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Monica Puig Shakes Things Up

Oh lol, this headline is just.. Anyways, just another video with Monica Puig and you can count as an advertisement. She is making a shake, protein one, the one that she is using while training. I like the recipe, ain't bad at all.


Wuhan Wednesday: Kerber, Radwanska Headline Round Of 16 Action

Long time no writing, but I'm finally back. Anyways lets see what happened in world of tennis in last 10 days. I stop writing in middle of tournament in Wuhan. Pretty much without any surprising so far, top seeds are left, almost all and now it is going to be a hard one. Radwanska, Kerber and Wozniacki biggest favorites.


Facebook Messenger now has a similar feature to Snapchat: 'Messenger Day' - Pulse Headlines

Messenger Day use graphic filters to share how people is feeling, or ask what friends are up for since the service is intended to be used with friends on your Facebook WTF! Do you want to share your feelings with a computer! People doesn't realize that FB is teaching its AI to understand their user needs. Your personality is being recorded even if


Samsung Awarded Patent For A Foldable Tablet - Android Headlines

Aha ha ha! I was surprised that apple didn't do it first. I think Samsung with their Android already corner most of the smartphone market. Personally, I don't really like Samsung, but it seems that their market is gaining ground because Apple screwed up.


Wuhan Monday: Halep Headlines Romanian Derby, Tokyo Champ Wozniacki Debuts

Good morning Wuhan! New day of tournament in Wuhan, China and there are few interesting matches that will be played today. Simona Halep is going to play against girl from same countries that she is and she is completely favorite in that match. As for Caroline Wozniacki, she is going to play against Samantha and going by previous match and tournamen


17 Things You'll Only Get If You Feel Awkward At The Gym

Yeah, this headline is probably true, because I didn't get it. I mean if you came to the gym and you paid for it, which is how we do it in my country. Why would you care about others, do you work out for them or you work out for yourself? If you only see you and only care about yourself you will never get in awkward situation. Anyways, for those wh


Google Is Using Search To Fight Terrorism - Android Headlines

What if the search result is used by general population to know more or to be informed about these terrorist? Can they be branded as terrorist too even if their intention to see information in the cast array of digital world? I think the censorship that Google did will result in more scrutiny if the government start to influence the internet giant


FTC's Lawsuit Against AT&T Dropped By Appeals Court - Android Headlines

They offered unlimited data plans, but customers were left unaware that their speeds would be knocked down to near-unusable levels after they had used a certain amount of data,... They have been doing this since the start of internet boom in 1994! The question is that why is the FTC? The other ISP does the same thing and why FTC only sued AT&T whi


Another Southeast Asian iPhone Supplier Is Making Headlines for Labor Abuses

First thing first, China is not in Southeast Asia, and certainly not Shanghai! Duh! The author of this article should get a geographic lesson. Anyway, this is no surprising. When Cook took over Apple after Jobs, he shifted most of the production to Pegatron instead of Foxconn Shenzen factory. This is a political move to make Shanghai metro to be mo


Does Norway need surveillance aircraft and US Military cooperation?

What do you think of Norway jumping on the mass surveillance band wagon and becoming a minion of the USA? The Reuters' headline screams: "Norway Eyes Purchase of Up to 6 Boeing-Built Maritime Surveillance Aircraft" Norway could purchase five to six units of a Boeing-built maritime surveillance aircraft as the country seeks to expand its military co

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