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A small, modular, efficient fusion plant

It's an old joke that many fusion scientists have grown tired of hearing: Practical nuclear fusion power plants are just 30 years away - and always will be. But now, finally, the joke may no longer be true: Advances in magnet technology have enabled researchers at MIT to propose a new design for a practical compact tokamak fusion reactor - and it's


Shrink-wrapping spacesuits

For future astronauts, the process of suiting up may go something like this: Instead of climbing into a conventional, bulky, gas-pressurized suit, an astronaut may don a lightweight, stretchy garment, lined with tiny, musclelike coils. She would then plug in to a spacecraft's power supply, triggering the coils to contract and essentially shrink-wra


cdmtitanium Profile

CDM Group(Titanium) is an approved ISO9001:2008 Manufacturer by UKAS, located in China. We manufacture titanium seamless tube,titanium welded tube,titanium plate, titanium sheet/strip, titanium coil, titanium billet, titanium bar, titanium rod, titanium wire, titanium casting , titanium forging, along with titanium foil and titanium f


Recruitment Agency / busines partner in libya

Ref: Supply of Bangladeshi workers. Dear Sir / Madam, Please refer to the above. We are a reputed recruiting agent in Bangladesh. We have a large pool of hard working, discipline and efficient workers at our disposal. Understanding you may require such workers from Bangladesh, We will be happy to cater your needs. Should you be interested, please


95 Impala SS, well maintained.

I have owned this car since 2002, and I have the maintinance redcords to go with it. I bought it in San Diego in 2002 with 134, 000 miles on it. It now has 158, 730 miles on it. If you were to do the math, that averages out to be around 2, 500 miles a year. I had an Accel coil and Distribotor installed. Tires have four tanks of gas on them, I just


Eg Coupe B 16 Swap Honda Civic Profile

Honda Civic Coupe 93 Power Everything Dx With Swap B-16 Si Motor 89, 000 Miles Runs Hard Brande New Paint Job Color Si Black Flammico Serious buyers.. Gold Lower Control Arms B-Blox Gold Beeks Bar Gold Long Stendent Nutts B-Blox Gold Password JDM Front $ Back Towel Hooks Sunflowers Integra Wheels Brand New Tires Skunk2 Pro Coil Lovers Black Housing


Power Buddy Energy Savings Device

The Power Buddy, used nationally and internationally for more then 8 years. It is used as an energy saver and a power stabilizer. The principle of operation is limited to inductive loads and will give a power saving according to the amount of inductive loads operating in a particular installation. Any of your appliances such as fridges, washing mac


Keep it Safe: Electric Space Heater Safety Tips

Although heaters can account for a number of home heating fires, the heaters now being manufactured are relatively safe. Nonetheless, precaution must be taken when operating any type of heating device. Generally, [link below] are considered safer than regular electric convection or radiant heaters because they have lower surface temperatures and r

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