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You Singapore bureaucrats, wake up and smell the coffee

It's very simple. Singapore is a tax haven country. On the surface, it looks normal with all that investment coming in and tax holiday. But the issue is way beyond that. With the supply of money increase on the paper, it also make the cost of living increase. I admit that they use the money very good by providing their resident a top notch medical


Supplements Can Make You Sick -

This is really stupid. What kind of maniacal doctor give a live probiotic or good bacteria to a premature infant no matter what their condition is. This is a blow for Yale Medical School since they are considered well known medical research center. The other problem lies within the FDA and insurance company. The FDA approved the drugs thus making t


OK Google, SOS! Android to Send Location Data to First Responders

Oh great! Now, not only the government spy on you through law enforcement agency and treasury or IRS agent, now they want to spy through medical personnel too. In fact, there are more people die each year at the hospital due to human error rather than slow respond to the emergency.


Italy: Legislation on Support for the Disabled

(July 27, 2016) On June 25, 2016, legislation establishing measures for the benefit of persons with disabilities entered into effect in Italy. ( Law No. 112 of June 22, 2016, Provisions on Assistance Benefitting Persons with Serious Disabilities Who Are Deprived of Family Support (Law No. 112), GAZETTA UFFICIALE, No. 146 (June 24, 2016), NORMATTIVA


Assessing health impacts of policies and plans

When most people think about health inequality, they usually focus on lack of access to doctors or health insurance. They don’t often consider how the city is constructed or the availability of transportation, food, and housing — factors that can have just as much impact on someone’s well-being as affordable medical care.


Imaging the brain at multiple size scales

MIT researchers have developed a new technique for imaging brain tissue at multiple scales, allowing them to peer at molecules within cells or take a wider view of the long-range connections between neurons. This technique, known as magnified analysis of proteome (MAP), should help scientists in their ongoing efforts to chart the connectivity and f


The Evangelist of Individualized Medicine

Cardiologist and genomic-medicine expert Eric Topol makes his case for a future of “medical selfies.”..


'Military psychologists are needed to tackle war stress'

You know, if this is just becoming a news in India, then they have a problem. Since long time ago, there was a need of psychology in the military. In fact, there are more psychologist in the military than medical doctor. The reason is that not all soldiers will get wounded in the battlefield, but they will live through the horror of having to live


Evangelista Santos To Give Away Donations He Received After Suffering Skull Fracture

After MMA fighter Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos suffered a gruesome skull fracture in a Bellator fight against Michael Page, his ex-wife set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his medical bills. Santos ended up not needing that money, and now he’s giving it to a good cause.


International Health Issues: Statement on Recent World Health Organization Guidance Related to Voluntary Medical Male Circumcisi

On July 7, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued new guidance to prevent tetanus associated with voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) through surgery and a circumcision device, specifically, an elastic collar compression device. The WHO estimates an increased risk of tetanus with the elastic collar compression device compared with

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