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Sex-Selective Abortions Take A Toll In Azerbaijan

This is start to look like China after WW2 to the turn of century. Yes, the society still thinks that boy is much more valuable than girl. The traditional and custom value influenced the local society to the point that they are willing to sacrificed another life just to get a son. Now, let me ask you this. Abortion is a modern use of medicine, why



Even if I like seeing a good tattoo, I am against tattoos for sure. Yeah it might be cool to get one now, but what about 40-50 years from now. Will it still be cool, will it still have a same shape, same contrast, same "wow" effect upon seeing it. I think not. And that is just one reason why I am not up for a tattoo. Don't get me started about heal


Should Marijuana/Cannabis be Legalized?

Should Marijuana/Cannabis be Legalized?The legalization of marijuana, or cannabis, has long been an issue in many countries. Many are in favor or legalizing its use, especially if it will be for medical purposes, but an equal number of people do not agree about making its use legal. Some are calling for more proof of its benefits. What's your take


Marijuana Vape?

This is the reason why you can't kill cannabis. I don't care if they consider this as medical marijuana, even a recreational user will appreciate the smokeless device such as this one. One thing, what if people under the age of 18 get a hold of this. Do you think the government can stop it? Hell no!


The first live saving delivery with drones is in Rwanda!

Yup! You heard it. The first life saving instruments delivery with drones is not happening in the developed country, but in Rwanda. The California robotics company //l[2] is successfully implemented a medical equipment and blood delivering process to a remote clinic and hospital in Rwanda. Funny that in the US, any drone above 5 lbs must get permis


Healing by the Sun and raw food - Dr Sladjana Velkov, December 2012, India - You

Dr Sladjana Velkov explains how to maintain health, and how to get rid of any disease. Eating raw vegan food, sun bathing, sun gazing, barefoot walking and avoiding any industrial food or medication, easily leads one to health. I hope you will enjoy this video and learn from it.


What technology from a science fiction movie would you most like to have?

We see stuff on TV and in Movies we would love to have... These supposedly extraordinary technologies are often created in brainstorming sessions using current tech as a base and further down the line end up as tools to be used in the real world. Take for example, the "Medical Tri-corder" from the TV Series, "Star Trek"... Nowadays when you go to t


This Company Uses Bitcoin Blockchain For Medical Marijuana DNA Sequencing

I never get the idea of one pots, one yo yo try to interfere with nature. Presumably that if one has enough information on what kind of species of pot that they need to plant, then it's already good enough for them. Interfering with nature is the goal of big pharmaceutical company in order to be able to synthesize the THC into synthetic chemical th


Blockchain Healthcare 2016 Report Indicates Pitfalls, Hype, Security Problems

The issue is not the blockchain, but how many people are allowed to access people's health care data. You see, insurance company and medical professional want to be able to access your personal data, ie, has your own private keys so they can do whatever they want with it. Of course big business like big pharmaceutical company really wants to get th


Exposure to e-cigarette vapour induces negligible or no oxidative damage to lung epithelial cells -

This is really stupid. This is the same thing when Phillip Morris did a research on cigarettes back in the 50's. This one come from BAT or British American Tobacco company. Of course they want to promote their product. Only a bunch of meatballs who try to stir public opinion and the public who swallows it get the final joke.

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