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The Fintech Race Sees the U.S. Playing Catch up to the U.K.

a House bill in the US has been introduced aiming to prevent financial businesses from moving to the UK. Woot! If the company want to relocate to UK or any other place on the planet, it's their choices and not the government. Talent are abundance outside the US due to globalization. This is a proof that sovereignty is not created to protect people


Cash Culture: Bitcoin Is a Savior in a World that Demonizes 'Big Bills'

By getting rid of cash, he said, central banks would have a much easier time implementing monetary policy - which in turn would have a more powerful effect without cash. In other words, if the world moves to total digital currency, the central bank will be able to control everyone financial matter. Economic theory has changed in this digital world.


Living the Dream Overseas: Would You Work Abroad?

Take a look at these reasons: Culture shock is real, even if you've visited the country before. Connect with the local expat community. Set clear telecommuting expectations in advance. Be realistic about working abroad. Aren't those the typical advices that expat must usually do when they move to their new places? The problem that I found out


Arts and sports

Any kind of martial arts is a skill that changes your way of looking at the world and the way you live. It lets you learn how to center your body and focus yourself, both mentally and physically trains you to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Now, I am not a guy that is into martial arts myself, but i know a lot of people around



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Communities, topics, categories and cut and paste is an umbrella of forty some independent websites. Each website also operates independently. Each has a specific focus (some more general than others). BTCHarvest is about bitcoin related issues. Total Uruguay is about Uruguay related topics. Classifieds1000 (World Forum) is about a large variety of topics (see the category selection


How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor

Yeah, so! The argumentation presented here is based on non technical issue, only the security issue viewed by general population. If people still believe that keeping cash under the mattress is the best option rather than trusting the bank or digital currency, what happen when all the paper money transform into digital? What happen if the governmen


How some Middle East countries are 'buying' Olympic medals

Some reasons here: First, if they stay in their home country, they probably wouldn't be able to compete in the Olympics because there are more competition. Second, if they travel and becoming other country citizen, they have a chance to win the medal and bring it to the country of citizenship. Third, the money they're offered is big including train


Bitfinex: Cause of Bitcoin Hack Still 'Unknown'

utilizing a hot cold wallet set up to maintain funds.] WTF! Hot cold wallet doesn't exist. I think the author means that they are moving the remaining unhacked bitcoin to cold wallet to be more secured and process the user's withdrawal accordingly. Regardless, the system failed and the new security details must be presented to the customer rather t

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