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04/15/2015 Total Uruguay Weekly Update

Top posts... Does anyone know of anyone that has had money withheld as a result of FATCA? I seem to be OK in terms of the guidelines (Eg less than 10,000, and I think BROU complies), but it seems a bit foreboding. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of withholding as a result of this law. Thanks,... I thought there was an area where person


Horatio Horner (1) Profile

Worked in the Australian wool industry followed by 34 years in the Australian oil industry; have been to Argentina, Chile & Uruguay and like Uruguay very much - I am thinking seriosly of migrating there - would like to hear from Uruguayans very much.


Yahoo! Answers: where can i get my fingerprints done in Santiago, Chile?

I need my fingerprints taken for a criminal record check, and cant seem to get anyone to take them. Any help would be grand! Do you know where the migration office is? Been looking and cant find it anywhere?

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