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Trump fans urge Star Wars boycott over reshoot claims

It's Hollywood, you idiot! Even if Trump fans will boycott, it won't prevent Disney to make billions of the movie worldwide. It's a cult thing and nothing that even Trump supporters can do anything about it. These people should use the Obamacare on rectal exam to see if their brain stuck in there.


More elections in Serbia

We are having elections too often for my taste. And not only for my taste, but for many citizen's taste too as you can see in the article. I don't like current government, i am not fan of our current president, but even if they organize elections this often and people go out and vote against current politicians on the top they somehow always win. H


Coffee cream look

Not too much of a fan of cars, but a new car with a coffee creamy color gets my attention, i love that, its actually a rare color type and it gives it this shine and glow. Ash is another colour i love on cars, specific cars though


See what makeup does to women

It's no wonder why majority of women these days fall back on makeups to help enhance their looks, i am no fan of it, a complete waste of time if you ask me. I believe feeling beautiful has nothing to do with your physical looks, to look beautiful, you've got feel beautiful too.


Not Really, But...

Well, I won't honestly say that I am a big fan of Reality TV show, although I so might love TV shows and it's actually what I prefers watching this days and I have many TV shows that I always followed weekly. But since Reality TV shows are different from TV shows, I rarely watch or enjoy them. But so far, kina liked the following Reality TV shows:


Not A Fan of Music

Well, I honestly don't fancy music like that and I barely listens to musics or watch the videos either too. That's not to say that I am against music, I just don't fancy it that much. But well, on rare occasions, i love starting my day with a dose of Soul and R'n'B music.


2face shows up on stage on a sick bed

Nigeria's most decorated and iconic music star 2Face now preferred to be called 2baba, stunned his fans by showing up on stage on a sick bed in a show. Now nobody expect a treat like this, he came in on a sick bed strolled in by a doctor and a couple of sexy dressed nurses and they acted like they where doing an operation on him, which he suddenly


popularity, jerseys etc

These football clubs get money from other things like sales of jerseys, tickets and so on. The players are idols of people and their presence bring in fans who patronize these clubs. For the clubs to retain the star player's presence, they have to part with a huge sum of money because of the benefits they receive.


$80 ish

I pay $0.16 per kwh. The electric bill for last month was around $80. I use fans all day and on occasion I will turn on my air conditioner. I know some people that get away with $20-30 for their whole family, but I can't survive like that.


Stop deceiving her, the outfit is ridiculous

It's very funny how some fans takes it to the extreme, to bash on celebrities, but though in this case the outfit actually does look ridiculous on her, whoever made her wear something like this, if he/she is among her payroll, they should be penalised, seriously, image, sells, too.

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