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I myself am not really a big fan of kids since i don't know how to behave around them. Should i talk to them like a grown up or should i act as a kid around them?! There is always that dilemma. But weirdly enough, and I honestly don't know why, kids like me and like to play with me. Or should I say they like me playing with them. Like my sisters ki


What TV Show Should All 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Be Watching?

Haha, we all know that TV show Gilmore Girls is quite good show. It is not really suitable for men, I mean there is no officially saying that isn't but I just feel like it. However, if you finished watching Gilmore Girls and you are looking for new show, there are some suggestion about shows that are similar to Gilmore Girls, check it out!


These Football Fans Did The Sweetest Thing For A Group Of Sick Children

Oh my god, I'm very surprised. There are still good people on this Earth, thank you God! Football fans bought toys for a group of sick children and they were ''throwing'' at them all together. That was so precious moment, you just have to watch it.


Industry Report: The iPhone is the Latest Fan of Bitcoin

I still wonder if the Circle integration on Apple iMessenger can only be used in iPhone 7? If that's the truth, then you could see the adoption of it would be slow. In fact, people probably wouldn't use it and choose other apps for their medium. On Dash, download anything from //l[2] and forget any other wallet since it could be a scam. Of course y


Laptops can be robust

I use a HP Elitebook 2570p This unit has been an excellent desktop replacement when used with a docking station. This makes leaving the house easy with just a few clicks and the pull of a lever, leaving keyboard, trackball mouse, two large monitors and surround speakers ready to use without fussing with a bunch of plugs. The bottom panel removes wi


Sea or Mountain?

What do you prefer? Do you like summer or maybe you are fan of winter and cold periods? Do you like to show off your body and do you enjoying while doing it or do you like to keep your body warm with extra slot of clothes?


Federal Reserve's Facebook Page Launched, Trolled by Bitcoin Fans

"I love you guys! The more you devalue your fiat currency, the higher cryptocurrency rises and soon enough, you'll be obsolete, along with the federal government." Keep the troll coming guys! More and more trolls like this will make the feds counting days before they will disappear. I think the feds just want to mitigate the issue on public distrus


Try Trading

If your after with a huge income try Forex. Trading is one way to get you earn while you do your regular routines everyday. Now that I am a fan of Trading, I have seen a lot of people achieved so many things because of trading. There are two things you get from trading the liquidity and volatility. You don't have to wait hours to see your investmen


Link from Where is the blower motor fuse on 2000 ford explorer? - Find Answers H

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 08/19/16 23:36


Console Wars Are Becoming an Apple-Style Rip Off

I agree with this assessment. Long gone the day when Atari, Amiga or Commodore 64 was ahead of their peers. These days, like the 'Microsoft philosophy' where you must upgrade in order to play a new game, is no longer viable for gamer unless you are a die hard fans of it. No new solid engineering product like back in the 80's where a single product

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