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Reincarnation research by Ian Stevenson Children's past life memories

Besides Dr. Ian Stevenson, there are other medical professionals who studied the phenomenon called reincarnation, and they are Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Walter Semkiw. When Dr. Stevenson died in 2007, it was Dr. Tucker who continued to labor and examined the people who claimed to have memories of their previous lives. His main subject of study is focu


How to reduce fever in children

The most vulnerable part of the population are the children when is about flu and fever. When child get fever parents always start to panic because they are afraid of problems which brigs very high fever. We are trying to reduce fever in child in different ways starting with medical way and that is giving syrup for reducing fever. In some cases syr


Institute in Sremska Kamenica

Institute in Sremska Kamenica includes three medical institutions for cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and oncology. The Institute is today looked like it treated a large number of patients from the area over Vojvodina. At the Institute have worked and still work top doctors. At the Institute, in addition to treatment, an operation perform


Five signs that a dangerous point that you have cancer! Pay attention to the signs that you send your body

Regular checks could save your life. Cancer if caught early it can be treated. Unfortunately at this dangerous disease any methods not promise, but the chances are greater. Therefore, worry about their health and observe the changes in your body and in your body. 1. Unexplained weight loss. Most people suffering from cancer start to lose weight. If


The Best Health Therapy

The best health therapy is prevention is better than cure. Most people do not usually check their health condition or status until they fall sick. But doctor has always advice people to always do medical check up either monthly or yearly to know the status of their health condition. Is that true?


What's Happening In Nigeria

Nigeria is the giant of African and is till is. Although there are recession in the country of Nigeria presently but the good news is that the Nigerian's President is till fine, healthy and also in good condition in London, England, where he is taking medical treatment and will be returning back any moment from today.


Job and Employment Links for the Week of February 19

ACS Career Training Institute offers training skills in bookkeeping, accounting, medical office, medical administration and office administration. Internship and job placement assistance included. Please call 718-661-9771 ext. 102.



A lie is contention that is not true. Person who lies is a liar. People can lie for many reasons, to make some benefit, to do a favor to someone. But, there are people that have pathological need to lie. Those persons need medical help. The most popular liar of all time is wooden doll Pinocchio, character from a fairy tale, cartoon and movie.



The thyroid gland is located at the front door. between the larynx and collarbone. its size is about 5 cm and has a big role in keeping the whole body. It protects our body and therefore has the name of the thyroid gland, or if they disrupt its functions and our body suffers. There are two types of functional disorders of Leyden, hypo and hyper fun


Operation room- my working place

Work on such place like operation room is very specific. This is a job that many people can not work, even among medical staff. But I love my job, regardless of all the difficulties which are abundant. I'd never done anything else but this job already close to 30 years. In this picture in my hall with your favorite pair of surgeon

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