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How to open a Sentry Safe no key...

Safes are a great idea for home protection. However, like many other forms of protection, they are only as strong as the associated human element. In this case, people can lose the associated key. However, this can happen in legitimate cases, and sometimes, people really do need to open their own safes without the appropriate key. How would you go


axx Profile

Hello Came here looking for help opening an older sentry safe that i cant remember the combination for interest hunting fishing and travel.


Lost Combination to my Sentry Safe Model #S0110

I have a Sentry Combination safe and recently moved. The safe got locked on accident and i can not find the manual where the combination is wrote in. How do I get into my safe now? The Model# is S0110 and the other # is BA124308*. Any ideas how to get it open?? Thank you! Please send me a private message. k[deleted]o


sentry gun safe r2210

i have a sentry gun safe model number r2210 and my handle to open the door broke i have the key lock type door where can i get a handle


sentry s3510 safe

I have a sentry safe s3510 ak992426 and lost the combination to it. Could someone please help me get it open.


jackie (121330,15014) Profile

I have a sentry s3510 safe and i lost the combination to it. Could someone please me get it opened.


I need advice on a sentry v530

Hi I have a sentry v530 combination safe and it has been quite sometime since I was in my safe. I still know my combination but I can not remember which way to turn it first or how many turns for each number. If anyone could help me I sure would appreciate it, I am beginning to get really frustrated trying to open it


need help

i forgot my code to open my safe sentry s3877 can anyone help me


need combination please

my grandfather just died a few days ago and took the combination to his sentry gun safe to the grave with him and my grandmother has no way to get it open. is there anyone who can help us. it is a combination safe model number R2911 serial number G221794. if you could please help it would be greatly appreciated

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