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How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor

Yeah, so! The argumentation presented here is based on non technical issue, only the security issue viewed by general population. If people still believe that keeping cash under the mattress is the best option rather than trusting the bank or digital currency, what happen when all the paper money transform into digital? What happen if the governmen


How some Middle East countries are 'buying' Olympic medals

Some reasons here: First, if they stay in their home country, they probably wouldn't be able to compete in the Olympics because there are more competition. Second, if they travel and becoming other country citizen, they have a chance to win the medal and bring it to the country of citizenship. Third, the money they're offered is big including train


Bitfinex: Cause of Bitcoin Hack Still 'Unknown'

utilizing a hot cold wallet set up to maintain funds.] WTF! Hot cold wallet doesn't exist. I think the author means that they are moving the remaining unhacked bitcoin to cold wallet to be more secured and process the user's withdrawal accordingly. Regardless, the system failed and the new security details must be presented to the customer rather t


Why Ethereum Classic Must Die

I can see the author point of view here, but the author is also a holder of BTC and ETH, so from bitcoiners point of view, many of them thinks that he wants people abandon ETC and move to ETH. But the author argumentation is valid from certain point. Why keep two chains side by side if one could be sacrificed because it doesn't conform to the new s


Zippie -59686158

Getting an IT job in Paraguay as a foreigner is difficult. The likelihood of getting such job is zero point five percent to one percent, but you can get an English teaching job depending on how good you are in English Language, and the circumstances. It's not a must that you need to understand Spanish before you move over to the area, but if you un


White Hat Hackers Could Have Crashed Ethereum Classic

Buntinx must be run out ideas here. What a worthless article. Of course anyone can crash ETC regardless they are white hat or black hat hacker. But to make assertion that the missing DAO token has been moved is completely absurd. Just let it go man. The hard fork already shown that the token was restored and the one in ETC ... just let it go.


How hard to find an IT job in Paraguay?

I want to get an IT job in Paraguay. I'm fluent in English, reading and writing. How hard to get a job there and must I need to understand Spanish prior to move there?


July 4, 2016: Exploring Freedom in the USA.

I ran across a post, a meme, that someone published on Facebook for the 4th of July in the USA. They were taking issue with those that critique that country for abusing the freedom and liberty of their citizens. They recommend that those who were not following the party line, ie: believing in the freedom of the US do something follows: Hop on a com


Bitcoin and the Blockchain Take the Stage for International Summit of Central Banks at the Federal Reserve

When Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, little did Bitcoin's creator know that less than 10 years later, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen would be encouraging central banks around the world to take a closer look at the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to improve the world's financial systems. In her remarks to


Chicago Proposes Rebate Program to Encourage Residents to Purchase Surveillance Cameras

So, instead of them putting a surveillance cameras, they let the people pay for it and give them a 200 bucks rebate. Of great! Now not only cops, but everyone watch everywhere we move. Of course, the 200 bucks is nothing compare to the cost of the CCTV camera that can go up to $1,000. But hey, they still cheaper than Washington DC, the home of all

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