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Mosler Safe

I have an old Mosler safe and got it opened with the combination, but the inside door is locked with a key and the key is no where to be found. Is there a way I can get this opened without hiring a locksmith?


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I inherited a old home with a MOSLER safe hidden in a passageway. No history, no combination. Very curious about the possible contents! Ken


Have Mosler Safe Lost combo

Need Help!! Have a Mosler safe its a class 4hr fire, I think the serial number may be 538516 it also says T-20 tamper resistant door. The thing is a monster! If anyone knows or can help that would be great!!



I inherited a small Mosler Safe serial number 10615-136 from my father and want to use it to store personal family papers. Since the safe had been broken into previously and I could not open it I pried the door open again (not easy). I got the following info from inside the door. Can a former employer of Mosler or anybody help me get the combinatio


5-digit Mosler

We have an old Mosler safe that has a 5-digit combo and we can't open it even with the combo. What is the formula for dialing in a 5-digit combo.? Gene


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My name is Douglas, I am 58 years old, I am a Locksmith and have been since 2003.. I enjoy working on cars, Computers, and of course anything to do with Locksmithing... I recently accquired a Safe, a BIG Safe and the company that built the safe hasn't produced one in 60 years.. I am looking for any info that I can find... It has a Mosler dial



I have an old Mosler combination safe. I understand the company is no longer in business.Can anyone tell me how to acquire the combination?


Lost combination for an old Mosler Safe, please help.

A small locksmith business in Iceland is missing a number combination for an old Mosler Safe that we need to open. If you know someone or can tell us the combination please email us. The safe has a red plate above the lock that says with a gold font: The Mosler Safe Co. Factories - Hamilton, Ohio Class One Hour Fire Underwriters Laboratories, INC.


Mosler Safe Combo

Hi, I have a Mosler Safe with the serial number: 156612. It's a combo safe and no key outlet on the outside. I bought it at an auction, yetthere was no combo with it. Does anyone know how to get the combo? And any info on it would be great. When made, what year, etc. It is very heavy and the steel wheels are part of the forged steel and not separat


door is unlocked, but need the combination

We have had a Mosler Safe (#97256)in our garage for as many years. However, the combination I got have to many numbers and I can not get it to work. The door is unlocked, but we would like to use the safe and need the combination in order to close it and then be able to reopen it. Any ideas of where to locate the combination for this particular saf

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