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Confident Keys Brings Rock Island Swagger To Singapore

Keys Madison is in Singapore, literally, she just arrived in it and of course she did share it with her fans. She is prepared for it, we all know it, we will just see is she going to be lucky enough.


Injured Serena Out Of Singapore

Uhm, I got hard time to believe that she is actually injured. I believe that she said about injury, because fans will take better than saying that she didn't want to play into Singapore just because she is out of form. Well, as 2nd ranked, she would be last one out of first 8 for sure, considering on her current form and previous matches.


Tina S and her speed metal playing

Well, when I first time saw this cover, I was a little bit surprised, by how this young girl with such calm poker face plays such fast melody, and I liked it! I'm not a fan of Dragon Force, but if Tina had played there, I think, I would watch for her.


Bling bling

I am not really a big fan of jewelry. I mean, I like to see a good, cool looking piece of jewelry on someone, but I don't practice on wearing any myself. I did pierce my ear as a kid and wore it for some years as a teenager, but that was just a phase. Nowadays, all I carry on me is a watch. Beside that, I always carry some precious stone with me fo


Not foody

I am not really a person to ask a question like this since I am very picky when it comes to food, tastes and texture of food. I tried a few dishes from Belize and I must say that I am not a big fan, but that's just me being picky as usual. But the one thing I did like was the soup. They call it escabeche. And I think I only liked it since it was re


Avril Lavigne

Two hands up for this amazing lad who made millions of people crazy in her every song. Who would have thought that her talent as a 15-year old singer would grow this big in the music industry. I was a fan of her even during her early show ups in the music business. I was fantasized by her "Why" song and "Cant stop thinking about you" back then. Eve


Health Benefits of anti aging and other cancers

You can't blame me of searching for a website that motivates you eat these stuffs it will kill anti-aging. Laugh out loud, hey I'm getting old not vary from my age so here I'm writing about the health benefits of Carrots! Tomorrow, I'll start eating the raw ones for a start. I have never been a avid fan of drinking medicines since I was a child nor



I'm not really a fan of Korean Pop stars, but my sister is. Every time I arrive at home, I always see her watching this Korean Pop drama entitled "Exes". She kept on giggling while watching saying that the characters are so amazing in their act and the boys are so handsome. She didn't watch other Korean Pop drama before, so yeah, I think Exes could


Central Bank of Kenya not a fan of Bitcoin

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has issued a statement declaring Bitcoin to be a threat to economic stability. Aha ha ha! Now these bunch of idiot realize that. So, what are they going to do with it other than shutting down a bunch of bitcoin fintech business like BitPesa along with their telecommunication lines. Maybe they should realize that bit


Billionaire Bill Gross Thinks Bitcoin Looks Better Every Day

Of course it looks better everyday. You do not need Gross to tell a die hard crypto fan to understand it. The issue is just how to change people mindset about bitcoin and the entire crypto world. Recognizing that the value of fiat currency that keeps dropping like a water dripping from a broken faucet, people still have reservation with bitcoin to

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