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I have a montgomery wards safe with a number 9034 on it - it has a meilink conbination F-782. My grandmother past away and we beleave her will is inside and the combination is with her. a And we cannot get it open - is there some way to find the combination????



I have a montgomery wards safe with a number 9034 on it - it has a meilink conbination. I have forgotten the combination and cannot get it open - is there some way to find the combination??


monkey ward safe

Montgomery Ward floor safe model 9046. The door is open but I don't know how to find or reset the combination. My dad is 85 and doesn't remember it. I removed the inside door cover. Can you help retrieve or show me how to create a new combination? Serial number A824033. Thanks! Steve 256/604-9563


can't open combination safe

My family needs to open a Montgomery Ward safe (#9041) that belongs to my grandfather than just passed away. We have something that may be a combination but don't know how to read what he has written.... 1 - 4 - 39 time Left 2 - 3 - 63 time Right 3 - 2 - 33 time Left 4 - Right Dial Stop Can anyone decipher this for us? We have several Sentry safes


mongomery wards 9007 floor safe

Any information to obtain a combination to open my safe its a Montgomery wards 9007 floor safe serial number 76-53512. if anybody has any info to anyplace, besides a local locksmith, to obtain the missing combo will be appreciated.


Montgomery Safe Model #9036 lost combination

I have forgotten the combination to my Montgomery Ward Floor Safe Model #9036 serial#76-46404. Can I contact the maker of the safe to get the combination?


MW Safe Combination

Have a Montgomery Ward 9042 Safe -- S# 80-40322 (on the serial number tag is Model 2). Combination lost. Can you help.


Montgomery Ward Safe

I have misplaced the combination to a montgomery ward safe that I purchased in the seventies. Is there a means to get a replacement combination since this company is out of business. I imagine this safe was made for them.


Lost combination

I have an old Montgomery Ward safe 9036. Send me the combo. Thanks


Wayne (6260,2436) Profile

I'm looking for a way to open a safe that I bought from Montgomery Ward years ago. I lost the combination, the model is a 9017, serial # 80-95070. Thank you.

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