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Only 3% of UK adults feel ashamed at wasting food, poll finds

So, you save the energy by turning off light and heater, but toss away the food that you buy. What the difference does it make? You still waste both of them. Turning off lights when its not being used are not much different than leaving it on because it's low energy. LED lights are so low in wattage to the point that leaving it on all day would not


New approach to microlasers

Terahertz radiation - the band of electromagnetic radiation between microwaves and visible light - has promising applications in security and medical diagnostics, but such devices will require the development of compact, low-power, high-quality terahertz lasers. In this week's issue of Nature Photonics , researchers at MIT and Sandia National Labor


How to choose the foundation

Any woman outside minority, which enjoys a flawless skin and complexion should not hesitate to use appropriate foundation. This product smoothes and evens our epidermis and gives a satin, velvet and shiny - something that is impossible to deny.The key for best makeup is to prepare your face properly and to choose the right kind offoundation .


RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Boards, completely non-combustible material, incombustible highest A1 level, high temperature, high refractory limit, fire prevention function fully meet the safety of the building use requirements, is the first professional fireproof products. R


RYMAX Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Board | Acoustic Panel

RYMAX Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Board | Acoustic Panel RYMAX Sound Insulation Boards include: Paper Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Aluminum Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Ceramic Honeycomb Magnesium Sound Insulation Board, Styrofoam Core Sandwich Board. RYMAX Sound Insulation Board series are mainly used for soun


Stretchable hydrogel electronics

MIT engineers have designed what may be the Band-Aid of the future: a sticky, stretchy, gel-like material that can incorporate temperature sensors, LED lights, and other electronics, as well as tiny, drug-delivering reservoirs and channels. The "smart wound dressing" releases medicine in response to changes in skin temperature and can be designed t


Light Drinking While Pregnant Is Probably Safe - Slate Magazine

"Probably". Is it worth the risk? If you cant stay away from booze & cigarretes while you're pregnnat I would seriously recommend to stay away from cocks of any sort. Really, a "low probability" doesn't justify a misbehaviour. There's "low probability" of so many things that we dont do, because common sens states that any kind of problem that can b


Biomimetic non-reflective coating for solar cells wins MADMEC

Biomimicry - known as "innovation inspired by nature" - has led to the invention of bullet trains, vaccines, adhesives, and light bulbs, among other things. Add to that list the winning invention of last night's MADMEC competition: Influenced by the anti-reflective wings of the glasswing butterfly, an MIT team created a low-cost coating for solar c


Using a Raspberry Pi 2 as a dedicated Bitcoin Node

I've been running a full Bitcoin Node on and off for almost two years. The main reason I say, "on and off" is because I preferred to keep the system I was running it off, powered off most of the time. I found that for my various bitcoin transactions, was an easier alternative. However, during the bitcoin "spam attack" a few weeks ag


Benefits of Vigorous Exercise Not Well Known

BBC reports, "Elderly people who exercise 'live five years longer'" This article gets at some of the issues regarding the benefits of exercise. Exercise in fact is one of the mechanisms that helps keeps the body in balance. Regular exercise in old age has as powerful an effect on life expectancy as giving up smoking, researchers say. The analysis

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