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No other person labored so much to provide us with the scientific evidence of reincarnation than Prof. Ian Stevenson. At an early age, he was already fascinated with parapsychology, so after taking a medical course at the University of Virginia (whom he becomes an emeritus professor), he immediately incorporates his interest in the paranormal with


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Its referred as medical condition in many literature , but today you can find it also labeled as "disease of society" , made by society ; by making people live their life faster then before and making everyone eat more and more junk food and sugar drinks. Obesity is caused by a combination of excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, and ge


Doctor: I wrote Trump's bill of health in 5 minutes - CNN

The doctor that wrote Trump's bill of health is most likely a family proctologist! Of course it only takes him 5 minutes since he probably has been observing Trump's assh*le for the last half of century. No medical record for Trump prior to this meatball doctor announcement nor his income tax return. America, get real!



It depends on what you like to do with your life. If you live a modest, boring life then you could easily do it on $500 a month if you live like a local. If you need medication then it may end up costing more than what you pay back in the states so keep that in mind.


Singapore Regulator: 'Consolidated Framework' Needed for Bitcoin

Following on from its laissez-faire attitude surrounding the growth of digital currency in the region Did I read the word "laissez-faire" on that sentence? Since when Singapore economy based on laissez-faire. It's pure capitalism at its best with the tax haven attitude, inflation to make the cost of living high, but of course the medical and the pu


What to Know When Buying or Using a Breast Pump

Breast pumps are medical devices regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They can be used to extract milk, maintain or increase a woman's . . . . . . . . milk supply, and relieve engorged breasts (among other indications).


They got a headache!

Yes, they got a headache! It's all in their head. Other than medical condition that pertains to some men, majority of them are having a nervous breakdown or psychological moment. Performance can be measured by both sides, if they can communicate clearly. Of course, lack of self esteem could haunt the person since they think they have failed to sati


The last remaining doctors in Aleppo write open letter to Barack Obama pleading for help

Why they shout at Obama? Don't they supposedly tell Assad since he's their leader? The US has successfully destabilized the region. Now, they are surrounded by maniacs who the sole purpose on earth is to kill. Looks like a propaganda for the US to allocate more funds for the airlift or medical supply to Syria. Which means, more money that need to b


Blockchain Can Capitalize Against Vulnerable Medical IT Systems

a custom-coded system will allow them to search for data at exact time stamps anchored on the blocks of the network. You do not need blockchain for it. You can even use a decentralized MySQL platform that run on multiple legacy system throughout multiple locations such as at each of the healthcare provider major branch. Lots of people boasting the


Fentanyl Abuse On the rise in The U.S.

Even though the prescription opioid is strongly regulated,... Hold it right there! If it's regulated, then how the doctor or pharmacist can prescribe it to the point it become an addiction for a patient? I think they shouldn't create this in the first place. It become a honeypot for medical professionals to abuse it which in turn downstream it to t

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