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I am looking for a job as a registered nurse in Botswana.I am an Ethiopian , working in Pediatric department atALERT Hospital.I have a bachelor degree in nursing and I need to registered with the Botswana Nurses and Midwives Council.


Senior Midwife Nurse

My name is Hiwot Addis, I am very qualified nurse in my stream(Midwife).I have morethan ten years experience in different health care centres & Hospitals incuding with the most difficult situation but still I am very successful in my carreer. I am highly reserved for my profession. At this time I need a job in Botswana, South africa or Dubai.


JULIETH PETER Expat Interview

What is your name? JULIETH PETER What is your current age or age range? 39 OLD AGE What country are you native to? AM CITIZEN OF TANZANIA, AM A TANZANIAN,AM LIVING MOROGORO PROVINCE. What area of Botswana do you current live (Providence, City, general area etc.) GENERAL AREA ETC How long have you lived in Botswana? I WILL LIVE 5 YEARS When

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