out: Microsoft needs Linux

Well, this is not the 90's and 2000's where every time we hear that Microsoft try to bring Linux system to their own platform is considered a FUD. This is a sharing economy. Everything that we share or open source if will support the sharing economy where people can share each other idea and work together for the benefit of mankind. But, so far, I


Happy Birthday Udaychandran Ramamurthy

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