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The relation to own country

Do you like your country? Its traditions, culture, people, places, cities? Or you just dream in day and at night how to move abroad faster? Maybe you feel that your country must give you something? As for me, I don't feel any difference where to live, because everywhere I think, person can adapt. But anyway, I like where I live. I think the feeling


Nurses Recruitment in Califonia

My advice to you is that as a registered nurse in your country, before you can move into any country of your choice, you must do a case study concerning the country that you are about moving into. And why do you want to go there? This are the questions that you must ask your self. Because most country do not employ other nursing citizen to work in


Gold And The USD: You've Been Warned

in a globalized economy and interconnected financial markets, no asset can move totally independently from other ones What a crap! In term of Gold/USD perhaps. History shown that if gold is up then the USD must be down and vice versa. This is typical old core investor where when fiat currency is down, they are shifting or hedging their assets to pr


Samsung makes Vietnam's farmers bigger earners than bankers

Kudos for Samsung there! This is typical for big boys, they will look for the place where raw materials are easily obtained. Secondly, the cost of labor is still below average compared to other country. But the most important issue here is Vietnamese government must be able to educate their people about their future. Making them work as labor in a


Wrestling and Athletic

If you look at ancient Olympics, the first original sports that were played was running, javelin, wrestling and gymnastics. All of these four encompasses the basic standard of soldiers training. Yes, in order to become a great soldier back then, you must know how to do hand to hand combat, using spears as weapon, move faster than your enemy and be



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Tall Tales

Tall Tales are a great way to have fun and make up delightful stories with others. To begin, just select a category (but remember, the multi-user nature of Tall Tales will often create a humorous aspect to any tale). Then select a title and write a brief overview of your concept for the tale, but don't expect that by the end it won't have found a c


Gold And Bitcoin Tell A Story About Central Bank Policy

Gold? This analyst must be joking. Those gold that being traded is not about hedging people assets but it's just pump and dump because the system was crooked since the beginning. Do not expect gold to be continuously up since the people who trade it is just moving one piece of paper from one person to another.


Researchers reveal first Mars rover made in Mexico

Yeah. That's the right thing to do. And now, the US especially Trump will add Mexico for taking away their rocket scientist over there. In the era of globalization, education is the most important thing. Money come at the latest to the point that we must share the knowledge with everyone on the planet. At least that is how humanity can move forward

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