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Chicago Proposes Rebate Program to Encourage Residents to Purchase Surveillance Cameras

So, instead of them putting a surveillance cameras, they let the people pay for it and give them a 200 bucks rebate. Of great! Now not only cops, but everyone watch everywhere we move. Of course, the 200 bucks is nothing compare to the cost of the CCTV camera that can go up to $1000. But hey, they still cheaper than Washington DC, the home of all m


What kills love?

Who are the killers of relationships stronger than the love? There are a man and a woman...they fall in love. This is the state of love: when you think the same, when you're ready to go at the end of the world for the other. What are the critical points that turn love into a pile of dust ? Thousands things causes disintegration of healthy relations


Can Paraguay Escape Decades of Despotism, Ineptitude, and Corruption?

Everyone must start somewhere. There is an old saying that if the commander is clean then the subordinates must be cleaned also. This is true in the old days where military commander can command their troops easily. But in today world, good commanders are hard to find. Paraguay has step out from their dark decades. Could they be a new rising star i


1 in 3 expats living in Barcelona criticise mass tourism

Money talks. If the place is so famous and there are opportunity, why not capitalize it. If expats complain about it, then they should look or ask the native Catalan. Why they do not fight against it or tell the business owners or even the government to limit the number of people to come. Of course they can't do that, so they choose to move out fro


China says opposes unilateral sanctions on North Korea - Town Hall

Of course the Chinese will oppose. As one of the big five, they know the potential of Korean Peninsula for their business. They know that the US want to drop N. Korea from the face of the planet and by doing that the capitalism expansion that has been postponed since 1950 can move forward. But the Chinese or even the Russian ain't dumb either. Look


Bitcoin Debate: Japan Tackles Virtual Cash Tax, Rigorous Laws for Transactions

I think Japan will move toward approving digital currency as a tangible item and a legal medium of payment. I believe that they do not want to be left behind by the rest of the world especially China. Main issue is that taxes is considered high in Japan which is 8%. So people who want to transact in bitcoin must pay VAT for 8%. If japan could lower


Vancouver restaurants and grocery stores warn customers of high food prices

This is not only happening in Canada, but also other part of the world. The problem is simple, housing and urban development run rampant to make room for people. Those people that used to be farmer and work in the agricultural areas leave their arable land and move to the big cities for bigger opportunities. Instead of working for themselves, they


See What Life Is Like for Refugees Above the Arctic Circle

People may think they pick the wrong time to seek freedom. But in the middle of war zones, anything goes. This is a proof that live is always find a way to survive despite the harsh environment they're encountered. Imagine, moving from a 40C hot desert climate into a -15C arctic climate within a short period of time. Consequently, any living thing,


Bitcoin Predictions For 2016: The Year of the Monkey

Well, the Chinese believes that 2016 will be the year of Red Monkey or Fire Monkey. According to the Chinese astrology, monkey is the element of metal and water. Metal connected to gold or hard assets and water connected to wisdom of the flow or it opposite, danger. So, by having those two characteristics, we could see more economic turmoil in 2016


What Brick and Mortar Companies Must Do to Attract Investments from the Bitcoin Community

I think the issue is not attracting, but their knowledge and their trust in the digital currency is lacking. Lots of them are afraid to jump into the bandwagon because of the volatility of digital currency, thus enabling them to trust fiat even more even with high interest. This will alienated then into the future considering the world moves so fas

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